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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2 Roadmaps Completed

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - That's a wrap.

Okay, with one big exception that won't happen for a while (Monster Hunter Rise is getting a big paid expansion called Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak... in summer 2022, which is so far away it's hard to imagine), the free update roadmaps for highly successful CAPCOM titles Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin are done. All five CAPCOM Collabs complete for Monster Hunter Rise, and CAPCOM delivered the Free Title Update #5 in October 2021 for Monster Hunter Stories 2 as promised on release. There's not much to get into for that unless you're invested in the game, which... I'm not, yet, though I do own an unopened physical copy! As for Monster Hunter Rise, the completed updates are in time for its January 2022 release on the Steam platform, previously being a Switch exclusive.

What was the final CAPCOM Collab wasn't actually the final collaboration (and I'll get to that) in general, but let's look at it:

(I wanted the fifth collab to be Ghost Trick, but at least Ghosts 'n Goblins has...ghost... in the name...?) After completing the event quest Night in Shattered Armor which requires you to hunt down the targeted monsters (Volvidon, Basarios and then a Rathalos) to the Ghost 'n Goblins Resurrection Execution Grounds music, you get access to Arthur-themed layered armour, which will also transform throwing kunai to Arthur's lances.

Since that's... underwhelming, what was the real final collab (at least, as of publishing this in case they decide to go back and do some other unannounced content)? Well, it's out now, and not of another CAPCOM property:

It's with Sonic the Hedgehog! Between two new Event Quests, the event will provide you with Sonic Wear layered armor, which... is your playable character donning a Sonic the Hedgehog tracksuit cosplay, I guess, with his sneakers. It doesn't appear to provide any special-looking powers. That's from the Super Shady Look-alike Event Quest, which also features Live & Learn as the music and requires you to slay a Nargacuga. I'm not really a fan of looking at that outfit.

This collaboration also provides a Sonic Costume layered armor for your Palico (normally a cat) to make it look like Sonic, and a Canyne Tails to make your Palamute (dog) look like Tails. (That means you can ride Tails.) Your Palico will get a Spin Dash animation as well as a Super Sonic (Chaos Emeralds) animation after using a Felvine Bulb. That's from the Gotta Hoard Fast Event Quest which features Escape from the City as the music, as you need to collect 200 Rings that have the classic Ring sound effect you'd expect. And there are Sonic-themed figurines (Sonic, Tails, and even Knuckles) to decorate your in-game room with.

Monster Hunter Rise Gotta Hoard Fast Event Quest Sonic the Hedgehog
Anniversary privilege?

Monster Hunter Rise is still 25% off for a few more hours as of publishing this. While Monster Hunter Stories 2 is not, I checked and saw that the original Monster Hunter Stories on the 3DS is actually 50% off right now! Annoyingly, the Monster Hunter Rise page on has a big banner near the top that's all:

Monster Hunter Rise The Game Awards 2021 nominee
If Monster Hunter Rise loses its The Game Awards categories, are they going to keep this banner up?

Oh, right, The Game Awards 2021. That's in a week. Uh... do any of you actually want KoopaTV to watch it? Because none of us want to. I think it's guaranteed that it'll be a terrible show and a torturous time.

Seems like Ludwig can probably stop writing about Monster Hunter for filler article content for a good nine months or so? Phoenix Wright got snubbed for both the CAPCOM Collabs and for Super Smash Bros., though. That stings a bit.

Despite no one wanting to watch The Game Awards and the comments section being against it... Ludwig hate-watched The Game Awards 2021 anyway. Monster Hunter Rise didn't win.
Next year, Monster Hunter is coming to a Sonic game.
Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2 are now $40 MSRP.


  1. "Oh, right, The Game Awards 2021. That's in a week. Uh... do any of you actually want KoopaTV to watch it? Because none of us want to. I think it's guaranteed that it'll be a terrible show and a torturous time."

    Game Awards 2021 did not even nominate Metroid Dread for Family Game and that game has plenty of discussion about family. If they made such a horrible blunder then imagine how much more of a blunder the actual show will be.

    1. Some people ( Kamek) enjoy making fun of blunders.

  2. Game Awards has become every bit as elitistly corrupt as movie award shows, from everything I've been hearing. Please DO pass.

    1. Your feedback has been noted.

      Our readers are smart!


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