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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles! Now Released!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - TAKE THAT! (And put it in your game console.)

Remember back in June when I wrote that I pre-ordered The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles? Miraculously, I actually have it on launch day. And in physical form.

This is the first time you can get a physical copy of an Ace Attorney game outside of Japan besides Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney since... Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth in 2010. Barring non-future-proofed joke articles to the contrary. Here's what got shipped to me from Best Buy (and this is why it's actually good thing I just got kicked out of Japan, because the shipping address sure wasn't the Olympic Village!):

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles box physical copy Nintendo Switch Hello Fresh meal kit free meals
Yes, all of the items you see in the picture came in my shipment. Let's talk about that...

I don't know if this is a CAPCOM thing or a Best Buy thing, but the first thing I saw when I opened my non-cardboard package was an advertisement for HelloFresh, which has nothing to do with gaming or even electronics. (At first, I thought it was the code I discuss in the next paragraph!) They mail you meal ingredients (a meal kit) and you're supposed to prepare it yourself to make the food. It's an idea that I've thought of myself before the company existed. Anyway, the advertisement has a code for 14 free meals including free shipping (free shipping apparently only on the first box, and the 14 number is dependent on the meal plan size). Someone's getting a commission on this, but I dunno who. Anyway, I haven't used the code for myself. There's a lack of gluten-free options and that's a turn-off.

I did, however, use the more relevant code that came with my package: the 16-character Nintendo eShop code for “The Great Ace Attorney: Chronicles Early Purchase Bonus”. (Note: The code card says there's a colon between Attorney and Chronicles, but the product itself lacks that colon.) This provides the Art and Music From the Vaults DLC that CAPCOM added at the last minute. This code was found inside the box and it says it expires December 31, 2799. I don't plan to live that long and find out what happens on January 1, 2800, so I used the code and loaded up the game. It told me it found the DLC and I got access to this:

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles From the Vaults DLC Ryunosuke Naruhodo developer comments illustrations
Not only are there big spoilers in this, but there are a large number of them?!
Well, I guess I better press B and get out of there...

To be frank, I haven't actually started the game because I needed to write and publish this article. So I need to find time to play this! And since the Olympics are over, I should have the time... But first, I filled out this survey from CAPCOM:

The survey will be open for another two months, but there WAS the option to just say you've bought it but haven't played it yet. You could also say you haven't bought it, and that's also valuable information for CAPCOM to know! Anyway, I figured it's important to let CAPCOM know as soon as possible that, as a big Ace Attorney fan, I bought this game because it's an Ace Attorney game, and I'd buy another one, too, if they made it. They also asked if you bought the game digitally or physically, and advocating for physical game distribution is also an important cause.

And I got a cool wallpaper, which I've adopted, finally replacing the Kirby Happy Birthday wallpaper I've been using since December 2018.

ANYWAY, you should buy The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles as well. It's a collection of two adventure games that feature Phoenix Wright's ancestor, Ryunosuke Naruhodo, in late 19th century Japan and England (which brought some interesting localisation challenges), alongside the legendary detective Herlock Sholmes.

...Oh, and NEO: The World Ends with You also came out today, but whatever.

Ludwig was supposed to write about the game's gameplay on release day according to the game's announcement article, but that obviously didn't happen. Since Ludwig still has that HelloFresh code, maybe he should give it out? It's only valid for people in the United States, which is also a problem for Ludwig, since Koopa Kingdom isn't there. That might not be a problem for you, though the free offer putting you on an automatically renewing subscription might be a problem.

Ludwig is very disappointed that the game's music gallery is missing most of the game's music.
About eight to nine months later... The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles has sold over 500,000 copies! (And Ludwig still has the HelloFresh code.)
Let's celebrate its one-year anniversary with another sale!


  1. I guess I should've written in the article the whole premise of the game. Eh. ...Alright. I've edited that in. Just a bit.

  2. My copy arrived from Amazon without any HelloFresh code, so it must be a Best Buy partnership. I'm thankful that we finally received another physical copy of an Ace Attorney game though I do wish it has inside artwork instead of just being blank.

    1. The inside being blank was actually surprising when I opened it up 'cause I definitely expected there'd be...something there.

  3. We are getting a lot of great games this year, although I wonder when we’ll get AA7. I hope the original creator will go back to the main series now that it appears as though this “spinoff” of sorts is finished. Who knows, this localization could open new doors. I’ll get it, but not anytime soon. Just got holoknight, cup head and hades. I refuse to fall into that gamers trap where they buy all the latest games but never finish any of them! Whenever I do get the game, I know I’ll miss the judge.

    1. You don't have to actually play the game in order to transfer wealth to CAPCOM in Ace Attorney's name.

    2. I’ll buy it when they bring back old bag

    3. Hold it!

      Wendy Oldbag isn't THAT old that she'd be around in the late 19th century...

    4. How do you know? They’ve never given her age in the game. It’s always “age:??”. In a game with spirit mediums, anything’s possible


      Immortality isn't a thing, unless you want to suggest she was alive back then and has been under a spirit medium since.


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