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Friday, April 9, 2021

Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Log Week 34: Three Houses

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Choose your trial!

Two weeks ago I gave you my 33rd week of KoopaTV's Fitness Fridays. What's with the gap? Well, last week was... a very special week, and because I knew that early in the week, I just took a break from all forms of physical exercise, just so I wouldn't miss a beat in telling you all the details of my personal fitness. ...Yeah, that doesn't read like a very smart thing I did.

Because I took a break (and read this for how the break ended), when I started up Ring Fit Adventure on Sunday night, I lowered the difficulty level from max (30) to one less (29). Just to help get back into things easier. We're at World 34: Extra Fitness Lv. 217. Since this is based off World 11: Valley of Wishes (covered in Week 10 and concluded in Week 11) we encounter the spotty Fortune Teller, who says we must pass FOUR TRIALS. I gotta admit, I totally forgot this world had a Fortune Teller—he charged us 100 coins for a fortune at the time. All I remember are Allegra, Armando, and Abdonis posing as my friends, but the Fortune Teller did mumble that they passed by here. He also knows we saved the world.

Ring Fit Adventure World 34 Extra Fitness Lv. 217 Fortune Teller survive four trials
Survival is pretty easy. My defence stat is way too high for enemies to kill me off.

The first level is Rumbling Road, which I noted before has some cool level design in how the special movement features of the level (including Squat Hold jump pads and Overhead Ring Pull pulleys) interacts with a barrage of spiked rolling logs, and how you need to time your platforming and movement appropriately so you don't get hit by them. (Getting hit makes you lose 10 coins, which is a far worse and permanent consequence compared to losing hearts.) There is a Treasure Chest with one Deep Purple Smoothie at the end of the level. Clearing the road got me access to the Dreadmill (Advanced) Game Gym, which then gave me one Topaz item for completion. It also got me access to the Town and General Store Number 30! They're selling the Sky Jogger II (set bonus being slightly increased item vacuum range) and the Sunset Runner II (for easier jogging and knee lifts). You need four total Topaz to buy the new items... which is more than I got. Perhaps I'll find a Topaz in the next level, Sunset Road?

Ring Fit Adventure Rumbling Road squat hold platformer timing spiked rolling logs
I know I already have screenshots of Rumbling Road on this site,
but I don't think I have any of the Squat Hold part of the course.
If you lift up your squat at the wrong time, you'll land against those spiked logs and be unhappy.
Wait for them to be clear!

I didn't find Topaz, but I did find Slinkbugs, and I had to Tree Pose for 58 seconds to make them go away. (I bet it'd be 60 seconds if I was in difficulty level 30...!) The next level is Athlete's Road, which is a palette swap of a previous and recent level with the Squat swings across the water. At this point, I should stop playing, but the next thing is a Fitness Gym, and unlike what I did in Week 11, I don't want to START a session with that. So I'll do it now. It's the Waist Set, which offers a 425-coin completion bonus. Back in Week 11, I completed it at difficulty level 29... which is what I'm at now! And, uh, the Waist Set is the easiest Fitness Gym, between Russian Twist, Overhead Hip Shake, and Standing Twist being a breeze to complete, Tree Pose being difficult to do correctly in real life but the game will give you a perfect score either way, and Pendulum Bend which I'm pretty sure I have horrible posture for, but still not a big problem. The overworld Treasure Chest contains a Dragon Fruit. And now I'll stop... and leave a miniboss fight for me to do first thing next time I play! (Maybe I shouldn't have done the Waist Set on Sunday?)

Time to face the miniboss. On Tuesday. Monday just wasn't gonna happen. ...And to my total surprise, it's time for PROFESSOR DRAGAUX'S MUSCLE INSPECTION. We need to beat the miniboss inhabiting the Monster Dwelling—a Matta Slay with a Blue Gobhoplin+, Red Gobhoplin+, Yellow Gobhoplin+, and Green Gobhoplin+—only using the Fit Skills he's selected, which are...

Ring Fit Adventure Professor Dragaux World 34 well-balanced pared down Fit Skills Monster Dwelling
They're not well-balanced... at least, not by game design standards.
(I guess by Fit Skill type.)

