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Friday, September 17, 2021

Latios and Latias aren't INCLUSIVE enough. Meet Latixs

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The non-binary Eon Pokémon.

As people are celebrating Eon Heritage Month now in honour of Latias and Latios, the so-called Eon Twins (September happens to be the last time Latios and Latias have been distributed by Event in the West), there's a group of people who feel excluded. Allow me to explain.

You see, Latias and Latios are gendered Legendary Pokémon. Legendary Pokémon with a gender are a mere fraction of all Legendary Pokémon, which themselves are a mere fraction of all Pokémon in general. Usually, they're genderless. Latias is female. Latios is male. But what about people who don't identify as female or male? What Eon do they get? For a while, there was no inclusive answer. But KoopaTV would like to make you aware of... Latixs!

Latixs Latias Latios Eon Enby Pokémon Southern Island non-binary genderless agender Latinx
Meet Latixs. Pronouns: They/them.

Latios is usually coloured blue and white with red eyes, and Latias is usually coloured red and white with yellow eyes. As a non-binary Pokémon, Latixs is usually coloured purple and white (which are two of the main colours in the non-binary flag; white representing all genders and purple a combination of masculine and feminine genders) with orange eyes.

In ridding themselves of gender conformity, Latixs is actually superior to both Latios and Latias. Unlike Latios and Latias, Latixs cannot be stopped by Attract's infatuation effect, and their Special Attack won't be lowered by the likes of Captivate. While Latias and Latios have some base stat differences (Latias has higher Defense and Special Defense while Latios has higher Attack and Special Attack), Latixs has the highest stats of all of them. (80 HP, 90 Attack, 90 Defense, 130 Special Attack, 130 Special Defense, 110 Speed, for a base stat total of 630.) Latixs can learn both Mist Ball and Luster Purge, though they're bad moves so I don't know why you'd use them. Latixs can also equip the Soul Dew item, though after its power was nerfed, it kinda sucks. Almost as much as Mist Ball and Luster Purge. Unlike Latios's Latiosite and Latias's Latiasite, a Latixsite has not been discovered.

Latixs grew up in the rural and socially conservative part of Southern Island without a traditional gender conforming role, which resulted in them having a bad childhood. They grew up without a father (or mother) around, which affected the rest of their life direction. Latixs is very sensitive and empathic—a trait shared by Latios and Latias, but Latixs even moreso. While Latias and Latios both abhor violence, Latixs is a bit more aggressive in attitude (note the grumpy expression in the picture). They have to be, in order to stand up to bullies and enforce their (their as is Latixs's and other genderqueer entities’, not the bullies’) pronouns in the name of inclusivity. It is due to this that Latixs is the strongest of the Eon Pokémon—the rare variety of Eon known as an Enby. Latixs is the inclusive, gender-neutral alternative Pokémon that everyone can look up to!

Ludwig really wrote this article and made that picture just to mock the term Latinx. Feel free to discuss how one would go around pronouncing Latixs, or what you think their impact would be on the competitive Pokémon metagame.


  1. To quote the Diablo E3 conference, “is this an out of season April fools joke?”

    Unfortunately for Latix, they are hated by almost all latios and Latina, no doubt due to latix trying to change an eons old language and punish those who don’t comply.

    I must commend you for this comparison article, i read the title as Latino’s so I was very surprised when it turned out to be Latios. The names are indeed very alike.


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