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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

KoopaTV's August 2021 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Another quick summer end.

In September, it gets darker and the weather is meaner. Summer is quickly ending, and people are going back or have already been going back to school. It's not a month I look forward to... but here we are. Well, before fully acknowledging the realities of the calendar, let's review and reminisce on August 2021, shall we? That's what this newsletter will do through several headlines... including news on the months ahead!

Seriously, did FeedBurner (KoopaTV's old email subscription service) end yet?

I've been trying to tell you all that KoopaTV's old email subscription provider, FeedBurner, is going to be end-of-lifed imminently. First it was July. Then that got moved to the middle of August. As of today, I'm still getting emails from it...

Google FeedBurner Blogger still exists September 2021 email subscription
If FeedBurner was supposed to die in mid-August, why am I getting stuff on September 1?

Assuming that FeedBurner will stop any day now, all that will be left is KoopaTV's alternate and free email subscription provider, I mention free because I could pay money for the service to be better. ...But I haven't and no one's really urging me to. I still would like your feedback!

Top Five Recommended Experiences of August 2021

What went on in KoopaTV throughout the month? Here's a list of the top five recommended KoopaTV experiences of August 2021... listed in chronological order:
  1. KoopaTV's Live Reactions to Tokyo 2021's Olympic Closing Ceremony — After years of preparation for it, the Tokyo 2021 Olympics has finally concluded. How many medals did Team Koopa Kingdom win? The staff reacts to the Closing Ceremony!
  2. Tencent-Backed Ex-Google Stadia Indie Attacked by Shallow Game Journalists for Hiring White Men — There is... a lot going on in this article, which deconstructs everything in that article title.
  3. The Dragon Quest Overture at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics Wasn't a "Scandal" — Just like the article before it, it's another deconstruction of a fake news journalist. This one was making up an international incident and outrage about Dragon Quest music at the Olympics.
  4. Two Medieval Ages: Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Instrumentals and Afghanistan — Can we really compare the Afghanistan situation with The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles having a crappy in-game sound gallery? ...Let's try. Both are serious issues! (And KoopaTV trying to force connections is vintage style.)
  5. Card Games? Horse Racing? What if PEGI Re-Rated Pocket Card Jockey?Pocket Card Jockey is about card-playing and horse racing... and the European game rating board, PEGI, decided in 2020 that all simulated gambling in videogames would be 18-rated. What would happen if Pocket Card Jockey were re-evaluated under that standard?

Everything on KoopaTV is worth reading, so even if it's not on the above... I recommend you go back and catch up.

Best Three Comments and One Worst Comment of August 2021

How about your comments? Here's what I picked as the best from August 2021:
  1. “my birthday is either august 26 or 27, I can never remember step 2 is just me doing stuff for money, not a job. there's a really small difference” — spoon 3 hype
  2. “I don’t know why people still trust game journalists. Probably the worst kind of journalist out there. The only review I trust is the one from the audience.” — Captain Stitch
  3. “‘When Ludwig has love for animals, it's because he likes their design while alive, not for their food potential.’

    Are you a vegetarian?” — ShinyGirafarig
Happy belated birthday, spoon 3 hype! ...Though maybe if you can't remember if it's on August 26 or August 27... perhaps it could also be on August 28... or August 29... or August 30... or August 31... or even September 1! Then it wouldn't be belated! (Or maybe September 2... in which case, this'd be early.)

I want to elaborate on the red meat comment offered by Captain Stitch, especially since game journalists being bad was a major theme of August 2021. (As it was in July 2021...and... almost every month, really.) The problem of poor-quality/hit-piece journalism isn't just a game industry issue. It's all over the place. Journalists aren't just dumb and have an agenda (while pretending to be objective) when they cover this specific topic, after all. Also, game journalists do far more than just review games. While I've written specifically about... bad game reviews on this site before, my bigger problem is with literal FAKE NEWS, and that's rampant both inside and outside of the game industry. You may remember that FAKE NEWS as a term was invented to describe sketchy websites that made political news up to rile up boomers on Facebook. It got reclaimed to describe when mainstream outlets were doing the same thing (though maybe less targeting boomers specifically)... and they really, really did not like being called out on that. In that respect, I'd be very interested in reading people's arguments demonstrating that game journalists, specifically, are the worst kind of journalist... when journalists (obligatory “not all” disclaimer) of all (though I admit I haven't empirically demonstrated that every possible news subject has FAKE NEWS in it) fields are really bad. ...That'd be a nice comment. Or guest article.

As for the vegetarian bit, it's a life goal. I'm not there yet (or else I'd avoid awarding the red meat comment from Captain Stitch a best comment award), but I'd like to be. I'm just concerned about compounding different dietary restrictions together, since I already don't (and can't) eat gluten. I think different diets like that will get easier as time goes on, though. Speaking of which, I still have that unused HelloFresh code at my desk that I'll give you (any particular reader, not just ShinyGirafarig) if you ask...