  1. Overhead Press Lv.3—1-range, 3-turn recharge, 655 base power; Arms Fit Skill
  2. Front Press Lv.3—3-range, 3-turn recharge, 390 base power; Arms Fit Skill
  3. Overhead Arm Spin Lv.3—5-range, 5-turn recharge, 490 base power; Arms Fit Skill
  4. Squat Lv.3—1-range, 3-turn recharge, 655 base power; Legs Fit Skill
  5. Overhead Squat Lv.3—5-range, 3-turn recharge, 325 base power; Legs Fit Skill
  6. Thigh Press Lv.3—1-range, 3-turn recharge, 615 base power; Legs Fit Skill
  7. Russian Twist Lv.3—5-range, 4-turn recharge, 455 base power; Abs Fit Skill
  8. Plank Lv.3—3-range, 4-turn recharge, 485 base power; Abs Fit Skill
  9. Open & Close Leg Raise Lv.3—4-turn recharge, 17-heart recovery; Abs Fit Skill
Ring Fit Adventure Matta Slay wants to give a piggyback ride Monster Dwelling miniboss
...Why are we fighting? Can't we stop and have that piggyback ride?

Shout-out to how unbalanced Ring Fit Adventure puts these damage values. You should never want to Overhead Squat—it's the weakest attack here, AND the hardest to perform. Anyway, the Gobhoplin+s are basically harmless and also offer no utility to Matta Slay, so... it's best to focus on just the single-target attacks on Matta Slay and ignore the other enemies. Matta Slay will heal itself and all of its minions in the same turn. You can use multi-target attacks like Russian Twist to help recharge your more useful single-target attacks. I managed to clear the whole fight never using either Squat, the Plank, or the Leg Raise. Got the last Topaz I needed to finish shopping, too. Professor Dragaux was apparently mesmerised by the whole thing.

Ring Fit Adventure World 34 overworld map second half
The rest of World 34 follows this half of the map, so I'm referring to it for the rest of the article.

The next half of the world gives you a warp that goes to the Rare Hoplin at the start. There's three of them. They give experience. Anyway, the next place I'm going is the Battle Gym north of the warp, which has four rounds. Whee, more battling. Got a Defense Drink for completing it, which I did in eight turns. Over 25 minutes of in-game time has passed just from the miniboss and the Battle Gym, but I'm going to still clear Soak Road, the next actual level. ...And that was REALLY quick, so I also did the next level, Hasty Highway—which is a palette swap of the longest course in the game, and that is also the level that leads to the Gold Hoplin fight. ...But I'll save that one for another day!

On Wednesday night, I don't have time to bring back KoopaTV, but I do have time to play Ring Fit Adventure, starting off by fighting three Gold Hoplins and getting 3000 total coins from it (thanks to a smoothie bonus). Behind the fight is the Crate Crasher (Advanced) Game Gym, which I got a Strength Drink for A-ranking... but I really want an S rank for the title. And I received that S rank when I tried it a second time and got 32,100 points! As well as the Storage Sunderer title. That's definitely not the maximum number of crates or points you could crash in the time limit, but I'll take it.

Subsequently, I cleared the world's second four-round Battle Gym for a 425-coin bonus. I also got a Topaz from an enemy dropping one... and ANOTHER Topaz from the overworld Treasure Chest you see on the map above. Behind the chest is the Bank Balance (Advanced) Game Gym, which I already have S ranked, and they gave me one Dragon Fruit for clearing it. Finally, I cleared the filler River Road level, which has a river to row through... and rain... ya. By the way, up to this point, I've only had one of the four trials the Fortune Teller mentioned.

On Friday, it's time to finish up World 34. The last level before the boss fight was Twilight Road. I cleared that without incident since I skipped the enemy fights. More importantly is Dragaux Stadium, featuring our second, third, and fourth trials in one boss fight: Allegra, Armando, and Abdonis, all very eager to want to train me. They want me to decide who to choose first. (Abdonis, for his part, talks exactly like Claude from Fire Emblem: Three Houses would in that situation [of course, that same situation happened in that game], trying to look like a reasonable option in front of the arguing Allegra/Armando.) This is one of the longest and hardest fights in this game (with an estimated 23 minutes clear time?!), and I know ahead of time there's no point in bringing Yoga Fit Skills because Green won't be super-effective on anyone.

Ring Fit Adventure Abdonis dialogue Four Masters arguing World 34 legs arms abs training
“Oh, joy. A royal debate between Their Highnesses. I wonder how being completely predictable affects one’s ability to wield power.
Personally, as the embodiment of distrust, I’d say your little exchange smacks of naivet√©.” - Claude

As for the level design itself, it's pinwheel door after pinwheel door you gotta bust open with many Ring Press air blasts to turn the pinwheels at the top around to get the door open. While there are smoothies you can drink to make, say, jogging easier, there's nothing to boost the power of your air blasts so you'd have to do less of them. It's physically exhausting and Ring wisely recommends I go take breaks during the level.

