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Monday, September 13, 2021

Never Forget: Muslims around Earth actually rioted and killed over "Innocence of Muslims"

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - They proved their incompatibility with Western* civilisation.

September 11 isn't just a date associated with 2001. It has meaning past that. Remember September 11, 2012? That was the day that America's consulate in Benghazi, Libya was attacked by terrorists. They murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, though then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton questioned what difference it made who those terrorists were and their reasoning for terrorising the complex.

The United States government suggested that it was an offensive video that spontaneously triggered those terrorists to get their rocket-propelled grenades and attack the consulate and murder the Americans. That video is known as Innocence of Muslims, and while connecting it to that Benghazi attack was a lie shamelessly repeated by Susan Rice (then U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations; now Director of the United States Domestic Policy Council) with the misinformation fed to her by the unreliable and untrustworthy American “intelligence community”, it is a fact that Innocence of Muslims did trigger many Muslims in other locations to engage in violent behaviour... resulting in over 50 deaths and many hundreds of injuries.

It's all documented in the Wikipedia article “Reactions to Innocence of Muslims”, an article that is required reading for this KoopaTV article. But on top of that, I also have required listening: Innocence of Muslims is actually still available on YouTube (at least, in the United States—it may be censored in other countries that do not allow free speech—that's a greater point I'll go into more detail about later in this KoopaTV article). You can watch it embedded below. Note that despite it being called “Muhammad Movie Trailer”, this is the whole thing that Muslims worldwide reacted to. There's no “non-trailer” version... and as you'll quickly figure out, that's really a good thing:

If you're reading this sentence, you must have survived watching that video. (Or you didn't watch the video and didn't take my “required” adjective seriously.) Congratulations. How do you feel after watching that? Do you feel like storming your local America-associated building? Want to throw rocks at some Christians? Do you wish to burn an effigy of President Barack Hussein Obama (and if so, would you have not done so otherwise?) or American flags? (Shout-out to the one Pakistani who, per that Wikipedia article, “died from smoke inhalation emanating from burning American flags at the rally.”)

I'm assuming your answers to the above questions tend to be “no.” You more likely had a (justifiable) reaction of, “that was the worst movie I've ever seen in my life.” Or, if not your whole life, some respectable time period. The movie didn't make sense and it was laughably edited in so many respects. It deserves to be ridiculed and mocked. It's little more than a high school theatre skit with a little bit more of a budget. (I don't know what the budget was, but it's factually more than zero.) Still, it's not some Hollywood feature film. How did it create so much international outrage? You don't see KoopaTV articles doing that. (But maybe this article will. You'll have to find a way to Koopa Kingdom, though.)

Innocence of Muslims Muhammad the bastard unknown father desert tent
This is even worse than the cutscenes from the The Legend of Zelda CD-i games.
But you didn't see Nintendo fans do worldwide riots against the Netherlands due to Phillips allowing those to be made.
(Just memed mercilessly for decades thereafter.)

Again, a poorly produced and irrelevant short film uploaded on YouTube apparently caused worldwide carnage for the month of September 2012. That's a sign of a very touchy, oversensitive culture. One that really can't handle the freedoms of speech that civilised societies should come to expect in the modern age. Yet those same civilised societies want to import these same types of ridiculous and immature people into their own countries out of pity (refugees) or thinking it's good for diversity, or whatever. And, yeah, I know I just wrote an article last week about how intellectual diversity is a core American value. But I think there's a pretty obvious difference between “don't fire people from a videogame company just because they hold pro-life views” and “you don't want too many people in your country who are going to burn your building just because they watched a video that offended them.” Is there any intellectual merit to the latter?

That's apparently debatable, which is why I put an asterisk on Western in this article's sub-heading. A lot of Western nations are actually against freedom of speech. Even the United States locked up the filmmaker. Still, it's only the Muslims who keep physically attacking Charlie Hebdo, even though the French magazine lampoons...everyone. Other offended people might vocally complain (and maybe even demand the thought-sinners to be cancelled), but they don't go try to kill the cartoonists who depicted their sacred figure in a way they don't like. I'd rather have a few (not too many) of those non-violent complainers for the sake of intellectual diversity and spicing things up than the alternative. I can't imagine how stressed and horrible one's life is when they'll be driven to madness just because, somewhere on the Internet, there exists some kind of art that portrays Muhammad in a way they don't like.

It should go without saying that #NotAllMuslims have an easily triggered barbarian button, just like not all Americans are terrible filmmakers making videos like Innocence of Muslims. If they were, there'd be far, far more dead people. Probably because it would've started World War III. Which is why I don't feel like there's any contradictions between being against China culturally genociding the Muslim Uyghurs and the points I'm making in this article. You don't have to intern every single one of them. Keeping a distance and letting them do whatever to one another works. I'm just pretty sure you don't want someone like the guy who died from his own burnt American flag smoke living in your neighbourhood. You want to screen for free speech tolerance first.

The only one who ever MADE you watch a video you were offended by was Ludwig, for this article, saying it was required to watch. Otherwise, you (and people nine years ago) have no one to blame but yourself (or themselves) for going through the pain of that film.

This article won KoopaTV's Best General category article award for 2021.
Muslims have a history going back decades (or longer) of trying to kill authors for a bounty over what they see as blasphemy towards their religious figures.


  1. So long as they say sorry, every vile act will be forgiven.

    Jokes aside, I don’t get how the PC crowd can support the Muslim religion when it’s literally almost everything they claim to be against. Yet here we are, even the talibans egregious crimes can be justified if your will is strong enough. Or if you’re stupid enough.

    1. I think justifying the Taliban makes sense from America's perspective. At least they're not into world conquest.


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