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Friday, April 16, 2021

Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Log Week 35: Daddalus Consulting Co.

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - This log contains SIX enemy super attacks!

It's (barely still) Friday, and you know what that means... KoopaTV Fitness Fridays! Where I tell you what progress I've made throughout the week in fitness and exercise. All in the name of personal health... and the rapidly approaching Tokyo Olympic Games.

Last week was Week 34, making this week Week 35, focusing on World 35: Extra Fitness Lv. 222. This is the Extra Fitness version of World 12: Wings of Daddalus, a world I totally forgot about. This takes us back to Eureka Village, home to the inventor Daddalus, who uses his brilliant mind to invent... non-useful things, like a Sentry robot that poses as a human with human speech patterns. World 35 is a bit of a breather level compared to World 34, with only ten courses total. I am increasing the difficulty level back to 30 (max) from 29, though.

Ring Fit Adventure Eureka Village Sentry robot mate Daddalus
We easily tricked the Sentry to not give us a hard time.
Dunno why Ring thinks the intersection between linguistics and artificial intelligence is a waste of time, though.

The first level is Clever-Trick Temple. It's not so clever of a trick, since it's the same level design as Pushpull Shrine from World 32. Right at the start they force a Treasure Chest to you containing a new stone: the Peridot. The second treasure chest—this one being very missable if you screw up the “ride the block down the incline and then double jump to the upper platform” timing—has a Defense Drink, which is sort of appreciated since it's a rare item and not one you can just make more of, but also not useful because I have more than enough Defense. (It's a permanent +1 to your Defense stat; with it, I now have 1316 Defense.)

The next course is a surprise...!

So... the next level is Mt. Fearmenot, and Dragaux and Daddalus were conspiring for a surprise muscle inspection there. Apparently, Daddalus is Dragaux's consultant, but they haven't yet finished surveying the mountain because I beat Abdonis, Allegra, and Armando so quickly in World 34. So they threw “finish this within 150 steps” as a guess estimate for a challenging run. Ring thinks Dragaux asking for someone's help is character development... and I guess this is opposed to forcing other people to help like he did in the main adventure?

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux hires Daddalus as consultant Mt. Fearmenot World 34
I wonder how much Dragaux is paying Daddalus for this consulting work.

Anyway, THIS is how Ring Fit Adventure reintroduces the Wing/flying mechanic back into the level design, which is... alright. I guess it contrasts with the World 12 mission where they wanted you to run through Mt. Fearmenot in 180 steps, but I did it in 88 at the time. There's a Treasure Chest that contains Peridot in this level. I cleared Mt. Fearmenot in 89 steps, which amazed Daddalus (and doesn't amaze me since it's one worse than what I did in January 2020). Dragaux says Daddalus's math was fine, but I'm such a wild card that I'm bound to screw up number crunching. Still, Dragaux and Daddalus will revise their formulae for next time.

That opened up several different options on the map, so let's first head to General Store Number 31, where they're selling the Pink Flamingo II set (with the set bonus of slightly increasing running speed) and the Tropical Parrot II set (with the set bonus of making you drop only half your money on courses with environmental hazards, like spiked logs). Each clothing set requires two Peridot, and I only got two total, so I'll have to come back with two more later...

In terms of where to go afterwards, I went west of town for the Monster Den, simply because it's a dead-end and goes nowhere else. In the main adventure, this level has plot relevance, but here, it's just non-descript filler. The level contains a Treasure Chest with five Tatsoi (irrelevant vegetables) in it. Unlike that first time we went through it in the adventure, there's no forced monster fight at the end of the course, so there aren't really more monsters than usual. Y'know, for a course called Monster Den. To finish off my Sunday night, I went to the Battle Gym south of the Town, which is where there ARE a bunch of monsters. Four waves of monsters, in fact. (Wave 1 being one Gobhoplin; Wave 2 being a Green Mallusk, a Belldog, and a Naughtylus; Wave 3 had one Blue Mallusk and one Gobhoplin; and Wave 4 had a Red Protean Shaker, a Yellow Gobhoplin, a Puffersquish, a Blue Gobhoplin, and a Green Protean Shaker.) The reward is actually very important: A brand-new smoothie recipe, for the Deep Lime Green Smoothie! That recipe is... 2 Green Tea Leaves + 2 Lime + 2 Tatsoi (guess it's not so irrelevant?) = 7 hearts of recovery, Green Fit Skill attack power ↑↑, and switching all Fit Skill colours to green!

