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Friday, July 2, 2021

Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Log Week 45: Tropical Smoothies of HADES!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Featuring the SUPER ATTACKS of hell.

When this gets published, it'll already be July 2021—the month that the Tokyo 2021 Olympics is beginning. (Though that's at the end of the month.) I'm competing in those Olympics for Team Koopa, and this week's KoopaTV Fitness Friday will be the hardest test of my fitness of 2021. (And on the maximum difficulty level of 30...)

Let's explain what's going on. First of all, last week and Week 44 are different weeks on the calendar, and there's a good reason for that. For THIS week, I'll be playing Ring Fit Adventure's World 45: Extra Fitness Lv. 276—this is based off World 22: Land of Hades. Back when I originally played World 22, it was over the span of two weeks and it required six calendar days with a lot of time per day to get through the world. Story-wise, we're re-entering Hades, which is where the deceased hang out. We've been killing lots of stuff throughout the playthrough, so there's a lot to explore. Originally in World 22, this was all about the Four Masters receiving character development and exploring their personal flaws, with all four of them carving out their sections of the enormous world map.

Ring Fit Adventure Sweetie Hades Honey will eventually die
Honey's grandma seems really excited about her granddaughter eventually dying!

But in Extra Fitness, they've all already received their character development, so I wonder what they'll all say. When I started on Sunday, I got to eavesdrop a conversation between Sweetie and Snookums (grandparents of General Store owner Honey) talking about how they hope Honey is doing okay... and that they expect to be reunited with her in, uh, death, I guess. Really interesting that Honey's husband looks exactly like her grandfather. Anyway, the first level is the Exercise Paradise, which is the same thing as one of those pink flamingo levels we went through over a month and a half ago. Extremely notable thing—there's a Treasure Chest with the Tropical Smoothie Recipe—this is the final smoothie recipe of the game. The Tropical Smoothie is very overpowered, but right now, I cannot mix it.

Ring Fit Adventure Tropical Smoothie recipe
2 Pineapples + 2 Mandarin Oranges + 2 Papayas = Red, Yellow, Blue, Green Fit Skill attack power ↑↑
This is the only smoothie in Ring Fit Adventure that boosts the attack power of more than one Fit Skill category.
They give you this recipe before Mandarin Oranges begin to exist.

At the General Store Number 41 (you know, the Extra Fitness Hades branch... so how do they reconcile revenue and profits with the non-Hades-based General Stores ran by their granddaughter?), Sweetie and Snookums are selling one new item: the Jungle Gator II, which makes jogging and knee lifts easier. But I need two Zircon and I only got one.

At the fork in the road, I headed south to the Gunsho Temple. Like last time, it has an AMAZING name for a level. Unlike last time, you can skip the enemy encounters if you double-jump over them correctly, and I get to pick my Fit Skills, though Arms-based ones are still recommended. Also unlike last time, you can find Mandarin Oranges here. (Other goodies, if you can do the puzzles correctly, include a Treasure Chaser with 100 coins and a Treasure Chest with FIVE Mandarin Oranges.)

Ring Fit Adventure Mandarin Orange treasure chest Gunsho Temple World 45 Extra Fitness
Alright, NOW Mandarin Oranges exist!

With all of these Mandarin Oranges, I was able to make Tropical Smoothies... and 100% clear the Smoothies section of my Catalog!

Ring Fit Adventure smoothie catalog completed 100%
This means I've collected every smoothie in Ring Fit Adventure, but I still haven't gotten every ingredient.
...So clearly the outstanding ingredient(s) aren't used for smoothies.

With that accomplishment in mind, I went forward to this world's Fitness Gym... and it's the Aerobic Set. Even more interestingly, Guru Andma is there, amused that I'm there as well, and she wants to change things up a bit somehow. However, it's the exact same Aerobic Set as World 22, so I'm not sure what's being changed here. ...Other than the fact that there's no reward for clearing this:
  1. Overhead Hip Shake (x60)—Very easy and effortless clear, though sometimes if you're not swinging your hip just enough it'll give you a sub-100 score for that repetition. Don't do this in front of spectators.
  2. Knee Lift (x60)—Knee Lifts are a lot easier than putting all of your energy into your knees like a squat, so let's savour this while we can...
  3. Overhead Squat (x30)—CURSE THE OVERHEAD SQUAT. And it won't be the last time I'll be doing Overhead Squats in this world...
  4. Side Step (x60)—Finished this one with...such...heavy panting...After 30 Overhead Squats...
  5. Mountain Climbers (x60)—...And being exhausted is bad when you gotta do 60 Mountain Climbers, because if you stop and take a breather, the game will think you're doing really bad Mountain Climber repetitions and grade you accordingly.
  6. Leg Scissors (x60)—I took a bit of a real-life time break before doing the Leg Scissors. Just so I could muster the strength to actually do them. Remember to sit on a cushion when you're sitting down and extending your legs out to continually criss and cross them.

Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Gym World 45 Extra Fitness Lv. 276 Guru Andma relax indoors Overhead Squat
Guru Andma spreading FAKE NEWS, but she's too dead to be held accountable.
There is nothing RELAXING about the Overhead Squat, and this Fitness Gym CLEARLY isn't indoors.

At the end of this ordeal, my average score was... a 98, enough for not only the minimum A rank required, but an S rank! Now, after completing this, one actually cannot go to the second half of the overworld map. Nah, we gotta go back to the fork and head north and clear the two levels there.

The first of those is Uplift Temple, which doesn't have Mandarin Oranges. It's also better than World 22's version, since, again, there's no ghostly Allegra (as attractive as she is) picking your Fit Skills for you (and she loves squats). Otherwise... not much to say.

The last thing we must do to progress is the Battle Gym. My body tells me I'm absolutely exhausted from that Aerobic Set (I'm actually drenched in sweat and am dropping it from my body) and I should stop—especially since I haven't done this in over a week. My project management brain is telling me I need to do this Battle Gym today or it'll be that much harder to complete World 45 in one week. I selected the Battle Gym and saw there's ghost Allegra talking about...whipping the monsters into submission... just to fight me. And I gotta get an A rank to clear it. And there's no reward, either, just for that added spice. ...Well, at that point, I'm not listening to my brain, or even my tired body. There's another part entirely that's drawn to this scenario, so into the (five-round) Battle Gym we go!

Ring Fit Adventure Allegra whipped monsters into submission Battle Gym Extra Fitness World 45
O-Oh? I feel so special yet simultaneously jealous...

I beat the Battle Gym and Allegra lamented that she worked so hard training them, now vowing she will intimidate another monster batch to send after me... Which'll have to wait for another day, because I'm exhausted and really need a shower.

Ring Fit Adventure Battle Gym Hades Garnet Cobalt Malachite Belldog Russian Twist
Despite there being no Ochre (yellow-weak) Belldog in the Battle Gym,
they still actually get 2RKO'd by the all-range Russian Twist if I could use it twice in a row.

On Monday, I continued forward from the Battle Gym to Perspiration Paradise. Ghost Armando appeared declaring my training never has to end, and I can demonstrate my arms prowess by hovering—meaning he wants me to clear Perspiration Paradise in 160 steps or less, and that involves a lot of hovering. Ring said he wanted me to get a low step count to shock the moustache off Armando's face—and I did get a low count, at only 62 steps taken. However, Armando's moustache remained on his face, and we move on to Six-Peak Temple. I got nothing to say about it. Filler stuff.

Ring Fit Adventure World 45 Extra Fitness Lv. 276 Armando great strength quiet beauty hovering
This is gibberish but is portrayed as Armando saying some eloquent highbrow statement.

I went back to the south to what was forward of the Fitness Gym, which is Slab Paradise. Over there, Abdonis demanded to check out my abdominal muscles, and therefore I am forced to clear Slab Paradise with Fit Skills of his choosing. ...I thought forcing certain Fit Skills on me was a World 22 thing, not a World 45 one. At least there are Mandarin Oranges. Here's the Fit Skill list for posterity, but it's the exact same one from World 37's forced list:
  1. Russian Twist Lv.3—5-range, 4-turn recharge, 455 base power
  2. Leg Raise Lv.3—1-range, 4-turn recharge, 755 base power
  3. Knee-to-Chest Lv.3—3-range, 4-turn recharge, 485 base power
  4. Plank Lv.3—1-range, 3-turn recharge, 655 base power
  5. Leg Scissors Lv.3—3-range, 4-turn recharge, 445 base power
  6. Pendulum Bend Lv.3—3-range, 5-turn recharge, 560 base power
  7. Seated Forward Press Lv.3—4-turn recharge, 15-heart recovery

Ring Fit Adventure Abdonis surprise muscle inspection Hades World 45 Extra Fitness Lv. 276
Reminder that you're DEAD because Dragaux ATE YOU.

...The forced Fit Skills were the least challenging part of this; the more pressing problem was the Squat-powered railcart. Anyway, Abdonis is SHOCKED (as if hit by electricity) that I managed to pass, so I went to the next level, Calm Cloister. Guru Andma used to be in charge of this, but in World 45, it's a normal, Yoga-focused level. Contrary to the level name, I wasn't calm when I entered it because it started off with a historically glitchy Overhead Side Bend trolley car. I had anxiety going into it, though it worked out at the beginning. ...Unfortunately, the trolley clammed up and went off the rails when the segment reappeared at the end. Quite unfortunate. Still, during the level, I apparently hit my 500th Hinge Pose repetition, giving me my 200th title—Smooth Hinge Poser. Even more significantly, for acquiring my 200th title, I got a new title—Title Monarch. The next in that Title ___ series is for earning every other Title in Ring Fit Adventure, which is never going to happen because I'm never going to do thousands of Wide Squats or whatever. Then I entered the Rare Hoplin fight from the overworld (it's a batch of five, which is an instant level-up if you beat all of them and drink an EXP doubling smoothie) and ended my workout.

