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Friday, October 1, 2021

KoopaTV's September 2021 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I thought it was pretty good, but it ended fast...

Welcome to the September 2021 edition of KoopaTV's monthly newsletter series, where we review what happened in the month right after it ends. I'll take you through KoopaTV's content in addition to your involvement, since the audience is important to us!

I think Google forgot they said they'd kill FeedBurner

I think this headline is a running gag by now. Google said they would dismantle FeedBurner, KoopaTV's original email subscription service, on July 2021. They revised that to say it'd disappear mid-August. It's been well over a month since mid-August, so perhaps they just forgot.

In the meantime, KoopaTV has migrated existing email-based subscribers to You yourself can sign up for that to get new KoopaTV articles to your email inbox. That way, you won't miss a thing here. ...And as the next headline shows, you won't WANT to miss a thing here.

...But seriously, I really have no idea when Google will actually cut the FeedBurner plug. There hasn't been any communication. I think I'm able to turn off the FeedBurner for everyone still receiving the emails, but no one has actually asked me to. So I haven't. (And I've been giving ample opportunity, which is why I keep making this section the very first one in the newsletter so it'd show up on the email subscription.)

Top Five Recommended Experiences of September 2021

My gosh, I really outdid myself this month. KoopaTV published some really, really good content in September 2021. (Which is why an email subscription so you don't miss any of that very-worth-reading content is a superb idea.) That makes picking only the best five of 21 options quite difficult (I could have picked a completely different set of five), but here's my attempt (in chronological order of publish date):
  1. Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain Trailer—Structural Racism SOLVED! — After you read this article, you'll have a better understanding of how to respond in conversations about structural racism (besides not responding at all)—because Nintendo solved it with Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain, according to trailer analysis you'll only find on KoopaTV.
  2. Summary of Masahiro Sakurai's Katsuhiro Harada's Bar AppearancesSuper Smash Bros. series director Masahiro Sakurai was invited on Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada's web series, Harada's Bar, in four episodes. Portrayed as mysterious, KoopaTV summarised almost two hours of content for you.
  3. Latios and Latias aren't INCLUSIVE enough. Meet Latixs — Did you know it's still Eon Heritage Month? Many are celebrating with Latios for males and Latias for women... but what about those who are outside of binary gender classification? In that case, KoopaTV would like to inform you about Latixs!
  4. Super Kirby Clash Online Etiquette Guide — This etiquette guide is an excellent GUEST ARTICLE about doing well in Super Kirby Clash while playing online. It's not only informative, but written in a very entertaining way.
  5. FAKE NEWS Bloomberg Writes FAKE NEWS about a Nintendo Switch 4K that doesn't exist — This was the angriest I got all September, even moreso than a certain story from the week before that was directly about me that I didn't put into this top five but easily could have. It goes against all notions of justice and goodness in the world that noted FAKE NEWS business publication, Bloomberg, continues to publish factually untrue garbage about the Nintendo Switch... and they're still taken seriously by others. (Like, Nintendo's stock fell 5% today because of Bloomberg's FAKE NEWS.)

KoopaTV published significant, quality truth and levity content in September. And all for free! ...Which won't segue into announcing a paid premium KoopaTV offering, but instead to...

Best Three Comments and One Worst Comment of September 2021

...Your comments! Published on KoopaTV. By you. Is there quality truth and levity content to be found in the comments section? Here's three comments I picked out from September 2021:
  1. “I mean. It's questionable that they used real world data for the purposes of a commercial. I'd love to think they did! But really, to me it's much more likely that minorities have had similar amounts of brainpower to those who persecute them all along.

    To me the takeaway here is that racist notions of minorities being naturally "inferior" in some way, whether through socio-economic disparity or the decidedly more pseudoscientific metrics used to justify such arguments in the past, is weakening in the public consciousness. And that is absolutely a good thing.

    In fact, I'd go so far as to call it a Very Good Thing.

    And ” — Lheticus Videre
  2. “Just got the game, as a solitaire fan I’m really liking it so far. Even if it isn’t real solitaire. The humor is that unique kind that doesn’t take it’s self too seriously, while still maintaining the notation that what your doing is important. Music is great too. I’ll write a mini review later on. Man, game freak sure did produce a lot of great eshop games that weren’t Pokemon. They always make unique games (when it’s not Pokemon), too bad they never get sequels.