Starting Monday, I went to the Upsurge Studio! This one is long not just from the fights, but from the Squat/Back Press/Chair Pose rail carts that also include a Robbin coin-smuggling attempt.

Ring Fit Adventure Upsurge Studio Robbins rails Back Press rear
I sort of want to intentionally get caught by the Robbins just to see how many coins they take.
(But I kinda need all of the coins so I can afford the shop items!)

The next level is the Soleus Gold Mine, which is a miniboss battle between a Red Megaphauna+, the Blue Pitbell, and a Yellow Protean Shaker+. This had story significance originally (and the Blue Pitbell originally held the Wing power-up of Ring's), but now it's just a fight with cool music and a big HP bar.

The Yellow Protean Shaker+ will decrease the effectiveness of Red, Green, or Blue Fit Skills, while increasing the power of Yellow Fit Skills. This could put you in a scenario where your strongest Yellow Fit Skills (like Overhead Lunge Twist) are doing about the same damage as your strongest super-effective Blue Fit Skills (like Knee Lift or Thigh Press).

Uh... when the Blue Pitbell got to half health, it did a big tornado spin SUPER ATTACK which I had to MEGA AB GUARD... but I screwed up holding it and couldn't reset my positioning so it actually one-hit KO'd me, which makes it the second time in my playthrough that happened. (See here for the first time, including a video.) Fortunately, I have a vast inventory of revival smoothies. Unfortunately, being revived blanks out your buffs (and nerfs) from the Yellow Protean Shaker+...and any power smoothies, if you drank those. Normally, enemies in this game are doing basically no damage to you, as seen in the video above. OHKO moves and losing your physical real-life stamina are the only threats.

Ring Fit Adventure Blue Pitbell finishing blow
That item the Blue Pitbell is dropping (see blue circle with question mark) is another Peridot.
(I have ~four hearts because my revival smoothie gave me that many.)

After that sad state of affairs, we move on to the world's overworld Treasure Chest... which has three Wheatgrass Smoothies. All those do is give you recovery. Boring. Next level: Tornado Temple. An interior flying level. You know what'd be interesting? If there were enemies you had to avoid while flying. I know moving left or right is not that functionally different from moving left or right to collect coins or something, but you'd think some of these monsters would have wings. (...And I guess there are the dark-influenced birds later, but those don't appear in flight segments.)

Tornado Temple was the last thing I did on Monday, but how about Tuesday? First I did the overworld Rare Hoplin fight, which had two Rare Hoplins... and I let one of them get away because I don't really care about getting the experience from them.

Ring Fit Adventure Knee-to-Chest Rare Hoplin hard floor
While I have a carpet on my hard floor, it still kind of hurts to do too many Knee-to-Chest exercises.
This was solved by sitting on a pillow on my carpet on my hard floor.

