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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Larry Koopa and Marge Simpson vs. Sunset Express and Monorail

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I think Larry Koopa and Marge Simpson share a similar sense of style!

Some hours ago, one of my brothers, Larry Koopa, was bashing my hair. He said, “What beautiful hair? I thought you just had wings growing on your head” and then he was figuratively laughing his... tail off. I don't tolerate those kinds of remarks towards my hair, so... Here's what I think about Larry's hair!

Larry Koopa and Marge Simpson tall tower blue hair side by side
And their colour schemes share a lot of yellow scales/skin, too. Green, too.

Larry, if you have any objections, maybe you can help the KoopaTV cause and write your own comeback. (Or maybe the cause would be better served if we didn't fight in public?) But I have more even more evidence that I put a lot of effort into. Take a look at these following images:

Marge Simpson vs. the Monorail Larry Koopa
Larry Koopa doesn't look out of place here at all!
(And apparently he's good with the children.)

Well, look. Larry and I? We both have blue hair. Except mine is way better distributed. I have symmetrical poofs. Very handsome. He calls them wings, but wings are great. Birds have wings. Planes have wings. Larry? He's got a tower. All towers do is burn down. Or you might stand on a tower but be knocked off of it, which is what happened to Larry fairly recently. Technically, Larry's blue tower hair is not as poofy as Marge Simpson's blue tower hair—he's desperately trying to style it. And I think that makes it even worse of a hairstyle. But they're close enough.

Paper Mario Color Splash Sunset Express Larry Koopa Marge Simpson
Marge Simpson and Larry Koopa are... interchangeable, really. Did you even notice this wasn't Larry?
Also, they both have a noted connection to rail transportation like monorails and trains!
(Reminder that trains, like the Sunset Express depicted above, are bad.)

I would think this would be a very common observation, but when I looked, there's a very distinct lack of Larry Koopa-Marge Simpson content on the Internet. All I found was this video, which comments about Marge Simpson's voice compared to Larry's voice, but misses the obvious part about the hair:

This whole Larry and Marge hair situation should've been discussed and settled, I dunno, thirty years ago. But since 2021 is about to end, I couldn't let another calendar year go by without pointing this out. You brought this on yourself, Larry!

Is Ludwig a petty older sibling, or does he have a point? Should Larry Koopa change his hairstyle... or should Marge Simpson change her hairstyle first? Just to protect himself ahead of time, Ludwig demands that you not discuss Flurrie in the comments section... or anywhere else.

As Ludwig has noted years before, Larry doesn't get talked about much on KoopaTV because he doesn't really stand out in any way. That's why he's dead last in the Koopalings troublemaking poll.
Larry shared his thoughts about Mario Kart 7 in an interview a year later.


  1. I spotted you and Larry today! Here is the picture.

    Larry is even holding THE BABY!

    1. Larry is obviously on Team Mushroom, wot's he doing so big?

  2. Oh my, they are alike! I was so confused by your description on the third photo until I realized that indeed, that wasn’t Larry!

    The reason for the lack of content must be that Larry has already noticed the similarities and has purged the Internet of such comparisons. I suppose he might categorize then as hate crimes, but don’t you think that would be going too far?

  3. Replies
    1. Happy new year!
      Maybe this article gives you ideas for a new years resolution.

    2. Happy new year bro!
      Maybe the other stuff I wrote will give you some ideas too lol

  4. Imagine comparing me to Marge of all people, one of the most common characters with blue hair. Seriously? You couldn’t think of anyone more creative? Didn’t think so, you’re not that creative yourself, it’s not your strong point bud, unlike your ego. And you think MY hair is bad bruuuuuhhhhhh you look like shit with your vampire bat wings lookin’ hair, it looking like the legs of a bug. Also why do you try acting all elegant yet come out with the kappa cut and the dark blue hair. And where is your HAIRLINE?! I know you didn’t go to a barber to get that done or else you’d have sued by now, looking like frosting. You really thought your moustache hair would save anything.

    1. As well with your huge tooth sticking out, you know damn well you’re never gonna be able to kiss anybody or drink from a straw without there being added holes in it. What the fuck did you chew to A, have that sharp of a tooth, and B, have ONLY ONE, you probably chew your own god damn nails. You look like one of those troll dolls had sex with Donatello, and they had a baby and gave it the stupidest name ever. Cartman's more charming then your tubby ass.


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