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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Nindies May 11 2022 Put Me To Sleep, and CAPCOM's Poverty-Busting Philosophy

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I'd say it's cringe, but we did the same thing.

It's a good thing I didn't try to do a live reaction log of today's Nintendo Indie World Showcase, because I literally fell asleep as a result of it. Therefore, the log would have very, very little content. I'm also not the kind of person that falls asleep on their keyboard, so you wouldn't even get strings of nonsense. (I fall asleep backward, not forward. Just like my political philosophies.)

I... embedded that not with the expectation you'd actually watch it, lest you fall asleep too. (It's a problem because I didn't watch this live but in the evening, in other words, when I'm supposed to be writing articles and putting thought into them. Guess you won't get thoughtfulness today!)

With regards to what little commentary I can offer, skip ahead to the Another Crab's Treasure section. To be honest, when the screen said “A BRAND NEW SOULSLiKE” I read “SOULSLiKE” as “Silksong” and was confused. But, yes, the developers at Aggro Crab specifically want it to be like Dark Souls. Here's a real quote from Nick Kaman of Aggro Crab in this video:

“Through our extensive research, we've found that crabs are the perfect enemy for an action game. [Holds up crab pincers over his hands] They've got natural weapons, [starts moving his centre of gravity left and right] can strafe from side-to-side, and you can hit their weak point for massive damage.”

This reminds me that three years ago, May 12 2019, KoopaTV published “KoopaTV's Crabby Six-Year Anniversary”, which will be a lot more inspired than whatever I'm publishing tomorrow. We went far deeper into crab analogies (comparing KoopaTV to crabs) than Aggro Crab ever has. We also explained the FAKE NEWS behind the whole weak point for massive damage bit, in that the giant enemy crab in Genji: Days of the Blade doesn't have a weak point for massive damage, but one weak point at all. Seems like Aggro Crab has to do more research. But I suppose I can't fault them for making the reference at all in the modern era when we did that too.

As for things that came out today that will actually make an impact on Nintendo's financial performance, major (non-indie) game publisher CAPCOM made their own financial disclosure today, plus their strategy for this whole new (by fiscal standards) year. If all you did was read what CAPCOM tells their investors, their only franchises are Monster Hunter and Resident Evil. Their biggest thing for this year they're willing to talk about is Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, which is releasing on June 30. It got a new trailer yesterday, too.

Resident Evil Village has sold 6.1 million copies, and Monster Hunter Rise's release on the PC was a big deal, apparently. And Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin sold 1.5 million copies—I'm one of those and I'm playing through it now. At least, on the weekends. There's no Ace Attorney reference anywhere, even though The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles released last year with Monster Hunter Stories 2, and sold 0.5 million copies, and was the highlight of CAPCOM's E3 2021.

But besides the lack of Ace Attorney, the thing that stands out to me is CAPCOM's corporate strategy is to...try to end worldwide poverty. That wasn't just invented this year but last year too. Though it did change a bit.

CAPCOM Ambition Philosophy 2022 eliminate poverty
2021: Contribute to building an environment that is fair and without poverty, where people can wholeheartedly enjoy games.
2022: Work to build equality and eliminate poverty, so games can be enjoyed wholeheartedly.

I suppose if poverty is eliminated, then that'd increase the number of people who could afford videogames. (Or maybe they'd focus on other things, like buying food or beer.) But I sincerely doubt that CAPCOM really knows how to eliminate poverty, and perhaps they should focus on making great videogames instead (and reference Ace Attorney in financial documents). They should leave that responsibility to governments... though I suppose in practice, they don't really know how to end poverty, either, and often perpetuate or create it.

Still not CAPCOM's responsibility. It reads less like a serious multinational corporation and more like a little child's idea of the world (or a Miss America contestant).

Do you have ideas for how CAPCOM can end poverty? Do you think future un-impoverished people will buy CAPCOM games, or will they buy games from another developers like Another Crab's Treasure instead?


  1. I thought we were past comparing every game to Dark Souls.

    I was hoping for Lord Winklebottom to show up but the giraffe detective was not seen.

    1. Clearly if we're not past referencing E3 2006, we're not past comparing games to Dark Souls.

  2. Yeah, I found absolutely nothing to interest me. Except for that umbrella gun game, and even then I don't wanna play it myself, just see someone stream it or whatever.

    1. My only thought while watching Gunbrella was wondering wot "noir-punk" is and why they keep acting like everyone else knows wot that means.


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