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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Ace Attorney 20th Anniversary Sale!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Now's a good opportunity...

Did you know (and did you care) that October 12, 2001 is the twenty-year anniversary of Gyakuten Saiban on the Game Boy Advance... also known as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney? That makes the Ace Attorney franchise—KoopaTV's collective favourite—twenty years old now. And while I don't care much about anniversaries, developer CAPCOM is going hard on it. At least... in Japan.

Over in Japan, they have a note from the development team appreciating that there are many supportive fans of the Ace Attorney series, and that CAPCOM will continue to support the series. The page then talks about many events happening, like some kind of art display at whatever a PARCO FACTORY is; art pieces that they're going to be selling; LINE stickers; a franchise game sale; an Ace Attorney event at CAPCOM's cafe; an Ace Attorney prize package you can win with some kind of luck-based event; and an Ace Attorney virtual reality event at a mall where CAPCOM has a presence.

So what happens outside of Japan? Well... one of the above things, and that's the franchise game sale. And to be fair, CAPCOM hasn't had one of those for Ace Attorney in four months, which is really restrained by their standards:

Nintendo eShop Ace Attorney 20th Anniversary Sale Phoenix Wright Apollo Justice Trilogy
“Don’t miss your chance to play various Ace Attorney games for up to 70% off.”

The broadest sale is on the Nintendo eShop (collectively the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS), with very familiar discounts:
  1. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy for $19.99 (Nintendo Switch) (33% off) or $11.99 (Nintendo 3DS) (60% off)
  2. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney for $9.99 (Nintendo 3DS) (67% off)
  3. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies for $8.99 (Nintendo 3DS) (70% off)
  4. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice for $11.99 (Nintendo 3DS) (60% off)

Though in the Nintendo eStore in Europe, as well as Steam and the PlayStation store, the only Ace Attorney content on sale is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (for Switch on the eStore). On other platforms’ marketplaces (read: Xbox), there currently isn't a sale. Which makes this interaction amusing:
Microsoft Store Ace Attorney anniversary Twitter 20 years stepladder jokes
Microsoft Store... you are not on that list. Why are you even commenting?
(Also it's a ladder.)

I'm sure you'll be able to buy Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy for the Xbox at 33% off soon! Just not as of when that comment was made or when this article was published.

By the way, the most recently released Ace Attorney game, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, is not on sale. It only came out two and a half months ago, after all. It won't be discounted that quickly! It's absolutely worth full price, though. Well, all of the Ace Attorney games are.

Here's hoping that since CAPCOM is making this anniversary out to be somewhat of a big deal that they make good on keeping Ace Attorney alive into the future!

Buy Ace Attorney. That's the footer. Not much to really discuss, unless you want more detail on what exactly is going on in Japan that this article didn't dwell on... so this site's main readership wouldn't feel too bad and jealous about it. It'd be cool if other markets outside of Japan could be seen as having a massive supportive fanbase, too!

The next Ace Attorney sale is for the holidays!
There's a dedicated Ace Attorney Franchise Sale in February 2022.
Besides sales, 20th anniversary activities include concerts. ...Like, multiple.

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