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Monday, October 3, 2022

KoopaTV's September 2022 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Pretty good roughing and tumbling.

We are looking ahead to the final quarter of 2022, and we passed the actual end date of summer. What does that mean for KoopaTV? ...Nothing special in particular.

In light of that, let's just go right into this the staple newsletter content:

Top Five Recommended Experiences of September 2022

Here are my five picks (and the great thing is that you might disagree with me!) for the top five articles you must check out from September 2022, provided in chronological order:
  1. Ranking the No More Heroes 3 Volunteer Mission Minigames — Have you ever wondered about the minigame selection in No More Heroes 3 and how those hold up? I ranked them all here.
  2. Truth vs. Illiberal Murderers; Salman Rushdie and Jeff German — It's not a good world when you might get murdered for trying to tell the truth. (And you may also get murdered for trying to make jokes.)
  3. Why a Chaotic Genius Brings Gear to a Deserted Island…and for Splatfest, You Should Too! — Fun fact: Team Gear won the Splatfest, which makes my reasoning in this article on why you should pick Team Gear tried and true. (No one could intelligently argue against it either.)
  4. 15+ Years after Nintendo NSider Forums Closed, Reunite HERE! — Nintendo of America's Nintendo NSider Forums have closed 15 years ago now, and for those that remember and cared about their time there (such as myself), there's a Discord server ran by former Knights of Hyrule for reuniting people who've been part of Nintendo's old official online communities.
  5. Amazing Penguin — The best game you’ve never heard of — KoopaTV reader Captain Stitch wrote a review of an old Game Boy puzzle game called Amazing Penguin. He thinks fondly of it.

You really should read all of the articles that were published in September 2022, not just these five. They're all worth reading. But I'm particularly proud of these five being on this website.

Best Three Comments and One Worst Comment of September 2022

Am I proud of your comments being on this website? Let's see from these three best comments from September 2022.
  1. “Honestly? They're both super cool. Still gotta go with Violet for my part, though. I wasn't aware until this article that Armarouge (I've noted spelling and therefore shall pronounce them like Rouge the Bat as opposed to the D&D character class rogue) has an actual arm cannon--my friend bringing up Mega Man in relation to these two makes a LOT more sense now--and yeah, theoretically that could be cooler than Ceruledge's sword.

    Wow, that sure was a sentence. ANYWAY, I'm still happy with my choice, because I'm majorly digging Ceruledge's anti-hero vibe. There's also one more point I'd like to bring up. My friend who is capable of playing at VGC level--he hasn't payed any attention to competitive since COVID hit, unfortunately--brought up the question to me of whether Armarouge and Ceruledge are going to be unique mons or not. He never actually said so, but I got the impression that he thinks they will be. I'd be slightly disappointed with that, to be honest. Although, I guess a new region/gen does need new legendaries/mythicals, huh?

    One last thing that I thought up while I was typing the rest. Do you think they're going to have baby/pre-evolution forms? Going by their current known appearance, I reckon they're fairly well set up to have them.” — Lheticus Videre

    Okay, in all seriousness, there's actually quite a bit here that I'm genuinely interested in even besides Tears of the Kingdom. Raincode and the ToS remaster for a start, not even mentioning the MAJOR fleshing out of N64 Switch VC.

    And like...Harvestella and Various Daylife...I might be willing to try the Harvest Moon and/or Animal Crossing genre. You don't even know how freaking unlikely (I would say impossible, but you prefer truth over hyperbole) me typing that sentence just now had previously been. This is a flying pigs moment for me, but they're hinting at enough twists to the base formula that I'm genuinely intrigued.

    So yeah, as far as I'm concerned, between all that AND finally getting the Zelda release date, this is a landslide Nintendo Direct of the Year for me. And a strong contender for the current decade.” — Lheticus Videre
  3. “I mean, I joined NSider in April 2006 when I was 11 years old so I was part of it and not even in high school yet in 2007 unlike you. I even got my parents to sign the form that people under 13 had to have in order to join NSider without breaking the rules, unlike most kids back then who just broke the rules and were banned when they got caught.” — Anonymous
As a content spoiler, when Pokémon Scarlet comes out, I'm going to publish a Pokémon team that's a bunch of the Pokémon with arm cannons. It's gonna be a terrible team because of the lack of role diversity and utility, but that's... just a minor detail. Lots of people seem to prefer Ceruledge to Armarouge (and I appreciate noting the spelling) As for Lheticus's flying pigs, I can confirm that he did go try HARVESTELLA, and we're all going to hear how that went...sometime in the foreseeable future. Though I'd disagree on the best Direct of the current decade bit. Not even the best of the year as far as I'm concerned, but glad ya liked it.

