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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Any Updates on Madden Curse?

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Yeah, of course not. So more on why EA is the worst company in America.

KoopaTV wants to make sure we're giving our readers the freshest scoop of important news, such as, "What happened to the Madden Curse movie?" Previously,  Elizabeth Brett was fired and killed by Electronic Arts when we asked, and after that we were told that we could return and get a new copy of Madden NFL 25 before it even came out. EA Sports press contact Ritu Sidhu still has her job, so obviously she's doing well in not being dead. She never replied to our last attempt to contact her, however...

So this time we're sending another message.
Subject: Madden Curse Movie Update?
Message: Dear Ms. Sidhu,

I've been waiting months for an update on the status of EA's Madden Curse movie announced back in December 2010. You neglected to reply, unfortunately, leaving myself and my readers very unnerved. Is EA Entertainment hiding something?

All we want is an update on the movie. Is it officially canceled? No one knows, but hopefully you do. If you don't, then please get me in direct contact with Pat O'Brien himself, because this is very important.


Ludwig Von Koopa
That was sent November 5. Unfortunately, we didn't get a reply. So nothing new on Madden Curse. Or EA's attitude.

However, EA is now talking a big game about how they wish to reform. Apparently being voted the Worst Company in America two years in a row is taking their toll on the conscience of the company. EA CEO Andrew Wilson says,
"Okay, are there things that we could do differently or things that we have done that have been misinterpreted that would cause people to feel that way?"
I don't know, killing people and having dreadful customer service is a clear message that isn't something to be "misinterpreted". We'll stay on EA's ass about this, of course. We just promised that!

I like to think that Elizabeth Brett, were she still with us, would reply to these PR requests.

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