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Friday, October 15, 2021

Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Log Week 48: Fake nods and cream puffs

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I'm desperately trying to make this worth your read.

Are these still going to be called KoopaTV Fitness Fridays? I suppose. This is no longer about training for the Olympics (the prior one is done and the coming one is being boycotted) but trying to have a general sense of fitness instead of being a sedentary Koopaling. That's a good thing to strive toward even without a specific goal. So I'm playing Ring Fit Adventure for a third time through... this time on the last unlockable mode, FITNESS MASTER (and on difficulty level 30 the whole playthrough). You can see Week 47 for a quick explanation on what Fitness Master is.

This week, we're going through World 48: Fitness Master Lv. 287, which is based off World 25: Extra Fitness Lv. 182. The only dialogue that Ring had to offer when I walked into the world is that we have a lot of Fit Skills that we can potentially use, and I should be mindful of what I'm exercising with. That... gives me very low hopes for how interesting this Fitness Master playthrough will be, since I'm personally motivated by Ring Fit Adventure's world-building and levity. Hopefully I can make it somewhat interesting for you to read this.

Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Master balance Fit Skill regimen dialogue World 48
Did Ring Fit Adventure's designers assume that I never updated my Fit Skills after
TWO entire playthroughs?

One application of what Ring is talking about is that, while you're running through a level, you can change your Fit Skills at any time except once you're in a battle. So if you see that the first group of enemies will have two enemies, which was the case in Nightcloak Pass, you can equip Fit Skills appropriately. When I was fighting Dragaux at the end of World 47, I changed all of my Fit Skills to one-range Fit Skills. To prepare for the two-enemy group, I swapped out an Overhead Press (one-range) for a Front Press (three-range) so I could fight effectively. You can also make and drink smoothies in-between fights during a level, but you can't change clothing. That can only be done from the overworld map.

Just like in World 25, the Treasure Chest above Nightcloak Pass contained a Citrine stone. Unlike World 25, I've been collecting those things for a whole adventure, so I have thirteen in my inventory as opposed to zero. And then I collected another one from an enemy group in Dashalong Tower where I could spam three-range Hinge Poses (not because I like Hinge Pose, but because I want to get its Title) without any cooldown. ...Ugh, they should've done a cooldown of one turn instead of zero.

To vary things up a bit, they put a Game Gym in the world... the Robo-Wrecker (Novice) Game Gym. (This also involves smashing robots, but it's by rotating the Ring-Con in your hands and pushing/pulling the Ring-Con as opposed to pressing it in your own gut. My gut still feels slightly sore, but better than at the end of last week.) World 25 had a smoothie recipe here, but in World 48, the reward for completion is 500 coins. Just like World 25 and all of Extra Fitness, you need an A rank or higher for the reward (which is unlike World 2 and all of the standard Adventure mode, where you needed a B rank or higher). I had no problem with this and easily got a Perfect score.

Ring Fit Adventure night level Disturbance Meadow full moon scenery
Since there's really nothing to talk about for this log, have a look at the scenery instead.

That leaves two levels left for World 48, but... I kept going anyway and cleared Disturbance Meadow. Just so I could have something to write about, I equipped the Wide Squat Fit Skill to clean up the remaining health off a Hoplin group (so eleven Wide Squats consecutively... I wouldn't be able to handle, say, thirty in a row...) Unfortunately, this made it difficult to actually... move afterwards, including Squatting to open a Treasure Chest that contained one Strength Drink. Not much else to say besides how that'll be it for today (Sunday).

I didn't play again until Thursday, which is really bad for getting back into the Ring Fit Adventure habit. Still, as far as World 48 goes, there's just one level left. So when I selected Dragaux Stadium from the map... there wasn't any dialogue. Great... World 25 had a whole Dragaux speech about an architect, but World 48 has nothing. The Stadium itself is just running forward and opening Pinwheel Doors.

It turns out that Dragaux was saving his dialogue for the boss fight. He suggested that I'm tired and I should give up. Ring—speaking for me without me asking him to—said I'm not going to do that. Dragaux then said that I was actually nodding in agreement with Dragaux's surrender commentary, which flabbergasted Ring. Dragaux then chuckled and said Ring is easy to fool. But now joking is over and it's time to get serious and fight Dragaux and his Blue Scuttlebell+ and his Red Scuttlebell+.

Dragaux is holding his two Scuttlebell+s immediately adjacent to himself (even though he dropped them at the end of the embedded video, he picks them right up for the fight), so a three-range Fit Skill would hit everyone. I didn't... remember that coming into the fight, so my Tricep Kickback Lv.4 (745 base power, super-effective on red) and Mountain Climber Lv.4 (655 base power, super-effective on blue) ended up giving the Blue Scuttlebell a tiny sliver of HP remaining, which is annoying. It's a good idea to defeat the Scuttlebells, because when Dragaux is holding those, his punches actually can do real damage. Not life-threatening, but anything that does more than a heart of damage is really rare. I had to do one more rep of anything on my next turn to KO it, and then I just used single-target Fit Skills like Seated Ring Raise, Warrior I Pose, Knee Lift, and Overhead Press on the one remaining foe (Dragaux) to win the boss fight without difficulty.

Ring Fit Adventure can be kind of a cream puff Dragaux quote
If Ring was really a cream puff, wouldn't his Spirit Battle in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate be represented by Kirby?
It's by Bayonetta.

After beating Dragaux, he called Ring a cream puff, said it's good I'm around to handle the tough stuff, and he flew away (after dropping a Citrine and a thousand currency). And that's it for this boring world.

Ring Fit Adventure Exercise Log Week World 48: Fitness Master Lv. 287
Another two-day week. I think next week will be more involved.
I absolutely couldn't play on Friday this week due to the NintendoVS US Fall Open 2021 Event 1 taking up the time.
And I got into the Top 32 bracket!

Not only should Week 49 be more involved, but it ought to also be more interesting because there will be actual NPCs. Well, hopefully there are actual NPCs. Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Master could always ignore the fact that NPCs should be in that world and instead skip the interesting parts.

World 49 was a LOT more interesting, if only because it introduced (and really concluded) how Fitness Master's General Stores work.


  1. How utterly droll. They really need to spice this fitness master mode up. I mean if your making someone replay somthing three times it should at least be interesting.

    I guess they just ran out of exercise puns.

    1. I can confirm that Week 49 will be MUCH more interesting than Week 48, but for gameplay reasons.


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