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux Stadium World 34 defeat four masters
Ring had no problem insulting and upsetting people in earlier worlds.

After all of those ring pushes, Allegra says I don't have to choose because the three of the present Four Masters will just train me all at once. Allegra introduces her leg training's goal as, “Hips That Gaze upon the Heavens!” Abdonis declared his stomach work to be for “An Artisanal Six-Pack!” Most interestingly, Armando wants to train my arms for “Arms That Rise Like Mountains over the Deltoid Foothills!”

As for the fighting, you're fighting the three of them simultaneously, but fortunately they're positioned so three-range Fit Skills will hit all three of them at once. They all have hit point values large enough as if you were fighting them individually... but there are three of them, so it's a very long fight. That said, their attacks are still quite weak.

Well, except the super attacks. I targeted Allegra by starting the fight with several three-range Legs Fit Skills, and since she has lower defence stats than Armando or Abdonis, her HP fell below half first. She retaliated with a giant blue energy leg that I needed to Wide Squat for 35–36 seconds to deflect, which knocked off about 1/5 to 1/4 of her HP once it hit her back. That's far shorter than, say, fighting Guru Andma's leg-based super attack. Armando was next, summoning a giant red energy fist for his super attack that I needed to Back Press for about 34 seconds to deflect. That's significantly easier than Wide Squat!

I beat Allegra and Armando in the same three-range Knee-Lift Combo Lv. 3 Fit Skill, and that brought Abdonis down to below half his HP, too, resulting in the last super attack: a giant yellow energy stomach that I needed to Leg Raise for around 34 seconds to deflect, knocking down Abdonis to about his last quarter of health left. My slight problem here was that both Armando and Allegra gave me strange glares that lower the power of my Yellow Fit Skills, but drinking one Chard Smoothie to cancel all negative status effects did away with that problem. That let me knock Abdonis out by using only one Abs Fit Skill the entire fight: my strongest one, the Overhead Lunge Twist Lv.3.

The Dragaux Stadium took me about 17 minutes to clear (less than 23!), and I got a Topaz. The game also informed me I did about 600 Ring Presses to open all the Pinwheel Doors....

Ring Fit Adventure Fortune Teller super vague fortunes lucky break
I have instant losses of respect for people who think crap like horoscopes are legitimate.

At least I cleared the world! I don't intend to take another week-long break for this game, so stay tuned next week for whatever the next world brings.

Ring Fit Adventure Exercise Log Week World 34

Ludwig doesn't really remember what comes next in the story, so... you can either look yourself, or stay tuned and experience it with Ludwig. He's not sure if beating Allegra first means he picked her training. Probably does mean that. He just wanted her out of the way!

Did you stay tuned? Here's what comes next: World 35!
How did FITNESS MASTER handle this world? Well, that boss fight got a totally different meaning.


  1. All three bosses at the same time? Difficulty is one thing, but I don't like long battles, especially ones where the boss is so hard you have to hide in a corner or constantly defend so you won't get hit but can only deal 3 hp damage at a time. Also "Can't we stop and that piggyback ride?" I think this image caption does not make sense. An error perhaps?

    1. rip I missed a verb

      The problem with Ring Fit Adventure is that the enemies scale in bulk but not in offence, so nothing in the RPG mechanics is ever difficult, except for your tolerance for how long any given engagement lasts.
      ...Or you could fail defending a super attack and get OHKO'd.

      In my limited experience talking to other players, I'm apparently very overleveled because I'm constantly wearing EXP +5% equipment, and am 100%ing the game as opposed to skipping content.

  2. lol I haven't done this in two weeks and so I forgot that this is supposed to have the words "Fitness Log" in the title. >_>

  3. Sleepy Joe rigged the 2020 election.

  4. Replies
    1. Do all the sidequests and Multitask Mode every day, and you'll be overleveled and invincible.

  5. also any tips on aerochute? My highest is only 500 points ;(

    1. Um... are you...pulling the Ring-Con out to slow your descent? <_<;
      You gotta do that, and then drift above the tokens, and then let go to descend through the token, and then pull again at the next token and keep re-positioning yourself. I'd have to see a screen capture video or something to understand where you're going wrong there.

    2. TYSM for the tips! I got 2900 :)


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