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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

New faces (and ball) from the Hisui Region

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Samus might like the Voltorb, I dunno. I'm more interested in the lore.

While The Pokémon Company International isn't putting its...full efforts into marketing the upcoming (Friday, January 28, 2022) Pokémon Legends: Arceus, it's notably getting several news bits this week, so I guess I should write something on them. That's the game that takes place in the Hisui region, which is an ancient name for Sinnoh. While people think it's the Pokémon version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (like they do with everything else), it's closer to Monster Hunter Stories. Anyway, here are those news bits:

With regards to Voltorb and Hisuian Voltorb, modern Voltorb looks like modern Poké Balls (and are unnatural in origin) and roll around with a constant >:| face. They often will blow up, making them a favourite of Jihadist militant groups. According to the Pokédex, Voltorb might be a Poké Ball come to life... or it might be a creature that intentionally disguises itself to be a Poké Ball. Why would it do that if it clearly isn't concerned about its own vitality since it enjoys blowing up? Don't know.

But Hisuian Voltorb isn't >:| and is more... E:|. I'm not sure how else to write that. Regardless, it's described to be friendly and not self-destructy. Instead, it'll electrocute the area around it, possibly including people and Pokémon. That might make it more of a nuisance than regular Voltorb, because at least regular Voltorb will faint afterwards. Therefore, people will kick out Hisuian Voltorb from settlements by plugging the hole on its head, which is where the electricity comes from. This probably will leave Hisuian Voltorb defenseless in the wild... but... that's its problem. Maybe that's why they evolved (in a Darwinian sense) into Voltorb where they don't have that weak point.

As for the other trailer...

Pokémon Legends Arceus Almighty Sinnoh Hisui Adaman Irida
Almighty Sinnoh...

There is a Diamond Clan and a Pearl Clan in Hisui. What are their roles? That's unclear, but different area wardens are on different teams, and they don't seem to like one another. A young man named Adaman is the Diamond Clan's leader and his partner is Leafeon, while a young woman named Irida leads the Pearl Clan with her Glaceon. They don't seem... villainous or anything, just opinionated on... whatever is going on.

Meanwhile, Hisui has a bustling merchant scene with the Ginkgo Guild, lead by Ginter (who looks like a Volkner ancestor, at least with posture and unenthusiastic look) and Volo (who looks like a male Cynthia ancestor). Volo totally has Cynthia's mannerisms and also curiosity. ...Besides their lineage... I mean, they're merchants. Not much to talk about. I wonder if they have a monopoly on mercantilism.

The Pokémon Company also announced that if your Switch has save data from Pokémon Brilliant Diamond or Pokémon Shining Pearl, you can take on a research request featuring Darkrai. You can also get the Modern Team Galactic Set outfit, which... makes you look like Cyrus of Team Galactic. (You'd think you'd look like a Team Galactic Grunt, but no.) This is in addition to the Shaymin content if you have Sword or Shield data.

I'm interested in this Almighty Sinnoh talk. One thinks it refers, directly or indirectly, to Arceus, the Creator. The people in Hisui seem a lot more... in tune to Arceus than the modern people of Sinnoh, somewhat comparable to the region of Ransei (Pokémon Conquest) which is literally shaped after Arceus. ...Of course, I'm assuming Almighty Sinnoh is Arceus. ...I suppose it could be something else. Maybe they disagree on the deity's identity and that's the main cause of their conflict.

Unlike Adaman, Ludwig is fine if you drag him into an argument in the comments section. That'll benefit you, too, given the existence of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program.


  1. "or it might be a creature that intentionally disguises itself to be a Poké Ball. Why would it do that if it clearly isn't concerned about its own vitality since it enjoys blowing up? Don't know."

    Maybe for the element of surprise when it blows up.

    1. That brings this question: Does Voltorb blow up because it's malicious, or is that just how it expresses itself?

  2. Regional variants were cool at first, but now they seem like kind of a cop out for making new Pokemon. Does shining Diamond and brilliant pearl have regional Pokemon? Obviously not when they first released, but if flat and aloha and whatnot can get them, then why shouldn’t johto hoenn and the like have them.

    Now putting that aside, I do think this voltorb looks real cool, real stylistic. If we’re going to continue getting regional forms, it would be interesting to see their interpretation of shuckle. He needs more love.

    1. ...Flat? Nah, Sinnoh is in the same continent as Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn, and BDSP only has Pokémon from Kanto through Sinnoh. Others not allowed.

      I wonder if the juices from within Shuckle can change Shuckle's... biology, and those can differ between regions because the berries put into Shuckle are different?

    2. I typed in Galar and somehow it autocorrected to flat. No idea what the correlation there is.

      That’s an interesting idea. Although I thought they stopped making new fruit. I wonder if we’re gonna see any of these regional variants in the next Pokemon mystery dungeon game. I wonder when they’ll make the next one, but it surly can’t be easy because they definitely have to include ALL the Pokemon, and the number gets bigger with every game.

    3. The last new berries were from Generation 6 (with the Roseli Berry, the Kee Berry, and the Maranga Berry). Gen 6 also featured the Juice Shoppe, where it's shown that when the Kee Berry and the Maranga Berry are mixed together, they create a "Perilous Soup".

      Why not have a regional Shuckle variant based on that?

      As for Mystery Dungeon, when they made Gates to Infinity and didn't include all of the Pokémon, it was awful. When Super Mystery Dungeon came after and did include everything, it was great, especially with the Connection Orb. But it is a lot

    4. I suppose it’d be better to stop making more berries, each of them have effects in battle and I don’t imagine they want to add more animations for all the new status effects they’d have to make.

      Is that why everyone hated gates to Infinity? As I recall most people say it’s the worst mystery dungeon game. I myself have fond memories, I enjoyed the plot, although I do wish they did more with the side characters in the village. I’ll admit I have rose tinted glasses as I lost Gates to infinity (and MnL Dream Team) for about 4 years and ease overjoyed when I finally found it and finished it. It’s amazing how much you remember, and forget. Fortunately, the game always tells you where you are in the story. I stopped playing Pokemon moon for a while, went back to it, and now I have no idea what to do or how to progress the story. But anyway, Super mystery dungeon was a great game, don’t know how their gonna top that. I suppose the darkness just comes back. AGAIN.

    5. They can borrow from move animations or make berry versions of some other existing items. Like a berry to cure, say, infatuation.

      Gates to Infinity is the worst PMD game. The plot was lesser than other PMD games, but my biggest issue with it was the really zoomed in camera.


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