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Friday, September 3, 2021

So much for Japan Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - He lasted a year. How'd he do?

A year ago, I wrote about how Shinzō Abe resigned as the Prime Minister of Japan due to health issues... to be replaced by Yoshihide Suga.

Now Yoshihide Suga will be leaving his station just with one year in power... also due to health issues. But this time, they're not his own health issues. Rather, it's because his popularity has totally plummeted due to how badly Japan has been doing with the Chinese Communist Party Virus (CCP Virus). You know, you can see that in how often they declare states of emergencies that shut down things like Super Nintendo World while simultaneously asking Japanese citizens to domestically travel around to boost the economy. (As of publishing, Osaka Prefecture just hit a new record in new cases, though the park is open... in very limited numbers and offering refunds to people who can't actually come in as a result.)

Prime Minister Suga was hoping that the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games would actually HELP his popularity, which is... pretty good evidence that he's an imbecile, quite frankly. The Japanese hated it... for coronavirus reasons, and not Dragon Quest Overture reasons, to clarify. So I'm not upset or anything about his lack of staying power. He'll be replaced with one of several possible right-wingers in his party by the end of September.

No one really knew about Yoshihide Suga going into his term. The article I cited a year ago trying to fill in some details was written by the same joke of a journalist (Jake Adelstein) who thinks that Dragon Quest is the reason that the Japanese were outraged over the I'm not considering that to be credible.

I wrote about Cappy's involvement in my article a year ago, and mentioned that Shinzō Abe was getting into scandals and making bad decisions... orchestrated by Yoshihide Suga. But that was according to Jake Adelstein, so I'm very inclined to believe that Cappy has absolutely no involvement with Yoshihide Suga whatsoever (and I don't think Cappy is linked with the Chinese Communist Party either as my article a year ago was wondering, though I don't consider that settled), and that the Bonneter is no longer interested in manipulating what goes on in Japan altogether. Suga is just dumb. Naturally. No mastermind manipulation needed. He's apparently had so little impact on the world that his Wikipedia article's talk page is empty and hasn't been edited with discussion content in all of 2021, even with this news about him going to resign by the end of the month. There's no edit protection, either, so you can't use that as an excuse. Shinzō Abe has more activity than that and he's not even in office.

...I miss Shinzō Abe.

Missing Shinzō Abe is probably a controversial political opinion, but oh well. This article is relevant to KoopaTV because Japan's Prime Minister can have a very direct impact on the state of the worldwide videogame industry, so it's good to keep an eye on these things. ...And also some of the KoopaTV staff being in Japan (and the experience there) at the end of July 2021 is a direct result of Yoshihide Suga's policies.

We'll miss Shinzō Abe forever, because he was assassinated and died on July 8, 2022.


  1. Yeeeeeaaaaahhhh I liked Abe better. Just as I like the previous bald glasses nintendo president to this new one. Although I do think he’s got a lot of potential. Nintendo’s guy, not this Suga dude.

    Hopefully the next one isn’t mentally deranged. That would be weird!


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