Next, I cleared the Fluttering Heights. I have nothing to say about it. Next, and the main event of tonight, is the Flexibility Set Fitness Gym, featuring...
  1. Seated Forward Press (x30)—Hold down the Ring-Con while sitting.
  2. Fan Pose (x28)—This is physically impossible for me to actually perform correctly. You need to sit down, with your back straight, hold the Ring-Con up above your head, and extend one leg out and the other leg bent. Then bend to the side and return to normal.
  3. Standing Forward Fold (x16)—This is the glitchiest thing in Ring Fit Adventure, more than Overhead Side Bends. You're supposed to hold the Ring-Con in back of you on your lower back, then bend down while bringing the Ring-Con above you. Except the game's Ring-Con detection doesn't match the actual pose requirements, so it considers a repetition to be done far earlier than it should be. If you keep going, it might consider you doing the next rep, and then it'll give you a failing 1/100 grade for doing so. It's a good thing you never need to use this Fit Skill in actual play.
  4. Revolved Crescent Lunge Pose (x28)—At least this pose isn't problematic.
  5. Warrior I Pose (x28)—Good ending.
For getting an A rank or higher, I got... a Strength Drink! I could've gotten an S rank, but getting 1/100 scores on failed Standing Forward Folds obviously hurts the average score. I spent the rest of the night, all the way to midnight, going back a couple of worlds and trying to S rank Robo-Wrecker (Advanced). I got to a high score of 13,500, but I'm pretty sure a perfect score is 13,600, and you need to perfect it to S rank it. That's equivalent to a one robot difference, but in a game of whack-a-mole, there is a BIG competency gap between hitting every object and hitting every object but one. Missing one is what enables you to have the time to hit the others.

I skipped Wednesday and Thursday because there is only one course left to clear. It's the Temple of Balance, versus Guru Andma. She thought I'd be stopped by Dragaux's higher-difficulty training, but... nah. The boss is actually Guru Andma with one Green Sufferfish and a regular Sufferfish. Those were minibosses before, so it's Guru Andma plus two minibosses. Only the Green Sufferfish has a weakness, too.

The Sufferfish duo actually can do MORE than under a quarter of a heart of damage each! Wow! As for Guru Andma, she immediately opened with an arm-based SUPER ATTACK that I had to Back Press defend for 35 seconds against.

Ring Fit Adventure Abdominal Twist Press Rush Sufferfish Guru Andma boss fight
Guru Andma is looking on as I'm bludgeoning her Sufferfish.
...They are BOTH going to unleash super attacks on me on their turn.

More significantly, the Green Sufferfish ALSO has a SUPER ATTACK that you'll need to MEGA AB GUARD against. So does the regular Sufferfish! They activate those when they get to below half health... and you may have to defend against a Sufferfish's super attack on the same turn as Guru Andma's super attacks! ...Which happened to me when I had to defend against her yellow energy stomach with an extended Leg Raise. For your information, I didn't fail the MEGA AB GUARD against these Sufferfish like I did on Monday.

Her last super attack, of course, was a giant blue energy leg I needed to painfully Wide Squat to defend against. I finally managed to beat Guru Andma and her minions... and she said I have achieved balance. She dropped a Peridot stone. And... then the world ended with no additional dialogue.

Ring Fit Adventure Guru Andma you have achieved balance already boss dialogue World 35 Extra Fitness Lv. 222
I feel like she's said this sort of thing before. Do I win the game now?
What's there left to achieve?

Well, I'm PANTING after all of those extended super attack defences. Very tired. Good night!

Ring Fit Adventure Exercise Log Week World 35 Extra Fitness Lv. 222
This is Ring Fit Adventure's definition of a breather level, for your information.

Next world will be pretty unique. Should be a fun time. Maybe. Stay tuned on KoopaTV!

Here's World 36's Fitness Log. Quite unique.
Ludwig got mugged by Robbins in World 45, and they stole 500 coins.
Guru Andma and her Ball pets challenge Ludwig to a repeat of this world in World 58. Daddalus doesn't show up.


  1. I would formally like to request an image of you doing the Warrior pose.

  2. Guru Andma needs to lose some weight, it can't be good to be so round at her age. But then again it looks like she's standing on it but it connects to her feet. Is she in some kind of knitted robot suit?

    1. Uh... She's balancing on the ball. Her knees are facing forward while her feet are on the back.
      Like this:
      ...Or this:

    2. oh okay then I retract my statement. She must be in really good shape to be doing that at her age. Although probably not anymore since you just beat her up. Do you feel good for beating up an old lady, Koopa?

    3. Yes, with all of her dang super attacks. <_<


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