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Monday, July 4, 2022

Fireworks over at Tama's House!


I don't actually like fireworks. They're loud and frightening and I always wonder what happens on the way down. That said, it's either that, or talk about the meaning of INDEPENDENCE, which is in a pretty bad Earth state, at least. I mean, Hong Kong is in a completely pwned state (and its opposition leaders are in prison) compared to the active protests before. Ukraine is Ukrekt, or on its way towards that (don't ask me how to actually pronounce Ukrekt).

So fireworks it is. Who is hosting this year's party?

OKAMI HD Tama concept art pyrotechnist
It's Tama, Nippon's one and only Pyrotechnist!

We just gotta head over to Shinshu Field. Only at night. It's a big field, but you go up some hills and then down some steps and you'll reach his house. You'll know it when you see it based on its design. There's also a sign marking that it's the house of Tama the Pyrotechnist:

OKAMI HD Tama's house sign for fireworks kinda exciting Issun dialogue
Well, yes.

While I'd rarely characterise any of the music in ŌKAMI as a “bop”, the music in Tama's house is a bop. Don't get me wrong, the music in the game is great. Just not the boppy style. That's why I muted the sound effects for this clip of the fireworks party (featuring the Cherry Bomb) inside Tama's house. Oh, and, um, don't be worried about him:

ŌKAMI HD is currently 50% off on the Nintendo eShop, as part of the Big Ol' Super Sale that ends July 6. (It's also on sale on Steam.) I highly recommend it not just for the fireworks, but for everything else.

Did you enjoy Independence Day? Or was it just a normal Fourth of July to you? Why not discuss this in the comments section?


  1. I enjoyed it. But my younger cousin kept following me around nagging me. Anyone else I might tell ‘em off, but we don’t see each other that often. So I figure whatever. I have most satisfactory patience. Fireworks were nice, though my neighbors light em off every month of the year willy nilly.

    1. Yes. Not necessarily the big flashy ones. But those ones that shoot up and make the loud gun-like BOOM, all the time.

    2. Are they also pyrotechnists like Tama?!

    3. I mean i don't know for sure, so i can't say no. Maybe pyromaniacs. Or whatever you'd call people who like loud noises. Like team Yell.


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