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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

LEGO Mario Gets Four Costume Packs and It's Not Even Out Yet

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - But they're acting like it is. Or they're shameless.

You may remember that I was very critical of the Nintendo-LEGO company collaboration that there would be a Super Mario LEGO set, with several subsequent expansion sets to follow. The first sets are supposed to come out August 1, 2020. I was critical due to the bad values that it would instill in kids.

Today Nintendo (and LEGO) put out this video revealing “NEW LEGO Super Mario Power-Up Packs!” I mean, just the thumbnail is terrifying enough:

There is little information on this besides what appears on the YouTube video. It's not up on the LEGO Super Mario campaign website or Nintendo's site, though LEGO does have this press release. It's the physical equivalent of DLC costume packs, with each suit being $10. In other words, you're literally paying $10 just for this:

LEGO Fire Mario Power-Up Pack hat overalls shoes pieces
I don't think the red platform the clothing articles are on are included, either.

And all you get out of it are imaginary fireballs. Mario makes a fireball noise, but... otherwise...

Basically, all of these Power Up Packs—Fire Mario, Propeller Mario, Cat Mario, and Builder Mario—are just ways to get coins much faster than how the normal LEGO Mario gameplay is configured. If you get Propeller Mario, you literally just need to spam waggle to get coins. It's pay-to-win. (Pay-to-win to get virtual coins of no value to the children.) These also release on August 1, and require owning the starter set to do anything with.

If Nintendo is willing to screw little children over with pay-to-win DLC on a LEGO set, imagine what they'll be willing to do on their own videogames. 

I actually have more to say on this topic, BUT you're going to have to wait for Friday's article to hear it. This article is set up for that article. That's usually the case on KoopaTV, but I'm being an outright tease here. You'll understand on Friday. 

Do you think those costume packs are worth it? Do you find that the expansion packs and costume packs are eerily parallel to videogame industry business practices? What could Ludwig be hyping about for Friday? Why not make remarks in the comments section?

Here's the Friday article... about the dangers of kids taking after Fire Mario.
If you thought costume packs were bad, wait until you see “blind bag” character packs and how many expansion sets there are.
Before anyone has bought any of these, Nintendo and LEGO have announced an NES set.
More Power Ups coming January 2021: Tanooki Suit and Penguin Suit!
You can get Luigi in 2021, too!
Along with Luigi, there's Costume Packs for Frog Mario and Bee Mario.

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