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Friday, October 22, 2021

Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Log Week 49: Shopping Spree!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Mass production and distribution logistics.

Welcome to another KoopaTV Fitness Friday, where I chronicle my fitness efforts for the week (mostly through Ring Fit Adventure and you read it because... I dunno, maybe you find it funny or something. Last week I went through World 48 and I was bored by the lack of effort from the developers put into FITNESS MASTER mode, and this week we'll be going through the third Fitness Master world, World 49: Fitness Master Lv. 290. This world is based off World 26: Extra Fitness Lv. 184.

In last week's article footer, I said I had hopes this world would be at least a little interesting thanks to the existence of NPCs. And I'm correct that there are NPCs—but I was misremembering which NPCs. I thought we'd be going to Sporta, but instead the NPCs here are the re-re-introduction of the Town and the General Store. HOWEVER, the General Store is a big deal here.

Ring Fit Adventure Honey General Store Fitness Master mass production distribution logistics
I really hope I'm not your only customer...

The world dialogue opened up with Hubby crying all over me, as Honey described that, thanks to developments in mass production and distribution logistics, I will now be able to purchase the entire catalogue of items at any General Store, and the General Store #22 that was in World 26 has been upgraded to become the General Store #43 here in World 49. But before I can enter the Town, I gotta clear Treasure Pass. The first enemy group there is a lone Red Stepper—and at difficulty level 30, it takes 39 repetitions of a 1000 base power Arms Fit Skill to defeat it. But I only got 39, so I'm just short of being able to one-round KO it without using an item to boost my power. After collecting the one Treasure Chest from Treasure Pass (containing yet another Citrine stone that I'm sure I'll use at the upcoming General Store) and clearing the last monster group (...and I had to put my Switch into Sleep Mode and wake it up because my Left Joy-Con decided to stop being sensed by my Switch), it's time to head to Town and see what's in stock!

Hubby is now offering Strength Drinks and Defense Drinks for 5000 money each. Both of those increase those stats by +1... but just levelling up increases those stats by 5–7 points. Very much a rip-off. As for the Clothes... I think every purchasable outfit is here, including the III sets for Fitness Master. Every Top is 2000 currency and gives a +400 Attack boost, while every Bottom and Shoes are 1500 and 500 currency and give +300 and +100 Defense boosts, respectively. Set bonuses still apply, so the strongest thing I can do now is buy the Volcanic Athlete III outfit for its +10 attack set bonus, although I'm sure the outfits that give a +5% boost to a specific Fit Skill colour would give maximum power if I knew ahead of time I'd be dealing with a specific weakness. They almost always all require a specific stone, like Citrine, to go along with the purchase. I bought out everything that requires Citrine... and I don't have much money left. Also, I still have a severe Garnet shortage from the Extra Fitness run, not having been able to buy out all of the II outfits.

Ring Fit Adventure General Store Fitness Master entire clothing catalog Honey
I can't buy out the entire catalog right now.
But I'll be continuing to return to the General Store when I can to chip away at it.
However, I'll stop writing in the logs what I buy and what the stats are, since they're really the same now.

Actually, since it's clear that they've standardised all of the clothing like they did the Fit Skills, this means that the outfits will not scale throughout the game like they did in the first two playthroughs. (Also, between playthroughs, the strongest Top article from Extra Fitness had +395 attack, so it's really not an improvement at all.) That probably means that later game will be much tougher than late-game in Extra Fitness because the enemies will finally scale more than I would? But for now, I'm still quite overpowered. I went through the General Factory level, and the Blue Kennelbell first enemy group dropped yet another Citrine. I think I know for a fact now I don't need anymore Citrine since I just bought out the shop's Citrine-requiring inventory... so I can sell these, right?

I wore the Atomic Contender (+5% boost to Blue Fit Skills) to the Bridge of Insight, which forecasted enemy weaknesses to Blue Fit Skills. And I could very easily 2RKO a Blue Scuttlebell, though I dunno if I'd be able to do that regardless or not... I still don't really know this game's battle damage formula. But I could Knee Lift Lv. 4 a Blue Stepper and ORKO it with three repetitions to spare (it's a 57-rep Fit Skill), which I couldn't do to the Red Stepper earlier with the same base power Fit Skill. That's an improvement. Anyway, that's it for today. But I gotta end all the sessions wearing the Galactic Jogger III for the +5% extra experience points, because that's the optimal thing to do when you gain experience points just for starting the game up and doing the Dynamic Stretch.

Playing again Monday... and my back is just killing me. Perhaps I should schedule another chiropractor appointment. Let's hope that doesn't stop me from getting through the next level, Hopskip Corridor. I had a relaxing repertoire of Warrior I Pose Lv.4 and Warrior II Pose Lv.4, to allow me to breathe deeply and relax before Sora ruins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (to the extent it's not already ruined by other characters I dislike). I actually got two Citrine drops from one enemy group, so either I'm quite lucky or item drop rates are much better in Fitness Master than Extra Fitness, so perhaps that'll bode well for me completing the clothing Catalog without grinding? Anyway, I went north to collect the overworld Treasure Chest containing a revival Peach Smoothie, which wasn't the original treasure back in World 26. Cool. Then I cleared the two Game Gyms—Gluting Gallery (Novice) for a 500 coin reward, and Squat Goals (Novice) for one Citrine stone as a reward—which you can at least sell for 380 coins each. Which I went and did. And...that was it. That was a lesser day than I thought, but there's no other content left in World 49 besides the final stage, which deserves its own day.

And that own day happened to be Friday. Thursday would've been a really bad day, since I was kind of passing out during the day due to sleep deprivation. (Writing KoopaTV articles are... a factor in that. So is trying to understand the Sora match-up before October 29's tournament.) When I entered Dragaux Stadium, there was once again no dialogue that happened. When starting the boss fight, Dragaux talked about how most people think of Squats as a lower-body exercise, but with good form, it can be a full-body exercise. Shout-outs to Ring Fit Adventure's game mechanics that exclusively consider Squats and Squat variations to be the epitome of lower-body Leg exercises.

Ring Fit Adventure Squats lower-body-only exercise legs glutes
The legs and gluteal muscles compose the lower body.
Dragaux (and Ring as well, in conversation) are undermining Ring Fit Adventure's own classification system.

Anyway, after four rounds of single-target Fit Skills (Dragaux is the only foe in this fight), he broke up the monotony by throwing wooden crates at me that I easily blasted to bits before they could hit me. Like in earlier modes, they also contained superfluous health-restoring hearts.

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux dialogue Fitness Master World 49 dragon get moment's peace
I guess you better go do that, Dragaux.

I beat Dragaux in four more rounds and he dropped yet another Citrine and 1020 coins. I guess he needs some time to set up World 50, so... I'll give him Saturday off and we can resume this on Sunday. He flew off to do that.

Ring Fit Adventure Exercise Log Week World 49 Fitness Master Lv. 290
Tune in next week and we'll see what Dragaux sets up.
Since he's in a rush, it probably ain't gonna be good.

NEXT week will feature Sporta. How will Dragaux make it interesting? At the rate he's going, he won't. Maybe the locals will. Will Ludwig get normal amounts of sleep? Are you considerate enough to hope that he does?

Ludwig was right in the footer that Sporta was entirely not interesting. No Sportans even appeared.
Ludwig resolved his Garnet shortage in World 61.

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