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Monday, August 1, 2022

KoopaTV's July 2022 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Stay inside and read KoopaTV!

Unless you're in the southern part of Earth (or not on Earth at all), you've probably been experiencing some very hot temperatures. KoopaTV's staff recommends that you stay inside from the heat and humidity, drink water, and keep yourself entertained with KoopaTV-published content. ...And I guess play some videogames.

Every KoopaTV month, in terms of absolute value, is great and better than what you'd see from our non-existent comparable competitors. We've been doing this for over nine years now, and I still haven't found anyone like us. ...But if they are out there, I wonder if they know about KoopaTV? Well, the important part is that YOU know about KoopaTV, and even if you're in a relatively mediocre month like July, it's still better than basically anything else.

Upcoming Vacation for a Week in August

I know that me taking a vacation is very very rare, but that's what I'll be doing next week, so no articles (or responding to comments or social media) the week of August 8. ...I'm not telling y'all where I'll be, since I don't want to see you. Please understand. I'll respond to everything when I'm back!

Top Five Recommended Experiences of July 2022

I said July 2022 was a relatively mediocre month on KoopaTV. But are you really able to tell that with these five highlighted articles, listed in chronological order?
  1. Took Me Over 21 Years to Learn Zero Wing's Voice-Acting is Fan-Made — This is the closest I got to subscribing to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack since they announced its existence. But then I learned a dark truth...
  2. Dynamo Pictures Acquired; to be Nintendo Pictures — You might think this isn't an important story, and we don't know if it is yet, but did you know that Dynamo Pictures made an Ace Attorney Virtual Reality game? (Did you know that VR game existed?)
  3. LEGO Super Mario: Character Pack 5, Iggy Koopa, and THE MIGHTY BOWSER — Oh, hey, the first two of these come out today. THE MIGHTY BOWSER comes out in two months. Anyway, I wrote about Koopa-filled LEGO stuff. Was nice.
  4. LIVE A LIVE Relives on the Nintendo Switch; Out Now — I feel a special obligation towards LIVE A LIVE since it was the subject of a KoopaTV guest article a year ago, so I played its demo and gave my thoughts.
  5. How did the Russian newspaper get on the SS Burya on Jan 9, 189X? — Fantastic article on what I believe to be a plothole in the second case of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. I thoroughly use in-game evidence to prove my point.

That last article about the newspaper is easily the best article of the month. ...But you should really play The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles before you go and read it. Fortunately, that's an excellent idea even if you don't intend to read that article.

Best Three Comments and One Worst Comment of July 2022

Hopefully, everyone that goes and comments on KoopaTV articles goes and reads them. (Though one of the comments on that SS Burya article is just to say they didn't read it because they didn't go through the case...yet.) Here were the three best and one worst of those comments:
  1. “The full game is about 20-30 hours long.

    You seem to have enjoyed the sense of humor shown in the demo, in which case I think you will likely enjoy the humor throughout the game. It sounds as though the demo didn't show much of the story since it's such an early part of the game, but I enjoyed the story a lot.

    As for the Somniums, they do get more complicated and continue to rely on dream logic, and I found that strategically using Timies became a big part of it. (For example, there were some later Somniums where I'd perform a useless action that only cost a few seconds to get a good Timie for a required part up ahead.) I had to use my retries sometimes, but there were only a handful of times I had to restart the entire Somnium.

    I'd say if you enjoyed the humor and the dynamic between Date and Aiba, and if you didn't dislike the Somnium, you'll probably enjoy the game.

    (On a separate note, physical copies of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles are also on sale, and I convinced a friend to get it.)” — Samantha Lienhard
  2. “shouldve started with twilight of edo japan. how long is this game do u think? is there an overarching narrative? and most importantly.....

    Is this game just a prototype for a HD2D CHRONOTRIGGER REMAKE?!?!?!?!? (Also i still have ur Chrono trigger btw)” — Fuego
  3. “Maybe the SS Burya does have its own printing press and newspaper, and Vilen Borshevik did get on board for the interview, and that's how he ends up in London as a juror!” — Samantha Lienhard
Samantha Lienhard's response got me to actually go and buy AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES, so it's obviously a good response. I haven't actually touched it though. Not YET.

Also, I was wondering where my copy of Chrono Trigger on the DS was. That makes sense that it's not in my house if Fuego has it. (I don't actually NEED it, but I'd like to know how it's doing...) Now if someone could tell me where my copy of Fire Emblem on the Game Boy Advance is...

I'd appreciate it if someone came up with their own theory about the newspaper, but at least Samantha Lienhard elaborated on my own crazy theory from the footer, which is the only thing that could possibly make sense that I've thought of. And I've been thinking about this for a WHOLE YEAR. It would speak to some impressive journalistic independence from the on-ship editors, though. That's cool to think about.

As for the worst commentary...
  1. “what do you think of abe's denial of war crimes japan committed” — Anonymous
I'd like to know what Anonymous thought of the answer to their question, but I never got one. They're a bomb-thrower while simultaneously decrying war crimes. Interesting, but pretty bad.

KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 45 Mid-Round Leaderboard

There's... clearly someone very ahead here and on their way to getting a $10 Nintendo eShop card code (and hopefully with less difficulty reading that code than what Round 44's card code ended up being) by winning Round 45 of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program. Anyway, here are the two people with double-digit point totals:
  1. Captain Stitch — 46 points
  2. Samantha Lienhard — 18 points
Captain Stitch is doing things like commenting often and submitting guest posts (that aren't published yet, but they ARE loaded and COULD be published should I choose to) and filling out the latest of KoopaTV's Forms and Quizzes—though he only got one question right out of six on KoopaTV Quiz Part XXXVII. I'm sure if someone else tried it and wanted to actually get the answers right, they'd score better. So there's an opportunity for the rest of you for the rest of the round.

Corrections Corner; July 2022

No one made any corrections to KoopaTV content during July 2022. Booyah! KoopaTV proved our commitment to accuracy again.

How was your July 2022? Did you like it? Did you melt away? Let KoopaTV know in the comments section. (Also, can you stop Captain Stitch from winning again?) If you've been on a vacation yourself, maybe you can catch up on KoopaTV content while Ludwig is on vacation?

June 2022's newsletter was pretty good. Check it out to see what came before it.
Here's the August 2022 newsletter, where you can see how Round 45 ended.
July 2021's newsletter described better time management than what July 2022's promises.


  1. Wow, I got two of the best comments this time, nice!

  2. This was a very hostile newsletter. Oh and you’ll never stop me. My reign of eternal terr- uh, Valor is just beginning. I bought my copy of Chrono trigger Ds online about 2-3 years ago now. How time flies. The lowest they had it selling for was around 80-100 dollars, so I’d hate to see what they price it now. I know things increase in price with age, but things have gotten really bad now. Even for those boring shovelware games that rookie didn’t even want new. Someone is buying that garbage and I’d like to know who: probably a hoarder.

    1. Well, if you're gonna be writing guest articles, I do want one about your experience getting Nintendo to get you the $10 code attributed to your account. I think that'd be very popular in the search engines!

    2. I’ll hop right on that once I get back. Of course when I finish it, you’ll probably still be gone!


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