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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

LEGO and Nintendo Announce "Adventures with Luigi" Starter Set

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Second fiddle? ...Still a danger.

Fresh off the LEGO Group press release:

LEGO Luigi, coming out August 1, 2021. You can (but shouldn't) pre-order the starter course here for $60. LEGO Luigi will be compatible with the already-existing LEGO Super Mario sets that KoopaTV has written extensively about, but he also comes with a couple new noteworthy aspects. Note that it's “LEGO Super Mario” but “LEGO Luigi”. ...Luigi has been barred from claiming superiority. That extends past the name and to the details of the whole set. Let's take a closer look...

The figures here are Luigi, Bone Goomba, Pink Yoshi, and Boom Boom. LEGO Luigi is described as being taller than LEGO Super Mario, and apparently has... goofier facial expressions. Meanwhile, Luigi gets a Bone Goomba in his set, which already exists as a LEGO Super Mario Character Pack Series 2. (Albeit only randomly, since it's physical gacha.) However, since Mario already has Green Yoshi locked up in his house as its own expansion set, Luigi gets Pink Yoshi instead. ...He can't ride on the Pink Yoshi, by the way. The Yoshi is much too small for that.

Consider that Pink Yoshi isn't... a famous or notable Yoshi or anything. Just a random pink-coloured Yoshi. Right off the street, or wherever. Now, I'm not gonna sit here and say that certain Yoshis are inherently superior to other Yoshis based on the colour of their scales, but when YOU think of Yoshi, pink ain't the first to come to your mind. Luigi is clearly getting second-dibs here.

LEGO Luigi Adventures head to head with Boom Boom tower
An angry, money-hungry Luigi menacingly stares at a much shorter Boom Boom.

That extends to Boom Boom, too. Who cares about Boom Boom? I don't, and this'll literally be the first non-Reaction Log KoopaTV article since we were founded (nearly eight years ago) where “Boom Boom” is name-dropped. And this is KoopaTV, so you'd think we'd be all over any kind of Koopa. But while Mario is attacking prominent Larry Koopa and Bowser Jr. on their real towers, second-fiddle LEGO Luigi is assaulting Boom Boom—a Koopa no one cares about and hardly remembers—on Boom Boom's sad excuse for a monument. Boom Boom is just sitting around doing nothing. Not contributing to society in any way, but also not hurting it. Just a lazy couch Koopa. Total neutral impact here.

But to try to look good to his brother, Luigi goes and knocks Boom Boom off his glorified couch...perhaps fatally.

Boom Boom LEGO Adventures with Luigi falls on head dies violence
Plumber brutality claims yet another victim.
Boom Boom Lives Matter! (#BBLM)

I might be disrespecting what little Boom Boom accomplished during his life (and he worked for me and the other Koopalings, by the way, in past adventures... he did a terrible job), but I'll at least honour his death. What Luigi did was wrong, but that's to be expected of him. However, I expect YOU, the reader, to not put up with Mario and Luigi's murder streak. Join KoopaTV in condemning this, and boycott LEGO Luigi.

KoopaTV specialises in documenting the crimes of the Super Mario Bros. in the “Enlightenment Movement” category articles, including how nefarious LEGO Super Mario is. His twin brother joining him is just them doubling down on brainwashing children to have bad value systems. Stay with KoopaTV for future content, and take action!

One wonders if Luigi will also get costume packs like Mario did.
There will be new costume packs releasing August 1 as well, but they seem to be shared between brothers. Also, there's two-person multiplayer.
Luigi gets Mansion expansions in LEGO form.
Now Princess Peach will be the third major playable figure.


  1. Boom Boom is the only Koopaling that I'm okay with. The rest can go and boom-boom themselves to death. Another fine Lego set from Nintendo and the "Lego" Company.

  2. Instead of a pink yoshi, they should have had birdo. I would like a birdo lego.

    1. I was gonna say "Birdo is Boom Boom tier" but Birdo's actually higher than that.

      Apparently Yoshi's job is to devour Bone Goomba (see :28 in video), which Birdo can't do. ...I think.

  3. I dunno if it's just me, but lego luigi (in trailer) looks thinner than lego mario. that means that luigi cannot fit into mario's costumes. meaning that ol nintindin is gonna sell us stuff we already can use, but now with green.

    1. Well, the press release says he's fully compatible with his brother's stuff. I know he's taller; I can't tell if he's thinner.


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