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Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Birds of Gaming on the Festival of Lights

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The holiday of turkey meets a Menorah.

It is a very rare occurrence that the first day of Chanukkah is on the same day as Thanksgiving. To commemorate this rare occasion, KoopaTV is going to honour nine birds (for the nine prongs on the Chanukkah Menorah) that made quite an impression on us. From videogames, of course.

Hanukkah Chanukah Chanukkah Thanksgiving Menorah birds Nintendo video game Falco King Dedede Rawk Hawk Squawks Captain Vul Chatot Polly Staraptor Medli
Don't light the candles.

From left to right: Falco Lombardi (Star Fox), King Dedede (Kirby), Rawk Hawk (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door), Squawks (Donkey Kong Country), Captain Vul (Kirby Super Star), Chatot (Pokémon), Polly (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney), Staraptor (Pokémon), and Medli (The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker).

Honourable mentions: Kazooie (Banjo-Kazooie) and Dyna Blade (Kirby).

Have a happy Thanksgiving to all of KoopaTV's American readers. Have a cheery Chanukkah to all of our Jewish readers. If you're not in either of those categories, then feel free to look at any other article on the site.

For Thanksgiving in 2014, KoopaTV expresses their thanks.
For Thanksgiving in 2015, it's not even on Thanksgiving.
For Thanksgiving in 2016, Ludwig expresses his thanks.
For Thanksgiving in 2017, KoopaTV gets rid of a staffer.
Pokémon-involved Menorahs return in Chanukkah 2022.


  1. Objection! *Blackquill desk slam* Not even an honorable mention for Taka?

    1. ...Also this was pretty much one bird per franchise. Except Kirby, apparently.

    2. Well, I guess Polly does win over Taka...

    3. Chatot and Staraptor are both from Pokémon.

    4. We considered Chatot to be from a sub-series specifically (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of ____).

  2. I don't think it's fair to have two Pokémon birds here, one should be a Huebird of Happiness from Rhythm Heaven Fever. Have we talked about that series before? It's one of my favorites. I don't think it's particularly Jewish, but it is pretty weird all the same.

    1. Chatot represents the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series while Staraptor represents the mainline Pokémon RPGs.

      If a Rhythm Heaven bird would be here, it'd be one of the Blue Birds.


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