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Friday, June 25, 2021

Two Competing Vaccine Perspectives—Coming to Nintendo Switch End of 2021

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Which perspective do you relate to the most?

Normally, you'd expect me to publish an article about my Ring Fit Adventure progress as I'm training for next month's Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games as a member of Team Koopa. We've been calling it “KoopaTV Fitness Fridays.” But this week is different, and I wasn't able to do so. That's because of the Pfizer vaccine that they've given to every Tokyo 2021 Olympics team.

I've already written three weeks ago about the first dose I had... and I definitely had some side-effects, though they didn't stop me from completing World 42 of Ring Fit Adventure. But for the second shot... I was in the poor situation where my body was way too chilly and miserable for me to fall asleep, yet I lacked the energy to actually get out of bed. Bad combination. But I feel fine now. Still, I wouldn't have been able to do sufficient fitness during this week, so I just skipped it. Next week should be different.

Now, if you're going to KoopaTV for your medical advice (“Should I get vaccinated?”), I recommend you still keep going to KoopaTV, but find other, non-medical reasons to. However, I have noticed that there'll be two Nintendo-published videogames coming to the Nintendo Switch in the last quarter of 2021 with two very different perspectives on vaccines: Metroid Dread (October 8, 2021) versus Pokémon Brilliant Diamond/Pokémon Shining Pearl (November 19, 2021).

Roserade Poison Jabs Chimchar Metroid Fusion Vaccine coronavirus COVID-19
Left: Chimchar's Vaccine Hesitancy.
Right: Samus's Vaccine Success Story.

In this article, I'll explore those perspectives and you can tell me in the comments section which one you think makes more sense to you.

Chimchar's Vaccine Hesitancy

Chimchar grew up with a physically and emotionally painful and abusive childhood. Chimchar really has no reason to trust authority figures, so when the authorities say he has to get vaccinated with one, two, or even three or more jabs (will the central authority demands for more jabs ever actually end?), and say that if you feel sick afterwards it's “proof that it's working” (working in getting you to feel sick!), Chimchar sees that as just inviting even more abuse and misery into his life. He doesn't know what's in those jabs, but he does know they'll invite those bad feelings from his past that he doesn't want in his present. And they hurt a lot, since Fire types don't resist Poison. (You know these vaccines have ACIDIC ingredients!)

That's why you can see Chimchar working so hard to avoid getting COVID-19 vaccine doses in the above clip. ...But he eventually was forced into it by a tyrannical, overpowering regime, and... Chimchar didn't have a good ending. He fainted.

Now, in the interest of fair journalism, I gotta write that Chimchar didn't DIE after getting the vaccination. But he did end up having a lot of flare-up issues. Literal ones. Chimchar has always had those problems due to the aforementioned tough childhood, but we don't know if they would've continued happening if not for the vaccines!

Chimchar was never in any particular risk group to catch an illness (especially not Pokérus), and Chimchar wouldn't recommend that you get vaccinated. The risks, inconveniences, and pains of the jabs outweigh the potential benefits and the whole thing isn't really necessary for Chimchar's own unique situation.

Samus's Vaccine Success Story

Last week, there was the “Metroid Dread Report Vol. 1”, the first of many transmissions about Metroid Dread. For the first one, it actually featured Samus herself writing about what's happened in her past (such as the events of Metroid Fusion, which is what precedes Metroid Dread). Here's what Samus has to say about her own experience with vaccines:
“[The deadly X parasite] once infected me too. But my life was saved, thanks to a vaccine created from the X's natural enemy: Metroids. Not only that, it made me into the only being capable of fighting this creature that threatens the galaxy. After a deadly battle with the SA-X, a copy of me at my full capabilities, I finally succeeded in wiping out the X, along with the planet SR388.”
Samus later went on to say that the X was spotted in the planet ZDR, and it's up to her, as “the only one immune to the X parasite” to go find out if it's really there... and presumably go eliminate it.

Let's unpack the vaccine information itself. This “Metroid”-based vaccine was the first of its kind. It didn't go through extensive clinical trials—it was given to Samus on an emergency use authorisation after an X infected her. The vaccine worked beautifully.

Yes, the Vaccine “Metroid” had side-effects (just like me after the anti-coronavirus vaccine, Samus's body has become very susceptible to the cold and feeling very chilly), but it's also actually improved Samus's quality of life. Post-vaccine Samus was able to beat the X-controlled Samus copy in an epic battle. And now after getting the vaccine, we see her still alive for Metroid Dread and with substantially better control over her body, now able to do things like Slides and Dash Melees that she could never do before.

It's unknown if Samus's “Spider Magnet” new ability is also as a result of her vaccination. If it is, that may give credence to the claims that the COVID-19 vaccines give you magnetism abilities...

It should be noted that the vaccine that Samus received not only made her immune to future encounters with the X parasite, but it also cured her of the existing affliction within her body. The COVID-19 vaccines aren't curative but are preventative. Samus's job puts her in extremely risky situations, so she is all about getting the vaccines. And they worked well for her and saved her life. Samus would recommend that you should get vaccinated as well, especially since there still aren't cures for these viruses, just preventions.

Whose perspective do you side with more? Chimchar's or Samus's? Let KoopaTV know in the comments section! Ludwig admits that if he wasn't going to Earth in July in relatively unvaccinated Tokyo of all places, his natural sympathies would be with Chimchar. Though he won't pick Chimchar as his starter Pokémon when he plays one of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond or Pokémon Shining Pearl.

The week after, Ludwig was fully able to get back to his fitness routine.


  1. Interesting, although I’m pretty sure the side affect of Samus being susceptible to the cold is something to be wary of. If you stay too long in a cold area, you could die in less than a minute, at least that’s what happened in the game. Even vaccines that do their job can have dangerous side affects.

    Glad your feeling better, but you’d best not skip out on ringgit adventure next week. You don’t want to get into another long hiatus of laziness when we’re so close to the Olympics. I’m not too excited though, I’ve a feeling there’s gonna be some useless drama stirred up that’ll ruin the whole thing.

    1. Chimchar's vaccine only got it hotter, while Samus's got it chillier. These are unpredictable.

      Useless drama from Ring Fit Adventure or useless drama from the Tokyo 2021 Olympics? <_<

    2. Why not Both?

      Some random character you only met once comes to bring trouble in ring fit and there’ll probably be some political discourse in the real world that makes its way into the olympics. Regardless of Olympic rules.

    3. Well I'm gonna start playing really soon (in real-time) and see what happens.

      ...That said, I'll be in the Olympics to win it, not to engage in political commentary or discourse. >:(
      That's all just a distraction!

  2. I got both my shots. I have not told everyone about it yet to not deal with antivaxers and their infertility scares. I relied on anecdotal stories of those who got pregnant inbetween shots or even afterwards to not be afraid.

    1. Something I didn't mention but is obviously important is that the Vaccine "Metroid" was made from THE BABY.

      Yeah, there's no evidence the vaccine impacts fertility... and quite frankly, it doesn't make any intuitive sense that it would. (But if it did, then basically the population of Earth would stop growing, and that'd be really noticeable!)


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