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Thursday, September 9, 2021

LEGO Super Mario 64 ? Block set... seems odd

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I'm not ready yet to connect this to an evil plot, but... it's odd...

Today—and maybe this got lost in some other news and announcements—Nintendo and The LEGO Group jointly announced yet ANOTHER collaboration: a massive ? Block that opens up to real Super Mario 64 courses. Observe this video:

Coming October 1 of this year (very soon) for an asking price of $170. 2064 pieces. LEGO says it's for 18+ individuals, but the video from Nintendo's channel has it marked as YouTube Kids, so I dunno how that works. I don't think people 13 and under are interested in Super Mario 64 nostalgia, and that's clearly what they're going after, per this line from the trailer:

LEGO Super Mario 64 ? question block ready to revisit text
HOLD IT! Are we just going to ignore that Super Mario 3D All-Stars existed? Like, almost exactly a year ago?
Sure, it ended sale on March 31, 2021, but it's not like it no longer exists in recent memory.

I suppose to be fair, LEGO has also uploaded the trailer to YouTube and it's not marked as YouTube Kids there. Something is wrong with Nintendo. But not as wrong as whatever is going on with the LEGO pieces:

Super Mario 64 LEGO ? question block Princess Peach's castle
That blob that looks like a vase is Princess Toadstool.
Atop that pole is supposedly the camera-controlling Lakitu, who is towering over the top of Mario.

When you're not looking at the nonexistent character design, you're supposed to marvel how the ? Block is openable to reveal four areas: Peach’s Castle; Bob-omb Battlefield; Cool, Cool Mountain; and Lethal Lava Trouble. (Apparently, LEGO renamed the Super Mario 64 course “Lethal Lava Land” to “Lethal Lava Trouble” because... I haven't the faintest idea. If you have an idea why, let me know in the comments section. Otherwise, I'll have to solve the mystery myself. It may be at the centre of the no-doubt evil plot here.)

Your existing LEGO Super Mario (the figure with an actual [creepy] face, not what you see above) and LEGO Luigi (and by “your existing” I mean in a theoretical sense... I hope you don't actually own those) can have bonus interactions with the environments in the ? Block. There are apparently 10 hidden Power Stars that only those creeps can find. I certainly didn't find them looking from the trailer. (Though I also don't know what to really look for.)

Last thing: KoopaTV reader Captain Stitch once commented, “I would much prefer a Peaches castle Lego set, akin to that of the Disney and Hogwarts castles. They could have paintings in all the rooms, and you could connect separate sets like bob-bomb battlefield. Sigh, but instead we have this.”

That's basically what this is. I even remarked about the potential of that idea in KoopaTV's November 2020 newsletter, so now that it's here... I'm really, really curious to know his thoughts on it.

Ludwig is also curious to know YOUR thoughts on it too, assuming you're not Captain Stitch. Then you already got a particular shout-out. If you'd like to get a special shout-out in KoopaTV publications like the newsletter, you either need to have one of the three best comments of the month, or the one worst comment of the month. It's... probably easier to go for the former of those options! Writing terrible things is a crowded field.

Princess Peach's Castle is getting its own expansion set.
If you thought the Question Mark Block was big... wait until you see THE MIGHTY BOWSER.


  1. This is not what I meant. Miniatures are cool, but I wanted a full on castle and sets. I am very intrigued by the box mechanisms, so they’ve defiantly caught me. And the price is $170. Less than the (I believe) $299 for the Nes+television. While yes the Nestv is bigger, i think you get the same amount of “fun” from this ? Block. At any rate I’m glad Nintendo’s doing more Lego sets that aren’t just Lego Mario. A Lego luigis mansions set could be very cool indeed.

    Since I did mention something like this and the Lego master builders have proven to be quick in their craft, does this mean someone at Lego reads Koopatv? Or even, someone at Nintendo?

    And you’ll get my thoughts even if I am Captain Stitch! My orders harken upon the ears of all, be they the lowest dribble or of the highest degree.

    1. There's gotta be hundreds of bricks for each of those areas. How full is your full-on in your spiky head?
      The LEGO NES is $230. It has even more pieces, at 2,646.

      I don't know if someone at Nintendo regularly reads KoopaTV, but I do know someone at Nintendo has read something on KoopaTV before at least once.

    2. Well if they’re going to do a Lego Mario series, it shouldn’t all be kiddie stuff. A lot of Lego collectors are adults. Adults/teens can handle thousands of bricks.

      And How do you know that? What did they read? Was it miyamoto?!

    3. Based on nostalgic themes, of course...

      No, it was NoA. Based on Twittering. But I don't remember specifically.

  2. "can't think of an evil plot to assign to this"
    purely guessing, but maybe this is some LEGO Dimensions-style stuff? in that game, Lord Vortech merges a bunch of different worlds together so he can rule them all. if this were a story, not only would the different lands be intersecting with eachother, they're shrunken and inside a block.

  3. If that block gets hit, not only would all the landscapes pop out at the sime time, they'd all grow back to original size, and all that matter in the same place at the same time would cause a black hole, taking everything with it, no survivors.

    wow i really just made a death-filled plot for a lego set about funny wahoo man


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