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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Steam Midweek Madness Sale, Featuring Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Here's your May for Mia Fey opportunity. (Eh, there might be others in this month.)

As recently as...well... yesterday, during something as important as KoopaTV's seven-year anniversary, I wrote:
“KoopaTV expresses love very often, such as reverently praising the Ace Attorney series at any possible opportunity. In doing so, we're not only expressing love, but we are spreading it. We've found that people who take our recommendations and experience the Ace Attorney franchise for themselves then become Ace Attorney lovers. It's spreading love. That's a very positive thing.”

AND, BEHOLD, RIGHT AFTER I WRITE THAT, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy becomes on sale on Steam, via the Steam Midweek Madness Sale. (Triple homophone in that sentence.) Since all of the glowing praise I gave myself and KoopaTV was all accurate information, I'm obligated to stay true to my word and tell you to buy Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy for $15 on Steam, with the sale ending 13:00 Eastern on Friday, May 15.

There are literally over 1,400 games also on sale on Steam right now, but Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is the most worthy of your interest. It's a collection of THREE games that are fantastic adventure games (linear story and character-driven narratives with some gameplay inputs on your part needed to progress it, such as investigating crime scenes, interviewing possible witnesses, and cross-examining court testimony) that everyone who plays ends up loving.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy Switch Mia Fey Court Record R button monologue
It's an adventure game as opposed to a visual novel.
Don't underestimate the gameplay content in Ace Attorney. After you open up the Court Record, you have to make decisions that can get you into a fail state, like other games.
(It's also opposed to an RPG.)

If you want a character witness (heh) for how great the Ace Attorney series, just go to the comments section and discuss the matter. In all likelihood, the game will be on sale for the Switch later this month (or June), so if Steam isn't your thing, you can be a little patient and it'll be 50% on the system of your choice. The screenshot is from the Switch version. KoopaTV will probably write an article when it's on sale later, because this happens consistently enough that it's a reliable source of filler article material. And Ludwig deserves taking a free day off after that epic piece from yesterday, being the anniversary article.

It was on sale on the Switch as recently as the end of April 2020!
It was on sale on Steam at 50% off as recently as last week (May 6).
In May 2021 for KoopaTV's anniversary, CAPCOM again put the Ace Attorney games on sale, except as a dedicated sale just for Ace Attorney on the Nintendo eShop.

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