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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lessons of the New Nintendo Video

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Loosening standards.

I have been saying since the 2DS was announced that the system redesign represents Nintendo no longer pressuring developers to incorporate 3D into their games, which saves on development costs. My first and only given example was Pokémon X/Y (which I still don't have yet, so stop asking). I'm here to report another Nintendo-driven example: Nintendo's "Nintendo Video" application on the 3DS.

Recently, Nintendo has launched a new initiative with the Nintendo Video service, so it gets its own PR message and everything. Apparently, CollegeHumor's contract expired or something. I don't know. The point is, is that the programs listed are pretty much all in 2D now.

To quote Rawk around the time I got a 3DS (June 21, 2012):
[Koopa Keep] (11:24:42 PM):Indie people are the only ones that have time to produce 3D content.
[Koopa Keep] (11:24:48 PM):Because no one else will.
[Koopa Keep] (11:24:54 PM):And this is making me uncomfortable.
I had asked why Nintendo Video was filled with "indie trash". Seems like a reasonable answer. But now Nintendo Video doesn't need to be 3D! Nintendo is leading the charge with its own (not funny and really lame) The Legend of Zelda: The Misadventures of Link series. That's exclusively in 2D. Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward is also supporting the service by putting Bravest Warriors on there (that's probably the best thing on Nintendo Video now).

So what was a showcase of the 3DS's features is now just a marginal entertainment service. Because the 2DS is taking over! The 3DS is now just a marginal upgrade of the DS... and frankly, I'm fine with that. You don't have to keep having this expensive 3D stuff. But don't just take my word for it. According to Sun Makamura, producer of Rhythm Thief, in an interview with Nintendo Power: "[a]nd even the 2D animation is composed of hundreds of different layers in order to create the stereoscopic 3D effect". That's expensive. And now? Apparently, it's optional.

Ludwig has never appreciated the 3D feature on the Nintendo 3DS. If you want to join his growing friend list, register him at 3351-5164-3598! And obviously tell him your code in the comments.

Nintendo Video is starting yet another new initiative that's America-only. Check it out.
Here's another Nintendo Video filler for another year, but it seems to be dying now.

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