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Friday, November 12, 2021

Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Log Week 52: Fighting Super Pet Contest Rejects

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - If I actually played every week consecutively, I'd be doing a one-year anniversary now.

Welcome to the 52nd KoopaTV Fitness Friday! (I suppose to be fair, not every Fitness Friday ended up being published on Friday, but I'll call it that anyway.) Being at good fitness and wellness is important to general life happiness, which is why I want to reiterate this week's earlier bemoaning of Daylight Saving Time and clock-switching. That puts your body in a funk. It's not good for your health. It turns out I have other problems going on as well...

This week I'm playing Ring Fit Adventure's World 52: Extra Fitness Lv. 301 on the max difficulty of 30. This world is based on World 29: Extra Fitness Lv. 195, and it's supposed to be a miniboss rush of the Four Masters’ pets. In the normal story, we'd see all four of the Four Masters as they introduce their pets and themselves. Last week, we only saw one of the Four Masters, Armando... since we had to fight the guy. I'm very interested in what twists, if any, World 52 will bring. ...And having no story or characterisation whatsoever isn't the kind of twist I want to see.

Fortunately, all four of the Four Masters were in World 52's dialogue intro. Allegra didn't think I'd show up, though she didn't give an explanation as to why she thinks that. Abdonis knew I'd come. Armando said it'll only get harder from here, so I better be prepared. Lastly, Guru Andma likes the opportunity for us to train together... provided we clear the miniboss rush of everyone's pets.

Ring Fit Adventure Guru Andma warm up with my pets minibosses World 52
There's been a Pokémon Super Pet Contest held. None of the miniboss pets here got to become a finalist.
(Though none of the pets that I advocated for did, either. Will they become monsters, too?)

But before that, I went to Town and bought things from the General Store. Then I headed to the warp zone and its three Game Gym minigames with three overworld Treasure Chests. The Smack Back (Novice) Game Gym gave a much-needed Onyx stone, and the minigame itself is fun and semi-rhythmic in using a giant fan to smack back the robots’ frisbees. The Robo-Wrecker (Novice) Game Gym south of it gave a not-needed prize of five Wheatgrass. Those two Game Gyms gave access to one overworld Treasure Chest containing one Hojicha Latte, which is an utterly useless drink because its effect is to raise my Defense in battle... in a game where enemies are harmless HP sponges. The other Game Gym, Squattery Wheel (Novice), gave me one Dragon Fruit and access to two additional treasures: one Onyx and 500 coins. Both greatly appreciated.

Going back to the main world, there's a Battle Gym offering a Strength Drink. I guess I'll go through it. There's three waves of enemies, and I believe this is actually the first Battle Gym of Fitness Master mode. Fitness Master offering Lv.4 Fit Skills with zero recharge cooldown basically means you can spam easy five-range Fit Skills like Overhead Hip Shake over and over and eventually clear it without having to worry about what else you're bringing. All of the difficulty from Battle Gyms in the previous two playthroughs was trying to bring a balanced set of Fit Skills, since you'd have to use them all and properly since they might each have Recharge turn counts of 3–5 turns. That said, I already have maxed out the Titles for all of the easy five-range Fit Skills a long time ago, so I'm depriving myself of completing those Titles for other Fit Skills, but... This is actually optimal, since Overhead Hip Shake can 2RKO every enemy in big groups unless it's something very bulky, like Scuttlebell, even if it's not super effective.

Time to start the minibosses, first with the Beaut Camp. Allegra had one line of dialogue warning me not to underestimate her darling assistant. Her warning is FAKE NEWS, because there is more than one foe: It's a group of five enemies, being the Blue Kennelbell+, the Blue Stepper+, the actual miniboss Blue Matta Slay (a super multihealer), the Blue Hoplin+, and the Blue Naughtylus+. In the interest of not underestimating her, I'm drinking a Grape Smoothie to increase my power, alongside wearing the Atomic Contender III. And... uh... that was over in five turns. Allegra admitted that she underestimated me, instead. I mean, this is my third playthrough. You'd think she'd learn by now. Allegra is one of those women who is attractive but quite dumb. That's why Dragaux won Best New Character of the Year 2019 and not her.

