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Thursday, December 15, 2022

SEGA Genesis December 2022 Updates on NSO... and a funny thing about SEGA Genesis Classics...

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Someone should get in trouble!

A year ago, I wrote an article headlined, “Don't forget Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack has SEGA Genesis games, too!” And you know what happened? People forgot. Heck, even I—a not-so-proud subscriber to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack (turns out Mario Party and Mario Party 2 are significantly worse than I remember them, but I'm pretty sure Mario Party 3 will still hold up when it's available in 2023)—haven't actually installed the SEGA Genesis emulator onto my Nintendo Switch. (I might've if Zero Wing wasn't FAKE NEWS.) However, the updates keep coming:

Are you excited about Golden Axe II, Alien Storm, Columns, and/or Virtua Fighter 2? ...Well, I'm not... Especially not Columns—how many of these matching puzzle games are we getting?

SEGA GENESIS COLUMNS title screen angels
Well, this title screen looks pretty interesting.

It's recently (as in...tonight) come to my attention that something called SEGA Genesis Classics exists (and has existed since 2018) for a one-time purchase (not a reoccurring subscription!) of $30. This is a digital compilation of over 50 SEGA Genesis titles, including those four described in the video above. Funny enough, if you go to the listing for SEGA Genesis Classics and click the Explore this game's official website button, the once-existed (say, in 2021) now redirects to the collection's Steam page. As in, is linking to one of their competition's websites. That's...not a good thing!

Feel free to try to convince Ludwig to get the SEGA Genesis app on the Nintendo Switch with a specific recommendation. He is playing some of the games on the Nintendo 64 application, and besides the one Pokémon Puzzle League article you're ever going to get, there's another Nintendo 64 article with a brilliant observation that everyone else has already known for over twenty years by now that should be written and published before the end of 2022!

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