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Monday, May 2, 2022

KoopaTV's April 2022 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The many going-ons of April 2022!

We got through another month together, KoopaTV fans and readers! And I thought April 2022 went by super quick. I mean, I gotta make decisions on what to do for the next round of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program ALREADY? It felt like I just gave the prize out for the last one, and now I gotta do that again.

But along with KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program-related stuff, we have other things to review in this newsletter reviewing April 2022. Starting with...

New Comments Form Experience

Added to the list of “so-called improvements that Google has made across all Blogger websites that no one asked for”, the comments section form to submit a new comment has been totally changed as of... sometime later in the month. (Sometime April 25?) I think it's worse. It used to be a box but it's just expandable white space now. But I'm also more concerned about if it actually works for everyone or not, since some folks in the support forum are saying that their comments section is now just broken and people can't actually comment things anymore.

If that applies to you, I ask that you email me at ludwig at koopatv dot org and let me know. (Obviously, if the comments section is really broken, you won't be able to use it to comment to me that it's broken.) For your information, there's no opt-in or opt-out to the change. It's forced upon me. ...Well, as far as I know. Maybe if I was more TECH-Y I could do something. Let me know if you actually like this more.

Top Five Recommended Experiences of April 2022

What kind of new articles were there to reply to? Check out this chronologically ordered list of experiences published in April 2022:
  1. Humour Under Assault and Battery — When people believe that words are violence, you get things like Will Smith slapping comedians. Ludwig even got banned from somewhere for laughing at someone else's joke!
  2. Censorship? Contrived Chrono Cross ControversyChrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition is a new victim of the drive-by anti-censorship squad that reflexively moan about social justice warriors ruining games. But if you objectively look at what happened... there's no censorship and the whole outrage is laughable.
  3. In a WEIRD (but real) Tweet, Miyamoto/Illumination Delay the Super Mario Bros. Film to Spring 2023 — There were a pair of tweets from Nintendo and from Illumination about the untitled Super Mario Bros. film. Illumination's was normal... and Nintendo's was strange. I dissected the Nintendo tweet line-by-line in this article.
  4. Yes, Maya Fey Did Say Phoenix Wright is an Attention Whore — It's been a question in the Ace Attorney franchise—does Maya Fey have that much of a mouth on her that she's saying the phrase “attention whore”?
  5. Don't Fall for Yuji Naka Trying to Redeem Himself or BALAN WONDERWORLD — Yuji Naka is trying to revise the commonly acknowledged development history of BALAN WONDERWORLD... but if you read between his lines like I did in the article, you can get to something closer to the real truth.

OF COURSE, everything on KoopaTV is worth reading, so be sure to... read everything!

Best Three Comments and One Worst Comment of April 2022

I... have a LOT to say about the four highlighted comments in this newsletter! Like... this is most of the newsletter content. So get ready!
  1. “"I actually don’t know ANY other games like pikmin." Try Little King's Story.” — ShinyGirafarig
  2. “(I saw the alliterative headline and expected a Soseki screenshot.)

    "Censorship" complaints can be very strange. I'll never forget people insisting Xenoblade Chronicles X was *censoring religious references* because the name of the faction that recovers lost debris/items was changed to "Reclaimers" in the English script from "Testament" in the Japanese script.

    ...Or people calling it censorship when Bravely Second came out in Japan and Japanese audiences widely criticized one aspect for being tedious, so Square Enix made it less tedious in the localized version.” — Samantha Lienhard
  3. “They used to have three people, but now they only have one person doing all the minion voices. Did you know minions is the 15th most successful franchise ever?

    Other than maybe Toadette, and that is a solid MAYBE, they could very well have Toads actor voice over a hundred different colored toads. It’s not like they’ve ever had different voices. Well toadsworth does, but he’s probably dead. ” — Captain Stitch
I remember Nintendo Power magazine disproportionately loved talking about and covering Little King's Story. It's a Wii game (and I never played it), but it did get ported to PC. I specifically remember reading how the port was bad until XSEED got Durante, a modder, to optimise it. ...Although recent Steam reviews indicate it's still not a great port, just better than how bad it was before. Regardless, I like ShinyGirafarig's helpfulness.

You want a Soseki Natsume screenshot just for fun? Alright, TAKE THAT!

Pedal Power Promises Pain Soseki Natsume bicycles The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles
Soseki Natsume and I agree on our opinion of bicycles.

You know who had the opportunity to assert a Soseki screenshot in her alliteratively appealing article headline today but didn't do it? Samantha Lienhard herself. And it could've easily been related to what she was actually writing about!

Captain Stitch's last comment probably shouldn't be under a headline labeled Best Comments, because I'm not sure that it's all true. But I did some research into it (and it's surely not the WORST comment of the month, see below) and I wanted to show that off in the newsletter.

In the first Despicable Me movie where the Minions featured, they did have three voice actors: Pierre Coffin (who voiced most of the Minions), Jemaine Clement (who voiced Jerry the Minion), and Chris Renaud (who voiced Dave the Minion). Then in the sequel, Chris Renaud voiced several additional Minions, and Pierre Coffin voiced the majority. Jemaine Clement disappeared, and when Jerry the Minion reappeared in Despicable Me 3, he was voiced by Pierre Coffin. Pierre Coffin also voiced Dave the Minion, as well as every single other Minion. So Captain Stitch is right that now there is only one Minion.

