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Monday, April 12, 2021

E3 2021 Begins June 12, 2021

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - My thoughts on the “new” E3... at least, what we know so far.

In two months... we'll have the Electronic Entertainment Expo again! E3 2021 is the world's premier event for videogame products, and it will begin June 12 (Saturday) until June 15 (Tuesday), so if you have school or work or whatever then, be sure to schedule time off now. True to its name, it'll be entirely digital this time—an all-virtual event. We'll see live press conferences on a four-day video stream, and the show's organiser, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), may wish to test this format to gauge E3's future, even after pandemics end. (Reminder that E3 2020 got cancelled entirely.) In fact, the ESA believes that “in 2022 [...] E3 will encompass a full 360 degree interactive digital and in-person event.” (What does 360 degree mean? Many camera angles? A return to the Xbox 360?)

Big videogame company names will include Nintendo, Microsoft, and CAPCOM. They're excluding perennially awful E3 performers like Electronic Arts and Sony, which is fine by me. (Well, to be more accurate, those companies excluded themselves. I'm sure E3 would've rather had them, even if I'd rather not watch them.)

KoopaTV will provide our signature E3 coverage during the livestreams, and as far as I'm concerned, the digital format is a good thing, because coming to E3 in-person is pretty bad. Last time I physically went to E3, I got detained by the police and sat in a jail cell.

There's a pre-event media...thing that's supposed to happen from June 7 to June 11. They haven't yet defined who constitutes as media and haven't started asking for media applications... but I get the feeling that they wouldn't consider KoopaTV to be media. According to the ESA, approved media “will have unique opportunities to connect with our exhibitors and sponsors.”

...Meh, I've had enough unique opportunities to connect with Nintendo in just the past two weeks to last me the whole year. Or more. Probably best to participate as a normal fan. ...With excellent insight, mind you. That's what we do at KoopaTV!

You'll want to stay tuned to KoopaTV during E3 2021, as well as the two months leading up to it, as the companies will likely disclose what their plans will be, which KoopaTV will cover since all of that will constitute as commentary-worthy events.

Several other companies are joining as well, including SEGA, Bandai Namco, and SQUARE ENIX.
Nintendo's E3 2021 plans are made clear, and KoopaTV is indeed participating as fans, not a media site.
E3 2022 got cancelled.


  1. I only want to see what Nintendo has to offer, seems like they almost always 'win' E3. They should bring back Cammy Dunway she was the best nintendo presenter....aheheh

    1. CAPCOM being there is a good sign for me and my dreams of Ace Attorney. >_>


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