I'm really not supposed to age myself, but ever since Anonymous's comment, all I've wanted to do is brag about how I never got banned for being caught for any age-related infractions. My bans (never permanent... though my ban message on my fifth ban basically said the next one would be permanent) were all for things like insulting fans of that jerk plumber, or being reported for roleplaying after Power On (RP) was abolished.

Here's a comment that I'm not so proud is on KoopaTV:
  1. “Given enough time, the people today can do anything. Honestly it's kind of inspiring, if not always entirely illegal.” — Captain Stitch
...Okay, it's not really a bad comment, but I need to pick something to go here and in September no one begged me for eShop codes or went to claim Ike is gay or other easy sources of bad comments. I'll settle for condemning praise for game piracy and voiding your game's warranty and terms of service. Our nonexistent advertisers surely won't like that!

KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 46 Mid-Round Leaderboard

KoopaTV runs a contest six times a year called the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program. You can (and should) read all about the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program here, but it rewards your participation and engagement. The prize for Round 46, which ends when October does and began at the start of September, is a one-year membership to KoopaTV's Nintendo Switch Online Family Group. Currently, our Nintendo Switch Online subscription is a basic one, but I'm seriously considering an upgrade to that. More on that in an article coming later this month (October). For now, here are the current standings as of publishing (among those with a double-digit or more point count):
  1. Lheticus Videre — 50 points
  2. Samantha Lienhard — 23 points
  3. Captain Stitch — 21 points
Big apologises for being the laziest I've ever been and not updating the leaderboard for all of September on my publicly available Google Sheet. But it's all caught up now and I should be less lazy going forward.

That KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program page links to that sheet, and also has a table of various methods (besides just commenting!) that you can get points. These include making requests, filling out our latest Feedback Form and Quiz, and in an increasingly used option, submitting guest (you) content. And that last one makes me pretty happy! Anyone can still win with the right effort...and at KoopaTV, effort is fun and intrinsically (and extrinsically) rewarding!

Corrections Corner; September 2022

Samantha Lienhard correctly pointed out an error where I wrote the Yakuza series started and became popular on the PlayStation 3, when the first Yakuza game actually released on the PlayStation 2 (and was well-received there). This wasn't a typo on my part, but me making a fact-checking error. And I actually DID try to fact-check this before publishing. The issue is that I was looking on the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio's Wikipedia page and not the Yakuza (franchise) page, or at least not at the part of Ryu Ga Gotoku page that said they're the ones credited with working on Yakuza since Yakuza 5. The studio's predecessor that was credited for the first Yakuza in 2005 was called "New Entertainment R&D Dept." in SEGA, which is a rather non-descriptive name. Of course, if I read the text on the page and not just the table, I'd get to the right answer. (Though I'm not sure why the table is the way that it is, since New Entertainment R&D Dept. and Amusement Vision end up redirecting to the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio page or the Sega development studios page, which lacks tables on what games those divisions developed.)

This is materially important to the article because I was making a whole point about how studio head Masayoshi Yokoyama was being weird and wrong about wanting Yakuza to be on consoles with an “underground” vibe as his explanation for not wanting Yakuza (or Like a Dragon games on Nintendo systems. I was explaining how PlayStation consoles, based on the very successful mainstream reception and sales of the PlayStation 2 and 3, were THE most above-ground consoles you can choose, and those are what Yakuza started on and thrived on. The PlayStation 2 dominated its generation way harder than the PlayStation 3 did, so Yakuza starting on the PlayStation 2 actually slightly strengthens the point I was making. So I really should've fact-checked more carefully because the truth only makes my point stronger.

KoopaTV not only is great at consistently publishing great content, but also tells the truth (mixed with levity) while doing so—even about itself! What more could you ask for? Since KoopaTV is such a great site, you ought to share the site around to people that YOU know. The monthly newsletters are a good starting point.

This was the previous newsletter from August 2022.
Next month has a very close, climactic finish on Round 46 of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program.
Last year's September 2021 newsletter can be read if you click this link.


  1. I seriously got TWO of the month's top comments?! Pretty sure that's a first! Ngl, I'm actually rather proud of myself on this one.

    1. Now you're gonna make me look through all of the records to see if that's actually a first or not in order to give you a truth point or not. <.<;

    2. I thought I avoided that situation with the use of "pretty sure"...sorry.

    3. Lheticus VidereJuly 3, 2020 at 12:25 PM

      For the first time, I've gotten two Best Comments in one review! I feel pretty special for that, actually.

    4. Oh, dang. How about that? Okay, 2nd time then.

  2. The best of the worst is still the best of something!

  3. mario maker 3 i don't think anyone is talking about that anymaore

    1. No one has, since it doesn't exist and Maker 2 is still "current" (though not updated).


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