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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Games Media Now Says Nintendo Will NOT Reveal a Nintendo Switch Hardware Revision in 2022

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Eight months late, but, hey, glad they're on board.

I think I'm becoming known as a gaming media critic with regards to their perpetual FAKE NEWS about an alleged Nintendo Switch hardware revision. Our whole series of articles throughout 2021 was determined to be the Best KoopaTV Article Series of 2021. And as recently as last month, I roasted the likes of GameXplain for clickbaiting about an “imminent” “Switch Pro reveal”. (There was an imminent reveal... but for a Splatoon 3-themed Nintendo Switch (OLED model) instead of a whole hardware revision.)

However, in the interest of being FAIR AND BALANCED, I figured I should also report on mainstream gaming media sites—including ones I distrust—saying that there WON'T be a new Nintendo Switch hardware revision (or new Nintendo system) in 2022 (or the first three months of 2023). Now, since they're FAKE NEWS, you could say that this means that there really will be a new hardware revision... or maybe it's a “broken clock is right twice a day” scenario. But as a result of comments made by Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa to Japanese business news outlet Nikkei (which has its actual article paywalled and in, you know, Japanese—so I can't verify this), Nintendo is too busy with production on their current Switch models (hampered by semiconductor shortages) to have the capacity to manufacture a new product line anyway.

Furukawa was quoted (and translated) by these outlets as saying, “Normally, we stockpile inventory in the summer to prepare for the year-end sales season, which is at its peak. This summer, we are not able to produce as many as usual.” I've always thought that it's a logic leap beyond clueless and business-illiterate media personalities and “journalists” to go from “we don't have the inventory we need for our existing product lines” to “there is just no way we can make a new Switch hardware revision with 4K and all that other stuff you think will be there”. MAYBE THEY'RE LEARNING. At least this SHOULD mean that we're safe from these idiotic rumours for another eight months or so, especially since the media moves in lock-step. Here's a media montage:

VGC GameSpot Eurogamer Comicbook GameRant NintendoLife Nintendo Switch no new hardware 2022 2023
This montage includes (from top left to top right to middle left etc.)
  1. VGC: Nintendo ‘will not be announcing new hardware this year’
  2. GameSpot: New Nintendo Switch Model Unlikely To Be Revealed This Year - Report
  3. Eurogamer: Don't expect a new Nintendo Switch model this financial year - report
  4. Comicbook: Nintendo Report Says No New Switch Model Releasing Anytime Soon
  5. Nintendo Life: Nikkei Report Says No New Nintendo Hardware Is Coming This Fiscal Year
  6. GameRant: Nintendo Has Bad News for Fans Expecting a Switch Pro Console

Some of those headlines are outright atrocious. Some of them don't seem to understand the source of information. Comicbook thinks it was a Nintendo-published report when it's Nikkei's report. GameRant is under the impression that Nintendo fans want a Switch Pro, when it's really been driven by people who want Nintendo to suffer.

One of those people is FAKE NEWS BLOOMBERG “tech journalist” Takashi Mochizuki, who is actually the cited source for the Nikkei interpretation for Nintendo Life's article. And Mochizuki is not sure if Nikkei is making their own interpretation or if it's something that Nintendo president Furukawa said to Nikkei... so... is this whole thing on a shaky foundation? It can't be a shakier foundation than those media outlets saying that there WILL be a Nintendo Switch hardware revision to be revealed soon (or a long time ago), at least.

Nintendo was talking to Nikkei because Nintendo just published their financial results for the first quarter of their fiscal year ending March 2023, or otherwise known as FY23 Q1. KoopaTV will publish about that on its own merits on August 5, 2022. Stay tuned. While you wait, are you happy that hopefully there shouldn't be anymore FAKE NEWS about the Nintendo Switch hardware for a bit? Or did you enjoy those stories? (Or actually hope they're true?) Let KoopaTV know in the comments section!

Here's that article about the first quarter results.


  1. Not doing something is almost always easier than doing something. Well known fact, or it ought to be one. So yeah, it makes sense that they're probably not wrong on this one.

    1. Part of the fun of hoping there ain't ever a Nintendo Switch Pro is laughing at the media for being wrong.

      Wot do I do when they're on both sides of the issue? :(


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