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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

United States to "diplomatically" boycott the Beijing Olympics

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - But it's not a relevant boycott.

I ask you to compare this article, “Koopa Kingdom to boycott Beijing 2022 Olympic Games (with no videogame version)” with this article by CBS News, “U.S. announces diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics”. ...Compare the messages in those. Not the writing style (because the KoopaTV article, while technically a news report, is still written in an editorial style), but the message from the Koopa Kingdom official (well, me) and the American official (White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki).

If you don't get the distinction, Koopa Kingdom will not have ANY representation in the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games. No diplomats or politicians. No athletes. Not one Koopa will step foot in China during the Olympics. Or before. ...And hopefully not after, at least not until after the Chinese Communist Party loses control over it. Taiwan will be okay, of course. But while no diplomats or government officials from the United States will attend the Olympics in-person, their athletes will still be there.

For context, even for the Pyeongchang Olympics of 2018 (that's South Korea, with North Korea in notable attendance), Vice President Mike Pence (and his wife, Karen Pence) as well as Ivanka Trump (Advisor to the President) was there in person. Though Koopa Kingdom couldn't come to that either for... multi-universe reasons. But we didn't boycott them. They banned everyone from our world. Still, none of this have-it-both-ways actions of the Americans. Really, how do you justify this quote from Jen Psaki?

“As the president has told President Xi, standing up for human rights is in the DNA of Americans. We have a fundamental commitment to promoting human rights, and we feel strongly in our position and we will continue to take actions to advance human rights in China and beyond.”

If it's in the DNA of Americans to stand up for human rights, and you firmly believe that it advances human rights not to justify the Beijing Olympics with your presence (and Koopa Kingdom believes that you'd do this at a minimum in the interest of human rights... not that we care about humanity, but...), then why is the American team of athletes coming over? Shouldn't they have that same pro-human rights DNA if it's inherent to all Americans? ALL Americans, not just Americans that are affiliated with the government? Shouldn't that FUNDAMENTAL commitment extend towards putting human rights above sporting event pride?

How is the United States sending a “powerful message” to the Chinese Communist Party when their own athletic teams are directly undermining that?

Of course, in its own way, it'd be rather... authoritarian of the United States government to declare that its athletes aren't allowed to go compete in China. If the American athletes want to display their lack of courage and moral inadequacy to the world, it is the American way that they should feel free to do so. It does have the side-effect of reflecting poorly on American leadership, of course.

And by the way, NBC will still be broadcasting the Olympic Games to Americans. Shamelessly and in the worst possible fashion, I'm sure. But they behave like that regardless of where the Olympics are actually hosted.

NBC Olympics Beijing 2022 Team USA America featured athletes
Cowards, all of them. ...NBC included.

To be fair, it's not very fashionable among other countries on Earth to be boycotting these Olympics, and especially not boycotting the athletes’ participation. Not even Taiwan has decided to do that (yet). Though not even a clawful of athletes seem qualified to come to begin with. But that's what AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM is supposed to be about, and being a LEADER in the world. As President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. often says, “The United States must lead not just with the example of power, but the power of our example.”

Ah, well, he tries to say that, anyway.

Again, Koopa Kingdom doesn't have to deal with this sort of conflict that embarrasses the whole nation. What the monarch says goes. Do you think the United States should work the same way? How do you feel about the boycotting of China?

China vows vengeance on the USA and other countries that joined them in their diplomatic boycott... but there could be another, more personal and deep reason diplomats don't want to attend.


  1. I refused to watch the 2021 Summer Olympics. Every other year I would turn the channel with the Olympics for background noise but I did not even have it on for background noise for 2021.

    1. Wot was wrong with 2021's? :(
      Besides the fact that Koopa Kingdom didn't win any medals.

    2. That was everything wrong with it. Koopa Kingdom did not win any medals.

    3. HOLD IT!
      But you wouldn't know that ahead of time. You'd have to watch it to know we'd lose. >_>
      'cause it's liiive.

    4. What if I used Future Sight to know about it?

    5. Then I wonder who your parents were.

      Does that mean that you DID watch it... just... in another timeline?

    6. I used Future Sight to read your article in advance about you not winning any medals before you posted in the current timeline so I did not have to watch it.

    7. Future you should've left a comment. :(

      ...How come you didn't Future Sight to figure out that Sora got in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

    8. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a Dark Type surprisingly enough.

    9. Well, you were born early enough to remember the days where Future Sight was typeless, don't ya?

    10. Ultimate is a modern Smash game though so the Dark typing matters.

    11. Alright, since you didn't Future Sight this back when Sora was more... relevant, I suppose? Many years ago?


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