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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

The Last of Us: TV Series and Remake

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I don't know the business value of this.

I'll be very upfront about this article's gimmick: This article is a low-effort remake of my 2014 article, The Last Of Us: Movie and Port. I believe this is appropriate because Naughty Dog released a low-effort remake of their 2014 remaster of their 2013 original game, The Last of Us.

When people were talking about there being a The Last of Us remake, I thought they've been referring to The Last of Us Remastered on the PlayStation 4 the whole time. But, no, they really went and remade it to something called The Last of Us Part I, releasing this Friday (September 2, 2022). Why does this exist? I don't know. You can currently get The Last of Us Remastered, which was the subject of KoopaTV's 2014 article, on (or playable on) the PlayStation 5 for $20. Meanwhile, The Last of Us Part 1 is a full $70. Both claim to feature improved graphics and improved gameplay over the 2013 version. There are no discounts or data transfers for going from one version to another.

The Last of Us Remastered Part 1 Joel PlayStation 4 5 side by side
I grasp that the left and right are different, but I don't accept that the right picture is better.
Like, Joel's shirt looks like it has more texture on the PlayStation 4 here.
But regardless of the differences, I don't care.
And if you care enough about the graphic differences to pay $70 for the right in addition to the left, yes, that's your money, but I think you're an idiot.

The movie in my original article got cancelled, but instead they're working on an HBO TV series. I don't have any extra information on it besides that the first episode should be in 2023, but I figured I'm obligated to follow up on that. Maybe it'll have better production values than this remade game:

Ludwig still has never played The Last of Us, but it's not like he needs to. He's definitely not going to watch the HBO series. This remade article actually has more effort put into it than initially scoped, which also means there was more effort put into it than The Last of Us Part I.

Ludwig still won't watch the HBO series, but it's popular enough to get parodied on Saturday Night Live.


  1. Never played the game, but looking at the pictures. Joel almost looks to be in a different style or rendition in each. I suppose that may be the point but i like the right better. Definitely seems more "realistic" to me than the left.

    1. Switch Right and left for the above comment

    2. C'mon man, your whole comment is based on what's left and right and you mix 'em up.

      Anyway, yeah, I'd say the art direction is different but not drastically so that I care about it enough to do such a thing.

      To put it in more familiar terms for myself, let's say the art direction was very different. Like, let's say The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was remade on the Switch, but with cel-shaded graphics. Much bigger difference than what TLoU has going on. That'd be a big improvement (for me; I never liked TP's graphics) but I dunno if that's still worth a re-purchase. Unlikely.


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