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Friday, August 27, 2021

Finally Here: No More Heroes 3 Launched!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Yet despite my record of wanting it, I'm not getting it at launch...?

You can go back to the earliest Early Installment Weirdness articles on KoopaTV to know that I've been wanting No More Heroes 3—alternatively called No More Heroes III—on the then-current Nintendo console, the Wii U. I even put the existence of No More Heroes 3 on my...death wish list. Then skip to 2019 when No More Heroes 3 was announced, but I was concerned about its quality due to the game that came before it. The game proceeded to get delayed to improve its quality. An early build of it was shown at Nintendo Treehouse: Live | E3 2021... except only off-stream. The build was rough and had a lot of performance issues.

No More Heroes 3 Gold Joe boss fight development comparison early build
August 2021 Gold Joe boss fight video versus the early look from two months prior at Nintendo Treehouse: Live.

No More Heroes 3 has released today, at long last, but it also has an extensive Day 1 Patch download that is supposed to fix a number of problems, including performance issues. There might be more patches to come, so maybe it's better to wait for those first:

I've written briefly before about how Deadly Premonition reminds me of No More Heroes, and the former (Deadly Premonition 2 for the Nintendo Switch) also got more than one post-release patch to fix its technical issues. Despite waiting a VERY long time for No More Heroes 3, I'm... not in a particular rush to dive in until it gets a similar treatment. SUDA51, the game's director, himself mentioned the game's performance issues as something his team wishes to fix “until the very end”.

The professional reviews are all over the place, though their opinions are kind of irrelevant for a game like this. I've predicted the Metacritic score would be a 72. So far, it's a 75. Still doesn't mean anything.

I'm still not convinced that aliens are fun enemies, based on how boring fighting the glitchy bugs were in Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. Maybe it's also like how fighting monster hordes in, say, Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones is more of a mind-numbing drain than fighting humans. Or maybe I just like killing humans specifically due to my blanket loathing of your species.

Ludwig still has a backlog of things to play and finish, chief among them The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve. Maybe he should wait for No More Heroes 3 to go on sale, which it probably will by the end of 2021. ...But that'd mean getting the game digitally, which isn't a great idea, so... If you already have No More Heroes 3 (or III), let Ludwig know how it is and if there's any... problematic things in your experience that's worth waiting on.

Ludwig did end up purchasing and playing through No More Heroes 3, though it may be the last Grasshopper Manufacture game he'll buy in a long time. Also, the game does have glitches that actively hamper the experience.
No More Heroes 3 will launch once again, this time in Fall 2020 for non-Switch systems.

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