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Friday, September 24, 2021

Masahiro Sakurai's Ludwig Hatred Continues: I'm not Bowser Jr., and he can grab his own ledge!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - And neither is Wendy O. Koopa!

I have a well-documented series of articles about Super Smash Bros. series director Masahiro Sakurai's personal hatred of me, Ludwig Von Koopa. From me having the worst end of the stick in the Super Smash Bros. For Wii U reveal out of all the Koopalings, to me having the worst end of the stick in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reveal out of all the Koopalings... To Sakurai denying my debut decade and me being the only playable character completely ignored in Spirit Battles at launch. I am the worst-treated Koopaling in this franchise, and I'd say I am in the running for the worst-treated character of any species. Down there with Little Mac.

Last night, Masahiro Sakurai returned to his lows of unwarranted animus towards me with this horrible tweet:

Masahiro Sakurai twitter tweet Bowser Jr. two forms of grabbing
I've archived Sakurai's tweet here, in case he ever does the right thing and deletes this insult.

Obviously, I, Ludwig Von Koopa, am not Bowser Jr. My sister (and nominally fellow KoopaTV staffer) Wendy O. Koopa, is also not Bowser Jr. If Masahiro Sakurai would like to discuss Bowser Jr.'s two forms of grabbing a ledge (one ledge grab with the Clown Car and one ledge grab without the Clown Car after ditching it from using Abandon Ship), he should post an image of... Bowser Jr.

Would it have been so hard to post this image instead?

Bowser Jr. two forms of grabbing ledge hang with without koopa clown car abandon ship
Look! It's Bowser Jr. with two forms of grabbing...
....Featuring (the actual) Bowser Jr. displaying the two forms of grabbing!

Indeed, Bowser Jr. can grab the ledge without transforming into myself or transforming into my sister. He has grown up to the point where he can grab the ledge ALL BY HIMSELF.

Ludwig had lots of other things he WANTED to write about, especially after that Direct, but no, Masahiro Sakurai is making a fool out of himself and insulting Ludwig's personhood. There's only so many times Ludwig can take this unwarranted loathing from Sakurai before he starts a #SackSakurai hashtag.

While Bowser Jr. can grab a ledge by himself, he'd probably cry if his ledge got trumped.

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