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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Fourth Night of the Tera Type Fire Chanukkah

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - This is before the coming Paldean Inquisition.

This is the only night I can publish this article with this premise...ever, I think. It's the fourth night (December 21, 2022) of Chanukkah (some people spell it Hanukkah, while others spell it Chanukah... but only I seem to spell it Chanukkah. Is there an eight-character limit that the Jewish people follow that I'm not aware of? ...Is it a reference to there being eight nights of the holiday? But I get ahead of myself.) tonight into the day of December 22. If you don't remember what a Chanukkah Menorah looks like, it has nine prongs, with the centre prong being the biggest one among the rest.

The way that one is supposed to light the Menorah is you stick a candle in the centre big prong first, and then for "n" number of nights, put in one candle from the right-most prong to the left. So on night four, there are four candles plus the centre candle. You light the centre candle on fire, and then use that fire to light the other candles on the other prongs (from left to right, or newest candle first). That means over the course of the holiday, you're using up 9 + 8 + 7 + 6 + 5 + 4 + 3 + 2 candles, or 44 candles. Be sure not to buy from crafty vendors who will sell you boxes of 43 candles to make you buy two boxes.

Anyway, here's how they're celebrating Chanukkah tonight in the Paldea region:

Pokémon Scarlet Violet Tera Type Fire crown hat five candles
Four smaller candles powered by the big centre candle!

Unfortunately, there is currently a movement and vote going on in competitive communities such as Smogon to ban Terastallization, and with it, ban the use of Tera Types and the Paldean celebration of the Chanukkah holiday. Without being able to activate Tera Type Fire, what candles and Menorah will be used?

Pokémon Scarlet eight Greavard and Koraidon in the snow
Screenshot provided by KoopaTV reader ShinyGirafarig.

I count eight Greavard in the ground in the above screenshot, and a Koraidon in the centre. That should cover the amount of prongs that a Menorah should have, with the presence of one Greavard for every night, and the Koraidon is the central big prong. It also fits because Koraidon's ability, Orichalcum Pulse, summons a Sunny Day upon switching in a battle, and it has a whole fire thing going on by learning Flamethrower and Flare Blitz. Generating harsh sunlight to support its teammates is very much what the central Menorah prong does, and Greavard is literally a dog with a lit candle sticking out of its head.

Of course, the Jewish people aren't going to last long in Paldea if they need to rely on Greavard for candle light—I've already written extensively on Greavard sucking the life out of anyone near it. That's also why you don't see any Jewish people in other regions, where their candle choice is Litwick—Litwick's flame is also fueled by the same life energy that Greavard feeds off of. So they've already been exterminated. Litwick isn't allowed in Paldea (for now).

That's why it's important for Terastallization not to be banned from Paldea. For the sake of the Jewish people, because their alternative will likely lead to their extinction in Paldea as they've already been eliminated in all of the other regions. Tera Fire is the one death-free source of candle light. Let that factor into your thoughts on the future of Tera Types.

This article was supposed to be a light (in substance and in topic) article on the festival of lights, but then it turned into what it did at the end. Ludwig doesn't plan to write anything for Christmas, and given how this article turned out, you should thank him. Unless you are into the Jews dying out, then you probably liked it.

At least they can celebrate Sukkot just fine.


  1. Smogon wants every generation to be gen 4 meta.

    1. Well... that's admirable, because Gen 4 had the best meta of any generation. (Especially UU.)

  2. The main concern is sweepers being able to use Terastellization to bully past their checks to sweep, with the only real counter being defensive Terastellization. Same deal as Dynamax. Z-moves did have a similar use, but they were a one-turn thing tha required sacrificing an item slot. Mega Evolutions were similarly balanced around loss of an item. If you make your gimmick powerful but don't give it any opportunity cost it creates problems. Mega Rayquaza being able to run an item while still being a Mega is the main thing that broke it. Blame Gamefreak for not caring to make sure their gimmicks are balanced for 1v1 play.

    1. But changing types does have a downside, unless you're a mono-typed Pokémon Terastallizing just for the extra STAB boost. (But there's an opportunity cost of doing that.) Changing your type might have advantages but every type also has a weakness.

    2. VGC is making contestants reveal what Teras are on the Pokémon in official tournaments. SO opponents just need to have a good memory.

    3. I think there would be competitive merit to the suggestion of showing Tera Types in the Team Preview. It might have a similar mindgame impact as having a Gen 6 team with multiple Pokémon that could Mega Evolve. Only one of them might actually hold a Mega Evolution stone, but your opponent won't know which. I think that's a healthy and interesting psychological factor.

      I think the suggestion that you have to vow to your opponent ahead of time which Pokémon you'll Terastallize is far too limiting.


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