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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Forget LEGO Luigi... How about LEGO Seinfeld Instead?

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Same August 1, 2021 availability!

I have decried the LEGO Super Mario “Adventures with Luigi Starter Course” featuring LEGO Luigi when it was first announced, as well as the expansion sets and character packs and Power-Up Packs that share the same release time. It's a money trap and you won't get value from it... but much more importantly, there's tremendous evil embedded in those LEGO Super Mario figures.

If you want a new LEGO set, perhaps you should consider the new LEGO Seinfeld set. If you remember how there is a Sonic the Hedgehog LEGO set that came from the LEGO Ideas fan submissions site, then know that the Seinfeld set comes from the same thing. I actually pointed out that the Seinfeld set was coming in that article. Now it has released on the same August 1 day as the new LEGO Super Mario, and there's a lot of attention to detail:

LEGO Ideas Seinfeld set sitcom official released

(I had this as a blank caption as a “show about nothing” joke but I dunno if people got it.)

...I don't actually recommend you go spend your $80 on this, by the way. But if you do want to buy a LEGO set and don't want to spend your money on, say, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, better Jerry, George, Elaine, Kramer, and Newman than the Mario Bros. murdering innocents.

In some regions (like the United Kingdom) you can buy the new LEGO Super Mario sets directly from Nintendo's store. In other places you can buy them from the LEGO company. I don't recommend it no matter how you get it. They're terrifying!

Ludwig didn't have much time to write this because he spent his whole night watching Seinfeld clips for fun instead of getting the article picture together in a timely fashion. He obviously doesn't respect LEGO collecting as a hobby.

The next new LEGO set? ...The ? block from Super Mario 64.


  1. Now see, this here is an example of an article category that I'm just too hard pressed to come up with things to say about. I got fed up with LEGO when I was like 8 years old--I'm just not a very visual person, it felt like it took way too long to make anything, and I wasn't willing or really able to make my own ideas and the stuff made with instructions was too boring. Plus, I disdain sitcoms in general, let alone Seinfeld.

    My point is, this is basically the only time I'm going to be able to comment on a LEGO article here, because with this alone I've exhausted everything I can really say on the subject.

    1. That's fair, but things like those LEGO plumbers trying to ruin people can be interesting even if you don't like the LEGO sets themselves. ('cause, hey, I don't either.)

  2. “And Newman”
    I did not see Newman in the set, a typo mayhaps? I know you weren’t talking about the series in general as the previous sentence was about what to spend your money on.

    I’m not gonna buy Lego Mario but I hope it paves the way for some other Lego Nintendo franchises, Lego kirby would be interesting.

    Oh and I would much prefer a Lego “Curb your enthusiasm” over Lego Seinfeld.

    1. Newman isn't in my picture but if you look at the set on he's included.

    2. Gross. Who would want a Lego Newman. I can hear jerry saying it now, “….Newman!”

    3. When you control LEGO Newman, you control the mail... and therefore information!


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