However, Despicable Me is only the 15th highest-grossing franchise when it comes to film—it's far lower on the list of any media form, where Pokémon is by far number one, due to its diverse mix of videogames, merchandise, anime and manga, and movies.

However, the real wrong thing here is that whole last paragraph about the Toads. Well, I dunno about Toadsworth. I feel like I see him all the time, but then I realise that's exclusively from Mario Superstar Baseball (2005). There have been many voice actors for Toad in the past, so it's wrong to say they've never had different voices. For example, there's Isaac Marshall's Toad from Mario Kart 64, which is a Toad voice a lot of people grew up with (or are experiencing now with Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack). I'm personally fond of Toad's scream at 0:21.

But then there is RASPY TOAD by Samantha Kelly, which is the Toad voice I associate with him and use whenever doing any voice-acting as Toad (like the many Toad dialogue lines in my Paper Mario Badgeless Let's Play). Despite being old enough to remember the older voice. (There was also an intermediate voice actor, Jen Taylor, who is really the one who brought RASPY TOAD in first.)

Not to mention Toad's awful voice in the two already-existing Super Mario Strikers games by Kelsey Hutchinson.

Samantha Kelly also voices Toadette and Princess Peach, so... definitely not “maybe” Toadette since that's already a thing. (To go back to Toadsworth, he was voiced by Scott Burns... who also voiced King Bowser Koopa at the same time!)
  1. “I need a 100$ or 50& Nintendo gift card” — Anonymous
Well, ampersand isn't a currency symbol. But I just replied, “Alright, how should I send it to you?” I didn't mock them. I didn't even decline. I just responded in the way that I would think would be ideal for Anonymous. But I'd hope Anonymous wouldn't expect me to just publicly comment in a code so everyone would see it! But Anonymous hasn't replied to me—if they can't do even that, then how would they expect me to give them a gift card with no contact information? Alternatively, they tried replying to me but the comments section form is too broken and they are super frustrated.

KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 43 RESULTS!

Well, who won this time? Here are all of the participants on KoopaTV during Round 43 (March and April 2022) with a double-digit (ain't any triple-digits here, though it was possible!) point total:
  1. Captain Stitch — 62 points — $10 Nintendo eShop card code
  2. Samantha Lienhard — 38 points
  3. Lheticus Videre — 34 points
  4. ShinyGirafarig — 16 points
  5. sam — 14 points
  6. 500 YouTube Subscribers — 14 points
While one of Samantha Lienhard or Lheticus Videre could've overtaken Captain Stitch... well, everyone increased their point total by basically the same amount (~20 points) from last month's mid-round leaderboard. You gotta get MORE points than what the top person is getting if you want a comeback!

Announcing KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 44!


It's been a KoopaTV tradition to have the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program round in May to June have an enhanced level of prizes. That's because the Electronic Entertainment Expo is treated as a gamer holiday, and like other major holiday times, we give out more gifts.

But since there won't be a holiday this time, there won't be additional gifts. THEREFORE, the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 44, lasting from May 1 to June 30, will have a prize of one 10 USD Nintendo eShop card code to the first place winner. And that's it! Just like Round 43's. No holiday? No special treatment.

Geoff Keighley's summer of hell isn't a holiday. It's... an unholiday.

KoopaTV Feedback Form Part XXXVI and KoopaTV Quiz Part XXXVI Now Available!

Not to be confused with comment forms, KoopaTV also has been running these Google forms for over six years now. There's a quiz and a feedback form. Check Part 36 of each here. They're a good way to get some additional points in the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program. They're also entertaining in their own right.

Corrections Corner; April 2022

We got away with... zero on-site corrections in April 2022 for KoopaTV! Hooray! We have a commitment to excellence and accuracy here.

Good fortunes await people who share articles to people they know. ...Not necessarily fortunes directly from Koopa Kingdom, but there is a passive karmic buff associated with it. Sometimes. You gotta see for yourself.

Last month's newsletter covered March 2022, and that had some interesting news in it.
Next month's newsletter covers May 2022. It may lack news, but it still has interesting content!
Last year's April 2021 newsletter also had some Google product news that was supposed to affect KoopaTV but...technically still didn't?
Please read the April 2023 review newsletter by clicking here.


  1. I indeed played the Wii version of Little King’s Story so I would not know about the Steam port’s quality personally. It did run well on the Wii.

  2. Hey, I got another "best comment," AND the requested Soseki screenshot as my reward!

    You know, I considered putting a Soseki alliteration screenshot in my post, but I realized I did not actually have any saved from my own playthrough.

    1. This seems like a good reason to replay at least the Soseki-related cases in TGAAC...! (And there are... several!)

      I only had this pedal power one saved and the one where he namedrops Ace Attorney. Otherwise my Soseki screenshots are cat-related.

  3. Huzzah! I used the Code (it was B not 8) and it worked perfectly. I will probably get the 2nd 3DS Pushmo game, since there won’t be any other way to play it soon enough. I have completed the first two boxboy games and I’ve gotten halfway through AA dual destiny's.

    As for Toad, yes the voice actors all have different inflections and styles of doing toad, but I meant that no matter who the voice actor is they still only have one style of toads voice. Or maybe they only use one style, I’ve never heard any deep/light voiced toads. Again, specifically the generic toads, toadette/sworth don’t count.


      The cartoon voiced NPC Toads differently than the Toad, at least from one another.


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