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Monday, March 7, 2022

MAR7 Day for Crazy Altean Marth

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Crazy might not be putting it well... murderous or callous?

I guess this isn't a really happy day, but today is MAR7, otherwise known as Marth Day. You might know Marth from the Super Smash Bros. series, where he's been speaking in Japanese until Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. But you should know he's a prince (and then king) of the nation of Altea, part of the Archanean continent. As for what his troops think of him?


That's silence. Now, Marth does have troops around. But they dare not speak. Mainly because they don't have any lines, but also because if they stand out, they might not remain much longer. That's because Marth's Hero King moniker is propaganda. In reality, he's a heartless, callous monster.

If you've only played Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light (such as by buying it before March 31, 2021), then you don't really know what I'm talking about. But in the DS remake Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, there are Gaiden chapters only accessible by killing off enough of your units (there is a maximum unit limit where if you go above it, you cannot access the chapter). These Gaiden chapters have unique recruitable units. The Gaiden units are canonical to the story, according to the sequel, Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem, meaning the massive amounts of killed off units required to obtain them are also canon...

Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon hiring generic replacement units need the need Marth gladly have them
Marth is happy to have disposable bodies.

There are infinite amounts of generic units, or replacement units, that cycle through a list of predefined and potentially humiliating names (like Wymp, Auffle, and Lucer).. More line up to be used as disposable pawns after every chapter if you are under a certain amount of units, including older generic units. Good uses include blocking pathways with bodies and baiting out aggressive enemies by using the units as decoys. Their level is an average on your party's average level, so you're incentivised to continue to kill off your generic units and use them as sacrifices so you can obtain marginally stronger generic units in the next chapter. This ended up becoming the gimmick of YouTuber Excelblem's Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Hard 5 Iron Man playthrough, meaning he played on the highest difficulty level without resetting after any unit deaths. Marth was portrayed as a monster carelessly throwing away the lives of his “friends” and countrymen for victory at any cost... but since it's what the game mechanics encouraged, is it truly out-of-character? At the very least, letting Tiki die is the best way to beat the final boss.

Something to consider about Marth on Mar. 7th.

Marth's tactics are pretty reminiscent of actual military leaders from Earth, such as Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union during World War II. No one looks at him fondly. So do you look fondly towards Marth?

MAR7 Day in 2023 is quite negative towards Marth, due to how boring he's represented in Fire Emblem Engage.


  1. i am not even shitting you today is my dad's birthday this is getting scary it has happened twice now what is going on are you stalking my family and posting celebration posts on the same day as we have our own celebrations going on or what


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