    As for gambling, I am extremely terse about the Pokemon Game Center. I think these things are lessons in themselves, you learn the consequences of gambling in a way that doesn’t deplete your real world l bank account. Of course no one cares about the notion of kids capturing world-ending monsters, and then using them as they see fit. Nobody cares!” — Captain Stitch
  3. “I would like to add a couple things.
    1. Players can collide and push each other. If 2 or more of you are Hammer Lord or Sword Hero this means that you can't both charge while hugging the same side of the boss! You'll screw up the closer player's spacing and possibly get them hit. Either get on the other side, move to the boss's next landing spot, or use another move.
    2. Hammer's aerial dash attack (Supergiant Swing) does plenty of damage, in some cases more than Hammer Flip.

    The collision thing is the main reason why I stopped playing this game. Microspacing around an unfamiliar boss is hard enough when your gear is so fragile you die in three hits. With lag and fool teammates jerking you around? Forget it.” — Terchuy
I found Lheticus Videre's comment fascinating, and that And at the very end kept me on the edge of my throne for a whole night. ...But apparently he had nothing to add. Still, what was already existing in that comment is good, positive messaging, and let's hope it's true!

It's also true that Pocket Card Jockey is a wonderful, very likable game.

While sky summoner, the author of the Super Kirby Clash guide, didn't actually reply to Terchuy's comment (even though she told me she would), and now she isn't around on the Internet anymore (that guide was kind of the last thing she'll be contributing to the Internet for... a long time, or possibly forever), I'll copy her immediate reaction to Terchuy's comment here:
“i thought it was gonna be someone dragging me for roasting sword hero mains ngl
but dude is right. if theres 2 hammer lords or 2 sword heroes 1 kirby on each side of the boss.
also the hammer aerial is another good attack i agree w that. if theres no time to charge hammer flip u go w that one”
  1. “Interesting note, koopa. Aside from the tan we see here, Kopatvs most prominent colors are red and yellow. Two colors which “coincidentally”, happen to feature on the Chinese flag. How do you explain that one Koopa?” — Captain Stitch
Check out KoopaTV's logo and the colours you see there. ...I dunno about Kopatv's logo, but that's irrelevant to this website. I don't have to explain other websites’ logos.

KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 40 Mid-Round Leaderboard

KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 40 began at the start of September, and it ends when October does. That means we're halfway through it, with the prize being a one-year membership to KoopaTV's Nintendo Switch Online Family Group. By the way, I just renewed the subscription to that yesterday for another year... because it was otherwise going to expire October 2.
  1. Captain Stitch — 39 points
  2. Lheticus Videre — 17 points
  3. summoner sky — 15 points
  4. spoon 3 hype — 7 points
  5. Terchuy — 6 points
Where the hell is Kody B.? Well, if he doesn't wanna be part of the KoopaTV Nintendo Switch Online Family Group, then I guess that'll be that. Stay tuned to KoopaTV sometime in October as Nintendo gives news about Nintendo Switch Online's Expansion Pack. That may or may not sweeten the prize further, depending on how the news goes.

Corrections Corner; September 2021

No one on identified any corrections. Someone off KoopaTV claimed that KoopaTV writes fake news. I asked her for an example. She said it was a rumour... that she started. ...I told her she's just as credible as FAKE NEWS Bloomberg's reporting! (KoopaTV, by comparison, is far, far more accurate.)

People who share around KoopaTV articles to other people are unscientifically proven to be more popular among subjectively tasteful people. Don't you want to benefit that way as well? Then help the site out!

KoopaTV thought August 2021 went by very quick, too.
There wasn't a statement on the velocity of the month of October 2021 in the next month's newsletter.
Last year's September 2020 newsletter actually did feature a real factual error in its Correction Corner.
Unfortunately, next year's September 2022 newsletter ALSO featured a real factual error in its Correction Corner.


  1. And here I thought the accidental "and" killed my chances of having that be a top comment. Thanks a ton! ^_^


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