Ring Fit Adventure Blue Matta Slay miniboss Beaut Camp slid in heals itself
Blue Matta Slay can heal itself by... doing this.
If any other enemy combatant was standing on top of it, they'd get healed too.

Next and last miniboss for the day is Armando's “personal spotter” at Arms-Race Gym. While Allegra is too dumb (or uncaring) to use the plural forms of words when there are multiple entities, Armando is correct that there is only one foe here: the enormous Red Scuttleknell. That also means the strategy is no different than fighting Armando in the previous world. There is one difference, though: Red Scuttleknell's super attack involves getting mad and having the ceiling collapse. ...Only in my direction, not in its own direction. So I had to break falling rock slabs with air blasts. And then back to using one-range Arms Fit Skills.

Ring Fit Adventure Red Scuttleknell miniboss arms heavier than it thought Arms-Race Gym
How does the Red Scuttleknell live with itself like this?
Or... how can it spot Armando if it can't reliably lift its own arms?

Out of interest, I wanted to know how much damage Red Scuttleknell would do to me if I let it attack me without Ab Guarding. Uh... it one-hit KO'd me, so I had to revive myself with a Peach Yogurt to finish the fight. Maybe the game designers expected people to have bad Ab Guarding and the game was balanced around that? (You have to intentionally try to be bad at it.) Armando claimed I showed him SWEET MOVES, and I ended my Sunday.

Ring Fit Adventure Absploder Yellow Stomper Six Park miniboss Seated Ring Raise
...Yeah, Absploder is ugly. I can see why it lost the contest.
I can't see why the pets I supported didn't make it, though!

I returned to exercise on Monday. I went to Six Park to fight Abdonis's pet, Absploder. While Abdonis pretty much called Absloder ugly, he did reassure me it's a good training partner. At least Absploder has a NAME. The previous two pets didn't, and your pet needed a name to even have their entry submitted for the first round of the Super Pet Contest. Anyway, the actual fight is Absploder (a Yellow Stomper) with two Yellow Stepper+ enemies. With a Lemon Smoothie (Abs Fit Skills power up by ↑) and an appropriate Abs Master III outfit (for a 5% power boost to Abs Fit Skills), one Leg Scissors (three-range Abs Fit Skill) was enough to clear out the two Yellow Stepper+s, leaving me free to focus on Absploder with more powerful single-target Fit Skills. Not learning my lesson from the previous miniboss, I purposefully didn't Ab Guard against Absploder's drill tackle attack, and it only did a quarter of my heart. Very, very different damage values than Armando's pet. I easily beat the threatless Absploder, though Abdonis after the fight pleaded with me to recognise that it was a great training partner.

Ring Fit Adventure Guru Andma pet ball playdate World 52
Notice the lowercase use of ball...

For the final miniboss of the world, I headed to the Temple of Balance and put on my Guru Gear III and my Yoga Fit Skills. It's time to fight Guru Andma's pet ball. Previously named Ball, but now it's just... a ball with no name. I dunno. Still a Green Sufferfish... but with two Puffersquish+ companions. I chose to just ignore the two Puffersquish+s because they don't pose any threat and offer Green Sufferfish no actual support, so I instead drank a Lettuce Milk Smoothie to boost my power and targeted just Green Sufferfish.

While the bored Puffersquish+s just deflated, Green Sufferfish got mad and used its super attack that I had to MEGA AB GUARD. Which I succeeded in holding for half a minute. It took a total of just four turns to finish the fight, demonstrating my readiness to move onto the world's actual boss. If I spent my time actually using weaker spread moves to fight the Puffersquish+s, it'd take longer. ...Oh, and Ball dropped an Onyx.

Ring Fit Adventure Guru Andma Ball was 100% ready World 52 dialogue
Oh, uppercase Ball. That leads me to believe that... Ball is a ball named Ball.
To be fair, one of the finalists is a turtle named Turtle.

I skipped Tuesday but went to finish World 52 on Wednesday. All there is to do is fight Dragaux at Dragaux Stadium. I went through it, going up stairs and Squat Holds and spiky rolling logs... to reach Dragaux who was doing 10,000,000 (ten million) dumbbell curls. Allegedly, if one does 10,000,000 of those, it'll result in one's love to love them back... Dragaux menacingly dropped his dumbbells (a Yellow Scuttlebell+ and a Blue Scuttlebell+) and then laughed at how naive Ring is to have fallen for that. Then he picked them right back up again to begin the boss fight.