I continued on Tuesday towards Judgment Pass. There's one Treasure Chest with one mere Defense Drink inside, which I judge to be lame. I also judge the course as a whole to be filler and not deserving of the name. Anyway, all that's left forward is a miniboss fight and the world boss, but there's plenty of levels (mostly Game Gyms) that are gated by the warp zones that I gotta go backwards and do. The first two (on the second half of the overworld map) are Bootstrap Tower (Advanced) offering one Zircon stone, and Bank Balance (Novice) offering 475 coins. Why is Bank Balance only the Novice difficulty? Because it's in fog. Atrocious. It's hard to tell if the object on the side is a bomb or a token. Still, I got an A rank. The overworld Treasure Chest had a Skill Drink in it, which we definitely don't need because we maxed out our tree a long time ago.

I went back to the General Store and bought out the Jungle Gator II shoes with my Zircon, so we don't need anymore Zircon. There's an open Dreadmill (Advanced) Game Gym nearby on the first half of the world. This offers a Tropical Smoothie. It's actually raining in the Game Gym, but apparently the rain doesn't make running on a treadmill more dangerous or difficult.

There's another Game Gym, but I'll get to it shortly. First, I ran through the Yogana course. The only Yoga here is having to hold a Tree Pose for 60 seconds until some Slinkbugs flew away. Remember this for later: I'd much rather hold a Tree Pose for 60 seconds against Guru Andma than have to go through three super attacks from her. The second and last enemy batch of Yogana actually dropped TWO stones, and it's already rare they drop just one. They were... Zircon and Rose Quartz. ...No Garnet, unfortunately. Maybe Zircon will be useful in the next world's General Store, though Rose Quartz won't. There was also a Treasure Chest on the road containing one Strength Drink. And in the overworld past Yogana was a Treasure Chest with another Zircon. Speaking of drinks, I had three Dragon Drinks and now I'm level 330.

Ring Fit Adventure Ring Raise Combo Yogana fight World 45 item drops Dark Scuttlebell
I was REALLY excited at the time of this screenshot to see there'd be TWO item drops from this fight.

And now for the last thing for today: That Game Gym I skipped, which is Core Crushing (Advanced). Yes, they're giving out a Dragon Fruit for completing it with an A rank, but I really, really want that S rank. It's the last S rank before I've S ranked every Game Gym. I had a SUPER-FOCUSED PRETTY MUCH PERFECT first try and got 13,000 points... yet my record is 13,050 points, and that's not enough. I failed several times after and took a break. After my break, new high score: 13,100 points! Not good enough. Again... 13,200 points! New score! Still not good enough. At this point, I'd love to say I kept trying and getting more points until I got to an S rank, but... my scores were going in the opposite direction as I was getting really physically tired. The reason for the variability is that sometimes the Ring-Con doesn't think enough tension has been released between crushings, so then the device won't swing.

Ring Fit Adventure relax the Ring-Con Core Crushing Game Gym minigame
This has the same energy as a police officer brutalising someone while yelling “RELAX!” and “STOP RESISTING!”

I finally stopped because I was not only tired, but needed to update my copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and write about my first impressions on version 12.

I went and played Ring Fit Adventure again on Wednesday after having my fill of fighting against Kazuya. The miniboss arena is called Li'l Grrr's House, and Ring thinks we'd be in big trouble if Li'l Grrr is doing well. ...Huh? What?

Ring Fit Adventure psychopath Li'l Grrr's House trouble doing too well
Ring is giddy about the idea that Li'l Grrr would be sick or something.

In terms of the fight, it's against three monsters: A Dark Megaphauna+, empty space, Dark Pitbell (Li'l Grrr), empty space, and a Dark Protean Shaker+. I noted the empty spaces because to hit all of the enemies in one round, you gotta use a five-range Fit Skill, not a three-range one. Just like in World 22, the Dark Protean Shaker+ spat out a liquid that heavily reduced the power of all Fitness Skill colours except for red. This time, I just drank Pomegranate Juice to turn all of my Fit Skills to red so they'd all benefit from my enemy buffing me. With this power-up, I quickly disposed of the minions and got Li'l Grrr to half of its health, where it did a super attack (a spinning tornado thing) that I had to MEGA AB GUARD for only about 25 seconds. ...That's a lot shorter than I was bracing myself for. I beat the whole fight in just under nine minutes, and “Sir Grrrus” wished me good luck after the fight. I also got a Zircon.

