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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Monster Hunter Digital Event April 2021 Thoughts

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Warning: My thoughts are mostly for Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Just last month, CAPCOM held the Monster Hunter Digital Event - March 2021. Now today, there's the Monster Hunter Digital Event - April 2021. Maybe we'll get one next month, too. Like before, this talked about both Monster Hunter Stories 2 and Monster Hunter Rise, and in that order. Unlike last month, both games got about the same amount of time to shine:

Quite frankly, it's better to just look at the Monster Hunter Stories 2 website to see the new information than to watch through the event. CAPCOM's web designers did a fancy job of putting blue dots next to the new info. Basically, on top of the basic plot points we learned last time about the protagonist's newly hatched Rathalos super-pet/friend supposedly being a calamitous creature that will bring ruin to the world, there are several organised Hunters that want to capture/kill your pal. Which, hey, makes sense. Everyone in the land probably knows the legends of what your Razewing Ratha is supposed to do, and based people adventuring a lot as their occupation, word must get out fast.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Razewing Ratha destroy the world legends awakening
...Yeah, I wouldn't put it past him.

Besides the character and story beats, there's a lot that was revealed about which monsters will be in the game, which I don't really care about as someone pretty unfamiliar with the Monster Hunter franchise. A lot of the gameplay mechanics seem to be returning from the first game, like the rock-paper-scissors Power-Speed-Technical triangle where you need to keep an eye on your opponent's habits and gestures and make predictions accordingly. There's also the monster parts feature where you target specific areas of monsters’ body to accomplish different effects. There are also NPCs you can fight with during the story, or actual co-op buddies for special Co-Op Expedition Quests or Versus Battles. CAPCOM said the battle system is overall “improved.”

As for Monster Hunter Rise, CAPCOM has just released version 2.0.0 of the game. Apparently CAPCOM wants you to pay for uses of its character editor, or something, called a Character Edit Voucher that costs $3 per voucher. I don't know how that's justified—though you can edit your character's hair, eyebrow colour, facial hair, makeup, and clothing for free. Fans are also really excited for “layered armour”, which means that you can have your character's armour stats be independent of the aesthetics, in case you want to wear a cool-looking outfit that has poor stats.

The game have a version 3.0 by the end of May, which will include a new ending. So, yeah, I think we're definitely gonna have a Monster Hunter Digital Event May 2021.

I also wanna note that CAPCOM is pushing for pre-orders very hard on all of their games, and I'm going to say that's because pre-orders ensure you're paying full price for the game. Y'know, as opposed to the substantial discounts that CAPCOM offers on their nigh-monthly sales. (Which aren't happening right now, at least.)

Ludwig didn't communicate very well that he's hyped or even excited for Monster Hunter Stories 2, and while “hyped” is too strong a word (unlike for another CAPCOM July 2021 release), he's looking forward to the game and is actively following its developments because he's pretty sure it'll at least be very good. Feel free to comment about anything, including if you think Razewing Ratha will destroy the world like the legends say.

As you could've easily predicted, there was another digital event in May 2021!


  1. It sounds like they're making the combat in Stories 2 more strategic when it comes to using patterns and clues to predict attacks, which would be really nice. In the first game it felt like it came down to luck a bit too often.

    1. Do you think it's more, less, or the same level of strategy as ROSHAMBO in Paper Mario: Color Splash?

    2. Didn't Color Splash give you a hint for the first two rounds and then have the third one be entirely luck-based? I'm not sure I'd really say there was much strategy there.

      In the first MH Stories, it was more like, "Okay, this monster tends to use speed attacks, but occasionally something else, so the next attack has a good chance of being speed," or "this monster normally uses this attack twice in a row and then a different attack, but randomly throws in a different one" so I'm not sure that's exactly strategy either, more like memorization and a bit of luck.

      I'm hoping Stories 2 will expand on that to be more strategic, which should put it above Roshambo's level of strategy.

    3. More or less yes. You just have to be smart enough to pick up on the meaning of the hints.
      Similar to being smart enough to pick up on monster habits...!


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