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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Took Me Over 21 Years to Learn Zero Wing's Voice-Acting is Fan-Made

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - “ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US” is real... the voice isn't.

Upon hearing that Zero Wing was coming to the Nintendo Switch's Sega Genesis emulator, I thought that maybe I should finally bite and upgrade the KoopaTV Family Group subscription of Nintendo Switch Online to the Expansion Pack.

And the compilation video immediately starts with the Zero Wing introduction. The most important part is first! (And while it's interesting that MEGA MAN: THE WILY WARS is available, you're better off playing the original NES games on Mega Man Legacy Collection, which is on sale for one more day.) But wait... why isn't there voice-acting? I remember this having voice-acting, and that's a large part of the meme appeal of Zero Wing! Nintendo must've edited the video!

Well, while it's true that Nintendo did edit the video and its audio compared to the actual introduction (see this longplay), it never had voice-acting. That was added after the fact via fan projects. The whole time I thought the computerised voice acting was a primitive thing from the original old game, and that the above Newgrounds meme was just taking from that original source material and... adding a lot of references and wild things to it. (And the music from the project IS from the game.) But... no, that wasn't in the original, either. The bad translation was from the original, of course, and that's why Zero Wing got any attention years after its release.

But I feel like nothing is sacred. In a way, CATS just took my base, too.

Zero Wing Cats all your base are belong to us
Can we pretend this is where the term “based” comes from?

If that's the case, then I have no interest in paying big money for a subscription to the Expansion Pack just for Zero Wing. And as far as I can tell, once you get out of the introduction, there's no more dialogue/text besides a congratulations at the very end, but that's it. Not at all interesting.

Was this common knowledge? Or did you just learn the true secret of Zero Wing by reading this article? Alternatively, are you so young that you haven't even heard of ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US? Why not let KoopaTV know in the comments section? The 21 years refers to not when Zero Wing released (far before then), but when that Newgrounds Flash video came out. Ludwig gave it an honourable mention when Adobe's End of Life was first announced.

Ludwig got the Expansion Pack, and he still hasn't tried Zero Wing.


  1. I'm not sure exactly when I learned this myself, but I'm pretty sure it was an at least fairly similar amount of time between seeing the meme and learning that the voice acting part was totally fan-made. Like, half as many years as you at least, and that's the most optimistic projection.

    1. Well, I dunno, where am I supposed to go learn these things?

  2. Based? Based on what?

    I still think you should bite and get the family pass, I mean who knows when they’ll add classic Sega game Rystar! Honesty, I only know Sega for Sonic and their better/worse ports of other games. I can’t think of any other notable console exclusives, unless maybe Alex Kidd counts. But none can compare to Mario Zelda or Pokemon.

    Although on a side note, I do think that Kirby is slowly but surly becoming one of those older flagship Nintendo franchises.

    1. I mean, I do have the family pass. Of Nintendo Switch Online. ...I think you think I should get the Expansion Pack. And I think you think that because you'd also get the Expansion Pack if I did that.

      I think Kirby has been in that position for a long time now!


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