Since I was expecting this to take a lot longer, I don't know if I should just try to S rank Core Crushing (Advanced) right now or if I should fight the world boss. I chose the latter, which would mean beating the world in only four calendar days.

The Four Masters went and built a Dragaux Stadium here, declaring it the Land of Hades branch. Then they gave me the Armored Muscle outfit as a gift, which isn't really armored and it's pretty much just fan-service. The male version is totally shirtless and has animated sweat dripping down. The female version has the decency of a breastplate.

Ring Fit Adventure Armored Muscle outfit man woman fan service model
The Four Masters really want to see my skin.
By the way, this is an example of when men actually get less armour than a woman for skimpy outfits.
(And this outfit so far has the best stats of any clothing in the game despite how little it visibly protects.)

The Dragaux Stadium is just two giant zip lines, and for the first time ever, I got my money stolen by Robbin birds. 500 coins is actually substantial! I'm not sure how I could've avoided this since, as you can see in the video, I was doing the Overhead Ring Pull at full strength/speed... Was I supposed to be holding it throughout the cutscene?

When I did reach the Four Masters, they were warning me that Dragaux is stronger than ever before, so they're training me up one last time before I go fight him. They also really genuinely seem to have enjoyed the vore treatment Dragaux gave them.

Ring Fit Adventure Four Masters boss fight in Hades Dragaux can't join us
Again, reminder that he ATE YOU ALL and you're all DEAD.

I started the fight off drinking the Tropical Smoothie for the first time to buff all of my Fit Skills at once, and then Overhead Arm Spinned to attack all of the Four Masters simultaneously. This triggered the first of Guru Andma's SUPER ATTACKS (using Arm power), which I had to Overhead Press to defend against for about 53 seconds. On turn 2, after taking a Russian Twist, Guru Andma used her second SUPER ATTACK using Abs powers that I had to hold a Seated Forward Press against for almost a minute.

And then came the next turn when I got Abdonis, Guru Andma, and Armando all to either half health or clinging to life (Guru Andma), so I had to deal with THREE super attacks consecutively. Abdonis I had to Seated Forward Press again for another 53 or so seconds (if they were alone it'd be 60 seconds). Guru Andma forced me to do an Overhead Squat to defend against her leg-powered SUPER ATTACK. My deflection just immediately knocked her out. I also had to Overhead Press to defend against Armando's SUPER ATTACK punch attempt.

By the way, I don't recommend the Tropical Smoothie in this fight, since the Four Masters can and will immediately debuff you, and their debuff acts like you never were buffed to begin with. (+2 turns to -2 attack power; 0 attack power would also turn to -2.)

I easily then finished off Armando's and Abdonis's health bars so I could then focus on Allegra. I got her below half health, and now the final real challenge of the fight is the second Overhead Squat. I remembered that to pass this, the game is looking for good—not great, and not perfect. (This is opposed to how they want you to be perfect with the Overhead Squat in the Fitness Gyms.) With that in mind, I was only getting pain for the last 10 seconds of the Overhead Squat instead of, say, the last twenty seconds.

I beat Allegra and Guru Andma dropped another Zircon. Armando hoped we could train again, and... that's it. World clear!

Ring Fit Adventure Armored Muscle backside butt Four Masters boss fight win
I figured that you'd want a screenshot of the backside of the Armored Muscle.

Well I ever find the time to complete Core Crushing (Advanced)? Well, probably not next week!

Ring Fit Adventure Exercise Fitness Log World Week 45 Extra Fitness Lv. 276
A plurality of that Tuesday time was trying and failing almost all night to S rank Core Crushing (Advanced).

Well, the next world is the very last one for Extra Fitness mode. That means a final boss fight. Should be very intense. Ludwig isn't sure what happens in the weeks-long gap between when he's presumably going to complete Extra Fitness and when he's going to do his Olympics event.

Here is the next week with the final boss of Extra Fitness. Week 46!
Ludwig plays a new mode in Week 47: Fitness Master. But he still came back to World 45 to try to play Core Crushing (Advanced), which physically damaged him. He did get a new high score, though! (Just not high enough!)
Ludwig returns to Hades for a third visit at the end of Fitness Master: World 68.


  1. I was wondering if you had the new mario game.

    If you do, can you please do a review on it? I am trying to see if I should buy it, but it has just came out and I do not know if it is a good game or not.

    1. I don't have it and I don't plan to.

      It's one of those games that is going to get free updates in the future, so right now it's not worth $60 and it has little content. After all of those updates happen, it might be worth getting. Probably still not.

  2. I don’t understand how smoothies help you. I know when exercising it’s important to keep carbs and that at a good level, but if you eat too much than it’ll slow you down! Besides, unless these are all fruit smoothies, they can’t be all that healthy.

    1. Most are made of fruits and/or vegetables, occasionally adding dairy too.


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