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Monday, August 2, 2021

KoopaTV's July 2021 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Featuring the FAKE NEWS media, Olympic athletes, and Ace Attorneys.

It is great to be writing this from within Koopa Kingdom!

I actually thought that having to compete in the Olympics would greatly interfere with running KoopaTV, but... July didn't have any weeks with missed articles. I'm impressed with my time management (and less impressed with Team Koopa's zero medals). Let's review precisely how the month worked.

What is going on with KoopaTV's email subscriptions?

In last month's newsletter (see the bottom of this article for a link), I wrote that KoopaTV's email subscription functionality, which used Google's FeedBurner service, ended July 1. ...That hasn't actually happened, and on July 22, I got an electronic letter from them stating that this change would occur “starting in mid August”. This discrepancy has likely caused the email inboxes for KoopaTV email subscribers to suffer over the past month, because you'd be getting two sets of emails for each article—one for FeedBurner, and the other for the service that I transferred everyone over to, (If you click that you can subscribe to for KoopaTV articles to your email inbox...and only

So by, I dunno, two weeks or so from now, the duplicates should cease and everyone will be left with one service... which, by the way, is inferior to FeedBurner by a substantial margin. Unless I shell out some money from my shell for a subscription. But some people keep telling me I shouldn't do that. (And one of those people thinks that I can redirect funds the that'd go to paying for a better subscription service to the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program. ...That's... not gonna happen in any scenario.)

Top Five Recommended Experiences of July 2021

There were three major themes to KoopaTV's July 2021: The media sucks, the Olympics began and part of KoopaTV's staff was participating in it, and The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles came out. So that's reflected in the top five recommended experiences for that month:
  1. Here's What the Rumouring Media Got Right and Wrong about the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) — After FAKE NEWS reports, Nintendo did go announce a hardware revision. But it didn't match the media reporting. So I went and made a handy table of the FAKE NEWS media got right and wrong.
  2. Nintendo Directly Addresses FAKE NEWS Bloomberg (OLED model) Hit Piece! — After being so wrong on the Nintendo Switch (OLED model), Bloomberg was lashing out against Nintendo. To the point that Nintendo's investor relations made a very rare public statement rejecting Bloomberg's false claims. KoopaTV then stated that anyone from this point on that continues to claim FAKE NEWS Bloomberg is a reliable credible source is just as disreputable as FAKE NEWS Bloomberg.
  3. Learn from the The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Development Timeline — KoopaTV reconstructs the development timeline for The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles based on CAPCOM-published developer blogs. This timeline demonstrates the unreasonable scared attitude of Ace Attorney fans who were worried the series was dead.
  4. KoopaTV's Live Reactions to Tokyo 2021's Olympic Opening Ceremony — While Team Koopa Kingdom's Olympic delegation were prohibited from physically showing up to the Olympic Opening Ceremony due to Chinese Communist Party Virus regulations, we still watched it via stream and reacted to it.
  5. Ludwig Von Koopa Lost the Men's Épée Individual at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics — After all of the training I've done (all published on KoopaTV throughout 2019, 2020, and 2021), I finally had the chance to play at the Olympics. How'd I do?

The above was provided in chronological order, which should make sense! That said, none of those storylines I mentioned are fully represented in the above list (in other words, I'd need more than five total slots to fit the totality of all three from the month), so you should... go read everything. It's worth it!

Best Three Comments and One Worst Comment of July 2021

While KoopaTV's most-recommended articles came from three different flavours, your comments were spread about all kinds of articles. Even ones from earlier months, which I like to see.
  1. “yo i was just saying all the journalists are blaming the youtubers but the youtubers get there info from journalists lol good article im posting it everywhere” — Nintendo Copium
  2. “So what wait, miyamoto hates stories and he’s been working fondly with the one of the creators of the MINIONS?? Toads will be new minions confirmed.

