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Monday, May 9, 2022

The 2021 and 2022 20th Anniversary Ace Attorney Orchestra Concert Differences

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Two different 20th Anniversary Ace Attorney concerts... on different years!

Remember that Ace Attorney concert I mentioned at the end of that article about Maya Fey calling Phoenix Wright an attention whore? Well, that concert happened, and it was called the Ace Attorney 20th Anniversary Orchestra Concert. However, there was also a 20th Anniversary Orchestra Concert that took place in 2021, the year of the actual 20th anniversary.

That means... there are TWO concerts in the span of a year for Ace Attorney. That's very impressive and very appreciated attention. But now we're in a scenario where we need to be able to tell the two anniversary-timed concerts apart—2021 and 2022—and they actually do have different sets of music! To which my friend (and KoopaTV reader) Samantha Lienhard messaged me and said that the 2022 concert, unlike the 2021 concert, “had a big section devoted to Investigations 2. ...I want this to mean something.” (She's referencing what could be named Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Miles Edgeworth's total lack of being localised and how we've been asking CAPCOM for years to make that happen.) But I told her the differences required more investigation, and in Ace Attorney fashion, I was granted one additional day of investigating after pleading with the judge. THEREFORE, in that day... I MADE THE FOLLOWING EMBEDDED TABLE.


What can we learn from this table? Well, the second concert had many more songs to it—at the expense of some great character themes from The Great Ace Attorney (some of these, like Natsume Soseki's, are used to being excluded, having been excluded from The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles's pitifully small and exclusionary in-game soundtrack), which I characterised as one game despite actually being two games because they share a lot of the soundtrack and it's better if you think of them as one big game anyway. The first concert had a big The Great Ace Attorney bias and almost entirely excluded Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney–Dual Destinies and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney–Spirit of Justice, along with the second Ace Attorney Investigations. As for if you should bother with the first concert, I think so. Some of those missing songs are REALLY good, and while the arrangements for the songs that are in both are the same and shared, maybe the audio recording you might find has different audio balancing.

I'm pretty happy that The Dark Age of the Law got into the second concert, since I've memed that in several KoopaTV articles even more than Dual Destinies memed it. Meanwhile, some songs that I admit could be seen as spoilers but have to do with great revivals or great returns were in 2021's but got chopped off 2022's. Many other character themes did get in that weren't in 2021, such as Godot's, Maya's, and Dhurke's. The concerts didn't have just music and the orchestra, but skits and Ace Attorney stuff and references on the big screen as well. In Japanese, but, you know.

It might not be smart to think that because a game in the series got attention in a concert meant to give attention to every game in the series (with the notable exception of Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney!) as an anniversary concert, that a given particular game is going to receive, say, a remaster coming to modern consoles very soon. Even if that'd be smart given current circumstances. (By the way, CAPCOM's Golden Week Sale is STILL going on. Buy stuff.)

That said, maybe there is something to it. They released some official artwork for the anniversary of many notable series characters (even including some from Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney!), and they had a version one and a version two. Only that second version included someone from Ace Attorney Investigations 2... just like only the second version of this concert included music from Ace Attorney Investigations 2. COINCIDENCE? ...MAYBE. MAYBE NOT.

Did you know that KoopaTV's nine-year anniversary is on Thursday? Did you know that there won't be a concert associated with that? Or anything cool, for that matter? It'll really suck. Unlike these Ace Attorney concerts, because that series has fantastic music. (Everything else is fantastic too.)

Here is KoopaTV's not-cool nine-year anniversary article.
Ludwig listened to the concert (or music fest) for Kirby's 30th anniversary as well, though he didn't make a table.


  1. "The second concert had a big The Great Ace Attorney bias and almost entirely excluded Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney–Dual Destinies and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney–Spirit of Justice, along with the second Ace Attorney Investigations."
    Shouldn't that be the first concert?

    So many Great Ace Attorney songs, and yet neither concert included The Reaper of the Old Bailey...

    Am I counting right, and in this year's concert, AAI2 actually had the second-most number of songs featured after The Great Ace Attorney?

    1. ...yes ma'am.


      You're counting right, and AAI2 had the second-most.

    2. At least both concerts included Revival of the Prosecutor.



      Alright, Your Honour, was the extra day of investigation worth the Court's time?

    4. The in-game soundtrack is pretty sad, isn't it? XD

      Objection! I just realized I was objecting the whole time and yet somehow became the judge. Am I both prosecutor and judge??
      (And yes, it was worth the court's time. *bows*)

    5. I went to listen to it again while writing this article (to confirm the absence of Soseki... and Enoch Drebber...and others) and was incredibly re-disappointed by how sparse it was.

      Many prosecutors act like they're the judge ANYWAY.

    6. Yeah, I went back to it a few days ago to see if the Dance of Deduction theme was there (the normal one), but it's not.

      True, true.
      ...Is Stronghart the only character who is canonically both? (Although I don't know anything about the judge in AAI2 except that she exists.)

    7. Ya, Stronghart is the only one who literally has been both, as opposed to wannabes.

  2. Thanks for reminding me how underrated I treat Ace Attorney's music. Gonna go listen to Child of Magic now.

    1. Sometimes I think even I underrate Ace Attorney's music!


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