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Monday, September 27, 2021

Rush in Monster Hunter Rise... and both are in the Nintendo eShop Blockbuster Sale

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Lots of games are on sale right now. (And lots of other games...aren't.)

There is a lot of excitement coming for Monster Hunter Rise. CAPCOM's big project got first-dibs at last week's Nintendo Direct with news of an expansion: Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. All things Monster Hunter, including Sunbreak, will be the topic of CAPCOM's Tokyo Game Show 2021 presence. They'll also reveal the (final) Capcom Collab #5 there... which segues into part of what this article is about.

In August, Capcom Collab #3 was revealed to be with Street Fighter, where your hunter would get layered armor to look like Akuma. By hunting down a Rajang in the SF: Ultimate Promotion Exam quest and equipping the sword & shield weaponry, you no longer will be a generic anime swordsman but an intense shoto. Your weapons will hide, apparently, and you'll be punching and kicking and doing Street Fighter things that I'm not super familiar with.

Which is why I'm focusing on September and Capcom Collab #4, which is with Mega Man (specifically Mega Man 11) and Rush the robot dog. Pass The Blue Bomber's Best Bud quest (by hunting down a Zinogre to Fuse Man's theme) and you will obtain layered armor for your Palamute mutt to make it look like Rush.

I suppose it's worth noting that Rush Palamute won't be doing things a Palamute wouldn't otherwise do. It's cool visual and audio effects.

It's also definitely worth noting that right now all of the Mega Man games on the Nintendo Switch eShop are on sale. This includes Mega Man 11 at 50% off ($30 → $15), which also includes free instrumental versions of the Robot Master stages, including Fuse Man's. His theme might sound hype in the trailer above and when playing Monster Hunter in-game, but your opinion might change when you figure out that all of the songs in the game sound like that without the DLC.

ALSO, almost all of the Monster Hunter games on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS are on sale—including even Monster Hunter Rise itself ($60→$50; the DLC packs also have price cuts), which I believe is the first time that's happened. The two exceptions are Monster Hunter Stories on 3DS and Monster Hunter Stories 2 on the Switch. The former because Nintendo published it, and the latter because... it's too recent.

Mega Man and Monster Hunter represent the only CAPCOM franchises on sale right now, and it's only on the eShop. However, there are many games from other publishers on sale if you're interested.

Ludwig specifically checked if a game series featuring lawyers was on sale, but those games are not on sale. Feel free to comment if you think the Tokyo Game Show will have interesting content. KoopaTV won't watch it but will discuss what happens in it afterwards if there's anything interesting. There's a certain collab Ludwig really wants for #5 and it involves Ghost Trick.

When CAPCOM did a Monster Hunter Rise Collab with ŌKAMI back at the end of July, ŌKAMI HD went on sale too. The quest was a collectathon, not a fight.
The last CAPCOM Collab wasn't for Ghost Trick, but for Ghost 'n Goblins.

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