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Thursday, March 3, 2022

The Blue Birds: Quaxly and the Ducklett


I have seen a lot of people compare Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet Starter Pokémon Quaxly to the likes of... Donald Duck or other DuckTales characters. But as I said in my live reaction log on Sunday when they were first revealed, I see Quaxly as akin to the Blue Birds from Rhythm Heaven. See clip below:

The Blue Birds consist of a captain and three ducks, and I know the perfect roles for them.

Rhythm Heaven Blue Birds Quaxly Ducklett Pokémon ducks Scarlet Violet
Captain Quaxly is a little intense.
He'll get mad if you mess up, but just let it roll like water off a Ducklett's back.

Quaxly already has the hat or hat-looking thing on his head. With sunglasses, he looks just like Captain Blue Bird. And the normal Blue Birds are also ducks, and are pretty much Ducklett with hats.

It makes sense for Quaxly to be the captain, because Water starter base stat totals have ranged from 308 to 320; Ducklett's is only 305. It should be guaranteed that Quaxly will follow the trend and have better base stats than Ducklett, and thus deserving of the higher ranking. (Though I will say that Quaxly and Ducklett both have the exact same height of one foot and eight inches, while the Captain is portrayed as much shorter in Blue Birds.)

I... don't have anything creative to share with Fuecoco and Sprigatito. So it's probable that, if I get either Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet (and that's far from a guarantee—I specifically did NOT buy Pokémon Shield because doing so would've been a signal to GAME FREAK to make an open-borders Pokémon title, and that's now how they're advertising these new titles), I'd pick Quaxly as my starter.

By the way, open-borders games is now how Ludwig is going to refer to open-world games. Because he dislikes open borders as a political concept, so he might as well associate it with the gaming trend he also dislikes. Let Ludwig know if you'd like less Pokémon content (because it's tended to dominate the Artistic Corner)... or if you'd like more Rhythm Heaven content, though he's not sure how much more he can do because Blue Birds is already his favourite minigame.

While Ludwig doesn't think of Donald Duck when he sees Quaxly, he thinks of Darkside when he sees Grimmsnarl.


  1. People were awfully quick to R34 the grass cat. Not so much the other two as far as I saw. Me, I think all THREE of them are weird and ugly, but Quaxly as mildly less so so I'm probably gonna go with them--if I get the game at all, which I might not. I'm not very supportive of there being a 9th main series region at all, to tell the truth.

    1. I...uh... see more marijuana references than anything else with the cat.

  2. I’ll probably go with the fire one.

    I’m very pleased you made a rhythm heaven reference, Waaaaaaauuuuuuuggghhh!!!!


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