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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Missions and Rewards (custom icon creator) Added to Nintendo Switch Online

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I... kinda like the idea of it, actually. Better than not having it.

Sure, this is three weeks old now, but I wanted to see how it'd play out. Nintendo updated the Nintendo Switch Online app (the section on your Nintendo Switch HOME menu, not the application on your phone—though that also did get updated but it's useless and certainly not worth an article) to have “missions and rewards.”

Those missions right now involve things like playing any game that supports online play (even something like Ring Fit Adventure does because it has online leaderboards, even if I don't use them), backing up save data (which is... automatic), opening the Nintendo Switch Online app at all, and playing a featured title such as Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo Entertainment System emulator. While the Monster Hunter Rise Game Trial was available, there was a mission for trying that out as well.

The rewards for completing those missions are Platinum Points, which are the same ones you'll find on My Nintendo. And...uh... the rewards there that you can exchange the Platinum Points with remain iffy (well, now they have keychains based off Nintendo 64 game cartridges that you might find cool?). But the rewards that they're talking about aren't the ones on My Nintendo, despite the common currency. They're exclusive to the Nintendo Switch Online app, involving... custom icon creation. You know, the icons on your Switch profile that your friends and enemies see. Mine's been Master Bowser on a purple background since the start. They're offering new (and exclusive to this programme), limited-time icons (oh, this limited-time thing again...), backgrounds, and frames. So far, they've been based on Animal Crossing: New Horizons (corresponding to animals’ birthdates) and Super Mario Odyssey, with the latter's cycling through every week. In April, it'll change to something else.

Nintendo Switch Online icon reward Hariet Broodal Super Mario Odyssey
...Why is she just listed as “Super Mario Odyssey™ Character”?
It's Hariet, KoopaTV's Best New Character of 2017.

I see a lot of the people on my friend list using the new icon elements, so I'm glad people appreciate them. As for me... for the first time in my life, I actually played through all 32 levels of Super Mario Bros. in one playthrough, thanks to suspend points and the occasional rewind. ...And I'm pretty sure that's the first time I actually ever beat 8-4 in Super Mario Bros. since I didn't know that there was a SECOND QUEST (hard mode) where the common Goombas are replaced with fire-proof Buzzy Beetles. Princess Toadstool sure didn't seem concerned about being captured since she willingly was presenting this second quest, undermining the narratives that King Koopa is a cruel kidnapper.

I didn't need to beat Super Mario Bros. to complete the mission; just turning it on and off would've sufficed. But, hey, I kinda like the idea of having a token incentive just to check out what's already available to me as a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber. People might want a legitimate “achievement” system like on other consoles, but I see a big and healthy difference between what Nintendo is doing and outright perverting your playstyle habits like a real achievement system would. I'm in favour of this! I just wonder if the missions will end up becoming more elaborate than what they currently are. I'm sure there'll be things tied to Expansion Pack subscribers only.

What do you think about Nintendo having new icon elements locked behind an additional paid subscription? If you're missing out, KoopaTV staffers have membership in the KoopaTV Nintendo Switch Online Family Group as a perk for being staff. Just something to keep in mind!

KoopaTV is capable of covering Switch updates on the day they happen, such as yesterday's article about groups.
Ludwig finally changed his profile icon to a blue Spiny Shell.
Several of Ludwig's brothers have an Icon Element profile picture...but not him.
Ludwig finally got his own icon element profile picture on August 1, 2022.


  1. Yep, Harriet is one of the ones I actually went for too.

    1. This wouldn't happen if they SAID HER NAME and didn't just call her “Super Mario Odyssey™ Character”.

    2. Wait, where did they call her that?

    3. The screenshot!

      In no time in the transaction was she called Hariet.

    4. Yeah I don't think they're even giving descriptions of the characters, borders, or backgrounds, just "character" "border" or "background" and what game it's from.

    5. Yes, that's correct. And I think that's a very bad way to promote your games.
      They even do that for the Animal Crossing set, which is particularly egregious because the whole premise of that is that you're supposed to have personal friendships with all of those animals. BUT THEY AIN'T EVEN GOT THEIR NAME. It's weirdly lazy, especially because the extra effort is important to the goal of them even being there.

  2. Spoon 3 hype here (3ds acts weird when I put in the name). I do actually think this looks cool, but, knowing nintendo, i'm fully expecting it to go downhill. maybe they'll make rewards for games no one cares about, maybe the missions will devolve into having to purchase a game (which are expensive). Everything nintendo has done like this has had some unignorable flaw in the end.

    1. (You gotta get a better way to be on the Internet than the 3DS.)

      If the rewards are for games no one cares about, their goal will probably get people to care about them!


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