Here's the worst comment from August 2021:
  1. “Nice try but you right wing clowns got no creditably” — Anonymous
This comment is in a list of media outlets that claimed that Nintendo would showcase the phantom Nintendo Switch Pro at or before E3 2021. This never happened. Apparently, this commenter believes that the Nintendo Switch Pro was shown there, and that KoopaTV is trying to deceive and gaslight you. ...Right...

The commenter also went into KoopaTV's list of recommended sites and triple-commented about how Fox News is not a reliable news source. I searched Fox News and Fox Business's websites and could not find any relevant mention about the Nintendo Switch prior to E3 2021... so they never picked up on the fake story. At the very least, that makes them demonstrably more reliable and less FAKE NEWS than all of those media outlets on the Switch Pro-specific list we compiled. Of course, this anonymous commenter made no effort to substantiate their ideas... all they really did was personally attack us. Bad comments. Really a model for how you shouldn't be commenting on KoopaTV.

KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 39 RESULTS!

I wouldn't go and characterise this as a hard-fought battle. It was close in July and then Captain Stitch ran away with it. And Captain Stitch even went on vacation during this!
  1. Captain Stitch — 50 points — $10 Nintendo eShop card code
  2. Lheticus Videre — 33 points
  3. Samantha Lienhard — 16 points
  4. spoon 3 hype — 14 points
  5. ShinyGirafarig — 12 points
  6. Kody B. — 12 points
Still, good job Captain Stitch. That code is courtesy of Kamek! (But I'll be the one sending it via email.) He won't have to supply the next round's prize, however:

Announcing KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 40!

It's time for the announcement of a new KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round! As per tradition, the September and October KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program round is for a one-year membership to the KoopaTV Nintendo Switch Online Family Group. Normally, if you want to buy your own one-year membership to Nintendo Switch Online, it'd cost you 20 USD.

Unlike most KoopaTV prizes, which are denominated in United States Dollars and are incompatible with other countries due to them using other currencies, anyone from any country can join a Nintendo Switch Online Family Group.

For more details on the prize and how to win, visit our KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program page! The current holder of the spot is Kody B.

KoopaTV Feedback Form Part XXXII and KoopaTV Quiz Part XXXII Now Available!

That is a lot of Roman numerals, but here's some form-based content for you: click here for the latest KoopaTV Feedback Form and Quiz. I happen to be asking a very thought-provoking couple of questions in the Feedback Form, and I'm jealous that you have the opportunity to answer them. Do check it out. And the Quiz as well. It's fun.

Corrections Corner; August 2021

You guys could find some mistakes if you put some effort. Well, of the minor typo kind. But that did not occur in August 2021. And certainly, there weren't any mistakes of the major factual error variety. Disinformation is bad, and KoopaTV doesn't propagate it!

Do you like what you read or experience on KoopaTV? Help promote the website to other people by sharing! (And making sure YOU yourself are coming back every day. ...Email subscription helps.)

The July 2021 newsletter is this way, covering good info, including the email subscriptions.
Next month's September 2021 newsletter reveals that the email subscription is still sticking around, somehow.
The newsletter from a year ago, August 2020, is here! Summer was also very fast in 2020.
By August 2022, FeedBurner actually did stop sending emails.


  1. Huzzah I win once more! Now I shall work towards dethroning Kody B and claiming that online subscription! I’ve got a lot of challenges in smash bros I’ve not been able to complete ‘cause I never got online….but that all changes now! I think I’ll get boxboy or maybe that card jockey game with da money, but I’ve got to complete ace attorney 5n6 first. They take up a looooooot of space.

    1. ...Does that imply that you'll delete the games from your 3DS memory after you're done?

    2. In a way. I’m going to save the save data but delete the “app” itself. I can redownload the game at any time from teh eShop and it saves a lot of space. You can only play eshop games on the exact SD card they are downloaded on and only the system from which they were bought on. So there’s no point in just buying another SD card, because if something happens to this 3DS all the games are gone anyway.

      I imagine that the ace attorney (5n6) games will be rereleased periodically, so I have no trouble deleting those once I’m through. I’d rather own physical anyway. I’m gonna keep the obscure eshop exclusive titles as I’m not sure if I’ll be able to play something like rhythm thief again.

    3. Yes, I suppose it's relatively safe to believe CAPCOM will continue porting things into the future.

  2. Update on my switch oled savings: I am currently at $302 or so. I have not been paid a cent for my chores. I know that relatives will give me cash for christmas, so not worried there. I have learned that selling some of my really old lego would net me some coin, but I don't want to do that. guess my only option is to wait...

    1. so apparently "taking the dog out" means going outside with the dog for HALF AN HOUR and not waiting for a minute and running back inside.

      anybody have a bank i could rob?

    2. Yes, I suppose the dog wants a little more fresh air than that.

      I hear no one's looking after the Pokémon Bank nowadays.


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