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Thursday, July 14, 2022

Bayonetta 3 To Release October 28 2022...Really!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Featuring some newbie with dislikable character design.

For some reason, fate decided that this week there needs to be more Nintendo news this week than I have time to cover. Hopefully the news drops stop so I can catch up.

We've known for about ten months that Bayonetta 3 would come out sometime in 2022. Unlike many other Nintendo games that still haven't come out yet, 2022 does NOT represent a delay for Bayonetta 3, since it never had any other release timing.

And now... we have a time in 2022. It's October 28. I was pretty concerned with that Nintendo news release since it said October 28 but declined to provide the year, but according to my fact-checking (and making it to the end of this non-embeddable age-restricted Bayonetta 3 trailer), it's October 28 of 2022. Since evidence is everything, I'll embed this image and hope that this should pass for appropriate-for-all-ages content:

Bayonetta 3 October 28 2022 release date
Does anyone see anything inappropriate or untoward here?

On that age-appropriate note, PlatinumGames has also revealed a Naive Angel Mode, where instead of normal Bayonetta action where her flesh is significantly more exposed as she's doing attacks, she'll graphically retain her clothing. It appears you can toggle it on and off. ...I must admit, in a hypothetical scenario where I got Bayonetta 3, I would play Naive Angel Mode on.

Despite that really good 2018 article where I made a bunch of Bayonetta game references when talking about EVO 2018, I don't ACTUALLY know the lore behind the series and I'm not into it. I mostly know her from Super Smash Bros. 4, and I know that she plays pretty similarly in that as her own series.

But I do know that the characters in that trailer are all returning and established, except that woman with very short (partly) blonde hair and blue lipstick named Viola. And, uh, there's really nothing appealing to me about her. Like, her character design is outright repulsive, and I wouldn't want to be in the same room as someone who looks like that. So if she's a big focus in this new game, that's not something I want to know more about.

Also, I'm ignorant enough that I thought the Bayonetta in the gold and crimson armour is our Bayonetta in a different outfit. You know, as opposed to a completely different person altogether. Even though they both appeared in the same scene simultaneously. (Super Smash Bros. 4's metagame devolving into Bayonetta ditto matches may have caused me to believe that cloning is an already-established power of Bayonetta's.) But the fact that there is more than one Bayonetta out there to encounter is a marketed feature of Bayonetta 3. Perhaps someone at PlatinumGames took the wrong message from her popularity in Super Smash Bros. 4?

Since Ludwig isn't in-the-know enough to talk about the Bayonetta series and write intelligently enough about how what was shown in the trailer tracks with franchise lore, he instead wrote lowest-common-denominator jokes about the release date and Super Smash Bros.. Will you balance out Ludwig's foolishness by writing intelligent and Bayonetta-relevant things in the comments section below? Was Samantha Lienhard right about Bayonetta 3 featuring an “impostor Bayonetta” all the way back in 2017?

Speaking of impostors, Bayonetta's voice actress changed in Bayonetta 3, and the old one is trying to deny the right of the new voice actress to be deemed the voice of Bayonetta.
It was October 28, 2022... and Bayonetta 3 released.


  1. "Impostor" seems like it wasn't quite right, since it appears we've got multiple universes/timelines here, so not someone pretending to be Bayonetta, just a different Bayonetta (probably). I'm very curious about where it's going and what other characters might have alternate-universe counterparts.

    1. Would you consider this different Bayonetta to be sus?

    2. Nah, I don't think I'd say she's "sus."

      I do think this could lead to a complicated story, though.

    3. The good kinda complicated, or the...bad?

    4. Hopefully the good kind.
      1 and 2 already had somewhat complicated stories, thanks to the presence of time travel. I feel like a multiverse will just compound that. But I actually enjoyed the stories of 1 and 2, so I hope 3 will be the same.

    5. Maybe each multiverse has its own time travel!


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