    I really like that last question about the minis, I really want a mini N64 or GameCube. So many GameCube games I can’t play because I don’t have one and all the emulators suck. Guess I’ll have to wait for Nintendo to drip feed us them by the way of remakes. Could they even make a GameCube mini? It really wasn’t too long ago that the GameCube was new, seems like a long long time ago to me but I suppose that’s not true. ” — Captain Stitch
  3. “I'm honestly pretty tempted to get one eventually. One of the reasons I love getting Switch versions of games is because I can wake up, grab my Switch, and play a little bit before getting up. I also can watch a video or something on my PC while playing a Switch game at the same time, or have my Switch sitting nearby for me to play while taking a break in-between projects.

    I can't do those things with a laptop. Gaming laptops are expensive (more expensive than these), and they're also a lot bigger and clunkier to take with you than a handheld gaming device.

    There are also some genres that I just strongly prefer to play on a device I'm holding in my hands.

    Now, the price is high enough that I'm not ready to go for it yet, but I do see the appeal.” — Samantha Lienhard
While I purposefully avoid YouTuber clickbait and sensationalist culture, I'll take Nintendo Copium's word for that's how it works. Though they are correct that there is a vicious feedback loop within the FAKE NEWS media and also within consumers of that media. Everyone in the media believes one another even though they're wrong from the start, and people believe the media because there are so many sources saying the same thing...can they really all be wrong? (Yes.)

While that question about the minis wasn't one that I focused on in that article's analysis (and I was really happy to focus on the things I did focus on there), it's nice to see the comments pick up on it. Meanwhile, my back and forth over the Steam Deck determined there's two reasons why people would want it over a laptop: It's more price-efficient and it's less heavy/smaller than the average laptop. I feel like I might've inadvertently convinced Samantha to go from “I do see the appeal” to “I'd get one if I wasn't a starving freelancer.” Maybe help her get a little more money by buying her novellas or something.

As for the worst comment...
  1. “well i'd rather it be a fat hard penis then xD
    but what about YOU mr. admin” — Admirer
This is one of the drawbacks of KoopaTV's free speech policy. Anyway, dunno why “Admirer” is referring to me as “mr. admin”. I mean, my name is in the article's byline. But why would the first occupation that came to Admirer's mind be admin? Why not author? Writer? Yeah, I'm KoopaTV's administrator, too, but that's not the immediately obvious title for my role here.

KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 39 Mid-Round Leaderboard

Round 39 of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program started in July and it will end at the very end of August 2021. Whomever gets in first place will win a 10 dollar Nintendo eShop card code! For more information on how it works, check out the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program page.
  1. Captain Stitch — 26 points
  2. Lheticus Videre — 22 points
  3. Kody B. — 12 points
  4. Samantha Lienhard — 11 points
  5. ShinyGirafarig — 7 points
  6. Nintendo Copium — 6 points
There are still... many, many opportunities in August to get points. Even if your point total is so low (like 0) you're not on that leaderboard yet. Check that page for more details.

Corrections Corner; July 2021

No corrections to report. We were too busy exposing the FAKE NEWS media for us to be wrong about things ourselves.

Why not share KoopaTV articles around to people you know? They can be quite popular and make you look like a well-read individual with excellent taste. Ludwig is going to plug the email subscription a bit more often now, including in the site-wide header.

KoopaTV wrote about the switch to in the June 2021 newsletter... among other interesting items.
In the August 2021 newsletter, the FeedBurner email subscription is still working without explanation.
KoopaTV announced a change to the comments section to prevent bot-spam from appearing on the site in the July 2020 newsletter. It was an excellent decision.
The July 2022 newsletter is less thematic and more complaining about summer weather.


  1. Woah, Samantha has published novellas? I doubt I'll have anything of mine published...

    1. I have a copy for the past... several years that I haven't read yet but I'd like to.

  2. Man these new members are dirty! Such shameful behavior must never be tolerated, begone delinquents! Now that I’m back, what’s you favorite ace attorney game and case?

    1. ...Yeah, well, when you want more new members sometimes they're dredged from the mud.

      My favourite Ace Attorney game is Spirit of Justice. ...I don't know my favourite case, that's tougher than favourite game. Hm...
      2-4? 3-3? 3-5? 6-2? 6-5?


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