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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Don't forget Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack has SEGA Genesis games, too!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Well, I don't personally care if you forget, but...

It might seem like there is only one benefit to subscribing to Nintendo's additional subscription service, Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack: the slowly added Nintendo 64 games like Paper Mario. And while Paper Mario is fantastic, it's not really worth an $80 per year subscription for the KoopaTV Family Group. However, what if I reminded you that there's more than just the Nintendo 64? SEGA Genesis games are a part of the package as well, and there are five additional titles to the service, increasing it from 14 to 19. Here are those five:

I'm not saying any of these are great or are the tipping point to get you to want to subscribe, but they... do exist. It's just not many Nintendo fans seem to care. According to my Nintendo Switch friend list's Trending tab (and for context, my friend list is at or almost at the cap), 25 friends have played anything on the Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online emulator. By comparison, 121 friends have played something on the SNES emulator, 115 on the NES emulator, and to demonstrate my point... only 11 have played anything on the SEGA Genesis emulator, with eight of those being “played for a little while” and three being “Played for 1 hour or more”, meaning no one's touched these for five or more hours. The other emulators have much meatier play times.

You could say I'm not friends with SEGA fans, and maybe that's true, but I don't pick my friends based on knowing whether or not they like SEGA games. I'm more convinced the average person who gets the Expansion Pack just doesn't care about the SEGA part and they are subscribing to Nintendo Switch Online for the Nintendo portion. But there are some takeaways, or at least, things I don't want you to take away from this.

There was a YouTube comment there with 350 Likes claiming that “5 games! Wow that's more than SNES and NES online have received all year.” Before you go passively believing that, you should know that it's not true. In 2021, Nintendo added...

SNES titles
  1. Doomsday Warrior
  2. Psycho Dream
  3. Prehistorik Man
  4. Super Baseball Simulator 1.000
  5. Spanky’s Quest
  6. Caveman Ninja (or Joe & Mac)
  7. Magical Drop2
  8. Jelly Boy
  9. Bombuzal
  10. Claymates

NES titles
  1. Fire 'n Ice
  2. Ninja JaJaMaru-kun

Sure, the SEGA Genesis got more than just the NES by itself, but I'm sure no one really minds that. But you can clearly see that the SNES library got more than five titles in 2021. Sure, they're not household names (fans really want first-party published games), and I've personally went and played a total of zero of them. But it's not like I'm going to play any of those five SEGA Genesis games either. (Not that I can right now.)

I'm familiar with a lot of people complaining about the quality of the Nintendo 64 emulator, but I haven't heard any comments one way or another about the SEGA Genesis one. There's so much apathy towards it.

Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack SEGA Genesis Thunder Force 2 ToeJam & Earl Sword of Vermillion Altered Beast Dynamite Headdy
Since I never name-dropped the five SEGA Genesis games, they are Thunder Force 2, ToeJam & Earl, Sword of Vermillion, Altered Beast, and Dynamite Headdy.

I'm quite sure this is a new feature: On the Nintendo Switch Online advertisement application accessible from the Nintendo Switch's home menu, you can now press the Y button to post the current advertisement banner (you can toggle between them) to social media and get a clean screenshot of it. (That's how I have the above screenshot.) The Nintendo Switch's screen capture button is disabled on this application, probably because you can access personal account information from it. But now you can advertise on behalf of Nintendo on your social media! But you can't get a screenshot of anything else, like the curated information below that top banner.

I understand that isn't something almost anyone cares about, but I do, as someone who has taken a few photographs of the Nintendo Switch Online application for article-writing purposes. I'm actually struggling to think of scenarios where normal people would post one of these ad banners to social media. Ah well. At least someone at Nintendo is thinking about it. Maybe they can think about making the service better, too...

Nintendo would really like you to remember that these games are available on the service... and they want you to also like them. Feel free to let KoopaTV know in the comments section if you'll have trouble doing either of those.

Among the SEGA Genesis titles? Zero Wing.
A year later, and Ludwig forgot about the SEGA Genesis games again. But there's also a collection called SEGA Genesis Classics.


  1. The only sega games I like are ports that happen to work better there. Other than Sonic, does sega really have any other selling point?

    I do hope nintendo adds more first party games, the fact that they haven’t added earthbound makes me almost hopeful for a remake of collection release. It’s not as though they don’t know it’s popularity. Ive often theorized Nintendo’s saved things like an Official Mother 3 release for when their in dire financial trouble, because they know people will buy it.

    1. Because of course any discussion about NSO comes down to people wanting EarthBound...

    2. It’s a classic! Can’t go without it. They know what the people want, watch them make it a expansion pack exclusive like with the “NEW” 3DS.

    3. They might instead make it a limited-time individual release, like with the first Fire Emblem.

    4. How about a discussion about NSO coming down to me talking about localizing Famicom Wars instead?

    5. Go for it.

      It's less rehashed than EarthBound.


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