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux dialogue ten million dumbbell curls love will bloom sweetie
Dragaux hasn't even done a million of these yet, hmph.
I wonder who his sweetie is... I hope it's not still Allegra. She's toxic. Not a sweetie!

Dragaux is holding his minions/equipment in a formation where you can hit all three targets with a three-range Fit Skill. While Dragaux is holding onto a Scuttlebell+, his punches do significantly more (and noticeable) damage. Also while holding them, they retain their elemental weakness. Upon you beating both of his sentient dumbbells, even if he's above half health, Dragaux will commence his super-lame super attack of jumping into the background and throwing two slow-moving wooden crates at a time that you gotta Air Blast to break.

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux dialogue the way to sweetie's heart is through the abs World 52
I... suppose this is anatomically correct, yes.
(Someone should've told Armando this, though. He had been so focused on his arms, not his abs.)

After handling that, it's basic one-on-one Dragaux fighting, which is him doing his very basic harmless punches (well, harmless with proper Ab Guarding). I did 107 Tree Pose reps in that fight because I want to get the next Title for that soon and it's pretty leisurely. (I really did a Tree Pose in-between doing anything else. For variety.) Eventually, I beat Dragaux, and he admitted he has no advice to give me. In fact, I should be giving him advice. But he flew away to prepare the next world before he could listen to my advice. He dropped an Onyx stone, too.

Ring Fit Adventure Week World 52 Fitness Master Lv. 301 exercise log
Three days of playing Ring Fit Adventure this week compared to five last week.
It balanced out to four. Yay. Turns out miniboss rush: the world goes by quick.

On Thursday I did a lot of fitness-related activities. First, I went to get a flu vaccine at the pharmacy+store. I also thought I could get the post-Halloween candy discounts, but the only things on sale were the weird, crappy candies no one wants. Desirable candy wasn't discounted. I felt tricked, not treated! To my surprise, the line to get the vaccine (and I did have an appointment) extended into the candy aisle itself, so I didn't have to explore the store to see the lack of discounts. This experience was allegedly good for my wellness, because being vaccinated against viruses is good. ...And I guess not buying excessive candy is also good for my body? I'm not happy about it, though.

Then I went to see my chiropractor for the first time since before the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. It feels good to have all of that sorted out. Certainly good for my fitness, since I'm in great shape as a result. I must admit though... a day later, and I actually feel kind of ached in the spots he focused on.

Lastly, I got a haircut. This might not seem like a fitness-related activity, but I also didn't get a haircut since before the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, where my hair looked like as it does in these photos. My hair got past the point where I couldn't see in front of me, especially during exercise where it'd bounce and obscure my eyes. Now my head feels colder, but I do feel more nimble and like my head weighs less.

Throughout Friday, I felt extremely chilly and low-energy. I've been bundled up the whole day. I think this is probably from the flu vaccine. I didn't expect that kind of adverse reaction, since I don't think I got that from previous years. It makes me feel rotten, really, akin to the Chinese Communist Party Virus vaccine. It's good that I did my Ring Fit Adventure activities all before this. I hope I feel better over the weekend! You should hope that for me, too.

This was actually a pretty engaging fitness log, which demonstrates that Fitness Master isn't destined to produce boring content. Sure, there was a lot of non-game content included, so maybe if Ludwig just had a more interesting personal life, the fitness logs would be more interesting in general. ...Oh well. He's too busy with this website to do much else. Let him know what you think about any of the content here in the comments section.

Next week is all about Allegra starting her Fitness Master story arc.


  1. "(Though none of the pets that I advocated for did, either. Well they become monsters, too?)"

    Do you mean "Will they become monsters, too?"

    1. Abdonis probably just isn't a Youtuber, Instagram influencer or have an Onlyfans account to get votes from the legions of followers.

    2. Have you found that any of the finalists actually campaigned for their pet via those?

    3. No, but I had to make this joke again to the public.

    4. It'd be interesting to document this, though!

      I'd vote for Absploder over Harold (x2).


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