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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Analysing Deloitte's Digital media trends Survey 15th Edition: Gen Z and Videogames

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Plus, subscription services and advertisements.

Those damned kids these days... actually have correct opinions on forms of entertainment, apparently. That's according to Deloitte's Digital media trends survey, 15th edition, which surveyed 2,009 Americans in February 2021. (Deloitte is a widely respected consulting company.) Here's the most important chart they provide:

Deloitte Digital Media Trends survey Generation Z favorite entertainment activity play video games
You're supposed to interpret members of Generation Z loving games the most as profound.
(Meanwhile, Boomers are into home audiovisual entertainment like watching Fox News.)

I've argued before that films are an inferior mode of entertainment, with books being better, but I placed videogames as better than books. (Yet Team Film utterly pwned Team Book, probably driven by Generation Z voters, so I don't know what's going on. Maybe it's meaningful that Deloitte didn't even put books as a form of entertainment. Or if they did put books as an option to choose, books didn't get enough votes to register. Sucks for authors these days. I hear the BALAN WONDERWORLD novel was better than the game, too.)

Despite my fondness for bullying Generation Z and deeming Millennials to be the superior generation, Generation Z apparently has the better favourite entertainment activity preferences.

You might think that Generation Z will “grow out” of games, but that's a stupid thought. There's no reason why that'd happen. Games are inherently superior. Playing videogames being each subsequent generation's least favourite isn't a function of growing out of it, but a function of gaming being relatively new. ...And a function of older people having crappy tastes in games, according to another survey, the 2020 Essential Facts About the Video Game Industry. It's hard to put gaming as your favourite activity when your exposure to it is Solitaire.

Anyway, there are some other gaming implications from the survey. Deloitte asked about subscription services and what it'd take for people to stop subscribing. Now, if you have any familiarity with the gaming industry, videogames subscriptions are quite different than videos and music. Most games are a one-time purchase, free-to-play with micro-transactions, or an initial purchase with more micro-transactions. Subscriptions are mostly at a console level. According to a note at the end of Deloitte's write-up, 49% of gamers who subscribe to a gaming service would cancel it if the price increased; 30% would stop if content they like was removed; and 26% would stop using it if advertising was added. Elsewhere in the survey, 49% of gamers would rather pay (more) to avoid advertising. I can absolutely see that as a new revenue stream for the console manufacturers in the near future.

Meanwhile, besides games, the survey of course talked about many other things, including social media. This stat frustrates me: Social media is Generation Z's most preferred way to stay updated on the news (50% of them said this), with Millennials also really liking it (41%). However, 67% of respondents don't trust the news they see on social media. ...What the hell? Now, you definitely shouldn't be trusting what you see on social media (not only do posters there lie, but the social media companies themselves lie), but why do so many people use social media as their news source while simultaneously distrusting it? There's an obvious failure there.

Also, Generation Z really likes listening to music over social media, and then they like playing video games... on social media...? Am I misinterpreting the capabilities of social media? I thought people talk and share memes and selfies. Who plays games over it? Like, Farmville? Is that still around? Do kids play that?

Again, props to Generation Z for having good entertainment preferences, but they're still dumb for preferring to be informed via social media while simultaneously (and smartly) not trusting it. Like, y'all just lazy, I guess?

Do you identify with your generation's plurality of entertainment choices and other opinions? Let KoopaTV know in the comments section. ...Since you're on KoopaTV to begin with, is that an inherent preference for “play video games” or is that for “Browse the internet”?


  1. More boomers like video games than social media. Even if it's only by 1 percent, it's still a win!

    1. Boomers are all over Facebook and stuff. They just get banned there so they don't like it.


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