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Monday, December 20, 2021

An unobjectionable game on sale for the CAPCOM Holiday Sale 2021


Since it continues to be the HOLIDAY SEASON, that means that there are many interesting videogames on sale. Yeah, it's not THE GAME AWARDS sale or anything, but some more respectable companies (like CAPCOM) are now taking the opportunity to put their games on sale in relation to the traditional important time of this year: CHRISTMAS. ...And other holidays. Christmas being the most important, really. (And Monster Hunter Rise, which WAS on sale for The Game Awards, is one of the CAPCOM omissions for being on sale right now. And it's still got The Game Awards 2021 nominee banner.

Anyway, CAPCOM has the CAPCOM Holiday Sale right now on the Switch. And some of their games are also on sale right now on the PlayStation Store until December 23, but this Switch sale goes on until January 4, 2:59 AM Eastern. However, ONLY on the Switch eShop is Ace Attorney Turnabout Collection on sale right now. That is the not-very-discussed compilation between Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (which itself is on sale right now for both 3DS and the Switch) and The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (which is individually not on sale right now and has not yet been).

Nintendo Switch eShop Ace Attorney Turnabout Collection CAPCOM Holiday Sale 2021
Here's a question I don't know the answer to, even after looking:
What does Ace Attorney Turnabout Collection look like after you download it?
Is there a title screen that looks like this that has you choose which game you want?

Of course, those two components are themselves compilations, for a grand total of five videogames. It's on sale for $45 (down from a normal price of $60). That's extremely good pricing for well over 100 hours worth of VERY high-quality adventure game content. You can also look at it this way: The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles alone is $40. You can get Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy for just $5 more. That's ridiculously good value. (Normally, it's $30, though right now it's on sale for $15 on the Switch and $12 on the 3DS.)

It's so good a value that I'm not discounting the possibility that this is a typo or a mistake on CAPCOM's part. But before they correct it, you should buy it. Binging the Ace Attorney series over a Christmas break sounds like a magical way to end a year. ...Though I'd recommend spacing it out more than that or you might go nuts. Just make sure to get to the fourth case on the first game (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney of the Trilogy portion) around late night of December 24.

There are more than a thousand other games from many other publishers on sale right now, but KoopaTV is an Ace Attorney fan site, so they're not going to get mentioned right now. If you do get the collection, Ludwig would really like to see what the in-game menu/title screen looks like.

The last time the Ace Attorney series was on sale was for the 20-year series anniversary two months ago. Those games still hold up very well today!
Ace Attorney games were also on sale last year in December 2020, which coincidentally was when Simon Blackquill was convicted of murdering Metis Cykes.
Finally, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is individually on sale a few weeks later, at 25% off.
The Ace Attorney Chronicles is on sale for 25% off again just one month later.
There's a broad-based CAPCOM Publisher Sale for March 2022.
To no one's surprise, the Holiday Sale returns in 2022.


  1. "Binging the Ace Attorney series over a Christmas break sounds like a magical way to end a year."

    How about binging it during an Almost Christmas break?

    1. Well, see the last sentence of that paragraph!

      If you only play it on Almost Christmas, you won't get to the rest of the collection!

  2. To your question, I believe buying it will just give you the Trilogy and Chronicles, so instead of a special Turnabout Collection title screen, you'll have two separate Switch icons.

    I don't know it for a fact, but since the Turnabout Collection is a bundle of the two on Steam, the physical Turnabout Collection released in Japan had two carts, and other collections on the eShop are listed as one icon but then give you separate icons for each game, that's what I expect.

    1. "other collections on the eShop are listed as one icon but then give you separate icons for each game"

      Well that's not something I was aware of, but it sounds... crazy.

    2. An example would be the Atelier trilogy collections. The trilogies have their own listings on the eShop, but when you buy one, you'll download the three separate games.

    3. A counter-example would be wot CAPCOM did for Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection where you do get a title screen and then go left for four Mega Man Zero games or right for two Mega Man ZX games.

      But given the level of effort for the Turnabout Collection where it seems to be more of a bundle than a package... it probably would pop up two different icons.

    4. I convinced someone to buy the Turnabout Collection, and sure enough... two icons.


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